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The Activity window shows all the activity of the servants you have started during this session, at first glance it may appear a little daunting but when its broken down its actually really simple to use and will tell you everything you need to know about your servants activity.
You can chose to display various levels of detail by selecting from the 'Activity Tree Expansion' presets on the Settings tab, whichever level is selected the basic navigation etc always remains the same with the most recent market and recently started servant at the top and the older Archived markets and servants at the bottom.   
The most simplistic view is 'No Expansion' as you can see in the image below this just gives the bare basics. Under the 'market' header it is showing we are currently looking at the Newbury 13:40 market, to the right of that its showing on this market there is 1 active servant, 2 Pending Servants and 1 servant which has stopped (shown by the colour of the figures ).
Below that its showing a total of 8 more servants have been stopped on archived markets.
On the far right you will see two red squares, when clicked the solid red square will stop any servants that have been started on this market, the next square with a white line through it will stop and archive all Servants on this market. For more ways to stop Servants see this page of the user guide.
If we now use the 'Expand to Level 1' view  in the image below you will see another level of information is now visible, the current market is still the same and at the top but  now there is a 'selection context' header and below that you can see the names of the selections a servant has been started on. Where you see (n/a) means a servant is not running on any particular selection but is instead running on the whole market.
In the archived section it is also now showing the names of the markets those 8 servants were started on and the time it last triggered if applicable.
On the far right you will see in addition to being able to stop and archive all servants on the market you are now able to stop and archive all servants on individual selections.
For the archived markets you will now see a red square with a white line through, this will completely remove a Market from the archive list, once this is done a market is removed for good so only remove from the archived area once your certain you no longer need to refer to it.
Moving on to 'Expand to Level 2' a 'rules file' header will now appear and below that are the names of the individual servants that have been started on each selection, in the image below its showing that its a servant named 'AS Grab a Green' that is active on the market, this is shown by its green status light . Hovering your cursor over a status light will display a pop-up tool tip showing the time that the servant was started.
Below that you can see the selection named 'Is It Off' has 1 pending servant named 'ASC Make Market Scalper' and 1 stopped servant named ASC Cross Over Catcher' also indicated by the colours of their status lights. Under that the selection named 'Drakefell' has a servant named ASC Make Market Scalper' pending
In the archive section its now showing the individual names of each servant started so we can see that 5 of the 8 archived servants where started on the Newbury 13:10 market and the remaining 3 on the Doncaster 13:20 market.
On the far right the option to stop and archive servants individually is now available.
There is a total of seven preset levels you can select from on the 'Settings' tab each one showing another level of detail. At this point its probably best to experiment with each level yourself to see which best suits your needs.
In addition to the preset levels we understand every user will have difference preferences so it is also possible to manually drill to any level of information they require while hiding details they don't need to see. This can be done by clicking the small  triangle icons down the left side, combined with the preset levels each user will be able to fully customize their activity tree to there own requirements.
NB; If you 'expand to 3rd level' or 'expand to Automation rule level' a lot of the details will be out of view so you will need to make the Servant Manager window wider or use the bottom scroll bar.