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Creating & Editing Servants

To create your own Automation Servant rule start by opening the 'Servant Manager' by clicking on the 'Bellboy' icon then across the top click 'Rules' link and select 'Create a new rules file'.
This will open the 'Rule's editor' window were you can begin to create your rule, see the following pages of the user guide for full details on using the Rules Editor to create a new file.

Editing Automation Servants

Editing an existing servant is done in a similar way to creating a new one, except this time you would use the next option down in the list 'Edit Chosen rules file' to open the rules editor, by default the last servant that you started will appear when the rules editor window opens however if you wish to edit a different Servant simply select it from the drop list in the rules editor and begin editing,

Importing/Exporting Automation Servants

Once you have created a servant, you can share this with others by exporting the file. To do this select the servant you want from your rules files and click 'Export chosen rules file' then specify a folder on your PC to export it to.
If you have been given an Automation Servant, you can import it clicking on ‘Import a rules file’. This will display a file selection window from your PC, just navigate to the folder you have saved the file to and click Open.  The new automation servant will be added to your list and you can then edit or apply it to markets as required.

Downloading Example Servants

To help users get started a section has been added to our forum were you can download some ready made 'Servants', these are ready to use straight away and will perform a number of basic tasks, these can then be edited/modified to your own requirements.
New Servants will be added to the forum regularly, between these and your own your collection of servants will quickly grow.
To download a servant just click the thread title of the one your interested in and directly below the description of what the rule does you will see the file name which will end in .Baf. Click this link and a popup window will then appear and you will be asked to 'Open' or 'Save' the file - chose 'Save' and it will then be downloaded to your PC.
After downloading a servant it can be imported straight into your Bet Angel by following the import steps above.
NB, files on the forum are intended as generic examples and are not guaranteed to make a profit, we recommend they are only to be used as a starting point which you can then build on by editing and modify them to their requirements.
For a detailed step by step guide of creating Servants see this thread from our forum