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Markers allow you to highlight any of the cells on the ladder screen making it easier and clearer to see areas of interest to you.
Markers can be displayed in several styles, these include as horizontal top/bottom lines or vertical side lines at the edge of a cell, as a full border around the cell or by filling the whole cell with a colour of your choice. They can be placed in a single cell or adjacent cells allowing you to highlight up to a full row of cells on your ladder.
When you first open the 'Markers' tab we have included one example which as you can see in the image below will put a red border around the price of 2.0 in the odds column
To begin creating a new marker for a cell click the 'Add Marker' button, you can then choose the style, colour and columns of where you want the marker to appear. The last option allows you to set the marker at a fixed price or at a price held in a Shared Stored value.
For example in the image below Markers have been created for the odds column using fixed prices by filling in the cells white to highlight at all the cross-over prices (the prices were there is a change in increment size on each side, ie 2.0, 4.0, 6.0, 10.0 etc)
Markers can be placed either at a fixed price as shown above, or at a price determined by a shared stored value (or Historical Stored value) that has been stored by a Servant or Automation rule, if you are not familiar with stored values please see the following section of this guide for further details on using Shared Stored Values.
Note: When multiple markers are placed in the same cell they are drawn in the order they appear in the list. However a 'high priority' filled cell will always be drawn on top of a 'low priority' one.

Markers From Shared Stored Values

Using Shared Stored Values allows you to set/remove and update markers automatically based on the criteria you set, for example you could create a Servant with a Stored Value (shared) rule to continually store a selections new high/low back and lay prices.
You can then configure a marker to look up and use that shared stored value and place a marker in the back/lay columns of that selection to highlight the prices it's reached.
Or you could create Servant that will allow you to point your mouse cursor over a cell then have a 'Marker' appear on it, effectively setting markers on the fly anywhere you want where you've maybe seen activity of interest to you.


For step-by-step details on setting up either of these markers please see the following post from our forum
and for more examples of how 'Markers' can be used please see this blog