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This area of the 'Servant Manager' lets you assign up to three pre-saved rules files to the following preset combination keys
Ctrl+Left Click, Shift+Left Click & Alt+Left Click.
Once you have selected the rule/s files you want just tick the box to the left to enable it and its now ready to be used whenever required, see this page on starting Automation Servants.
Below this in the bottom half of the window are the details of the 'Servant' that you most recently started including the servant name, the market its running on, the time the servant was started and if applicable the selection context the servant was applied to.
In the image below we can see the following information displayed
The Servant named 'ASC Fill the Gap'
It was started on the Brighton 14:10 5f H'cap market and the time is currently 14:04:57
It was started on the context selection 'Wotadoll'
Further below that are the details of the individual rules of that 'Servant' including individual rules names, number of times a rule has triggered out of the maximum number of times its able to trigger and the time that rule last triggered
The Servant consists of 3 rules, the rules named 'back selection' and 'lay selection' have both triggered once so far out of a possible 100 times, the last trigger was at 14:04:45. The third rule of this servant is the 'Green up selection' has not yet triggered but can do so up to 2 times.
If you expand this window or use the bottom scroll bar you will see addition information relating to your automation servant like the times that individual rules are set to be armed between and a brief description of what each rule of the Servant is doing.