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Stopping Servants

Just like starting a servant there is also multiple ways of stopping them. Once all servants on a selection are stopped the status light/s next to their names will turn Red . When all servants have been stopped on the market the 'Bellboy' icon will also turn Red
The quickest and easiest way of stopping a servant is probably via a keyboard shortcut. Here you can create shortcuts to stop a single servant, all servants running on a selection or all servants running on the market from a single key press.
Another way to stop servants that have been applied to a selection is to right mouse click on the status light shown next to that selections name, this can be done on either the ladder or one-click screen, a popup window will then appear with a number of options shown in the image below. Once all servants on a selection have been stopped the status light will turn red.
Finally if you have the 'Servant Manager' window open at the top there is the nuke button    which as the name suggests will stop ALL servants on ALL markets. At the top left corner of the 'Servant Manager' window you can click the 'Servants' link and choose from any of the 'Stop' options from their.
Or you can go on the 'Activity' tab you can click any of the 'red' squares down the right hand side of the window were you can again stop an individual servant running, all servants running on a selection or all servants running on the market.

Stopping Safety Servants

The purpose of a Safety Servant is usually to run all the time, they are therefore excluded from being stopped bymost of the ways above. There are only two ways a Safety Servant can be stopped.
1) If it was the most recently started Servant then the large red square at the top of the 'Servant Manager' window will stop it when clicked
2) It can be stopped via the 'Activity' tab by clicking the red square adjacent to it just the same as stopping any other servant this same way
For some detailed examples of stopping Servants see this thread from our forum