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Sometimes you may not use a Servant enough times to warrant mapping it to a keyboard shortcut or a shortcut combination or speed may not be of the essence in some cases, this is where the 'Control' feature of the Servant Manager comes in handy.
You can quickly see and then select the Servant you want from the drop list, if it requires any context info you will be prompted to enter this in the 'context for rules file' area. In the image below a Servant named 'AS Lay All Selections' has been chosen but it does not require any context information. As soon as the Start button is pressed the servant details are shown below in the 'Most recently started Automation Servant' window.
In the image you can see a Automation Servant named 'AS Lay all Selections' has just been selected and started this was done on the 15:10 race at Sedgefield, the servant is active as shown by the 'green' status light next to its name and has 10 rules within it of which none have triggered yet.
TIP; You can minimize this window so only the top half is showing then pin it in the top right corner of your screen or where ever is convenient, that will allow you to quickly select then start and stop servants whenever they are required.