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Embedded Charts

In addition to the regular floating charts which you can resize, position and pin anywhere on your screen here you also have the option to embed both the Betfair and/or Advanced charts into each selections ladder.
When using embedded charts you can decide how much of the ladder area the charts are to take up by adjusting the height of either chart type.
For the Betfair chart you also have the ability to stretch to fit and the choice of what refresh rate to use, you can also choose if you want to display the 'Standard' Betfair chart or the 'Implied Probability' Betfair chart
The Advanced Chart area offers a pick list allowing you to chose which of your pre-saved chart styles you want to display.
If you wish to modify any of your advanced charts click the spanner icon next to the pick list to open the Advanced Charts editor.
To embed a chart to your ladder tick the relevant 'Show Area' box - you can choose to embed either or both charts at the same time.
In the image below the 'Show Area' has been ticked on both the Betfair and Advanced Chart, this has now embedded both types of chart to the bottom of the ladder screen.
If you reorder the ladder or change to a different selection on one of the ladders then embedded charts will auto update to show the data relating to new selection.