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Unmatched Bets

Bet Angel gives you a number of options of how unmatched bets on the ladder screen can be handled and shown, this page explains these options
Cancel Buttons
This option lets you highlight the Cancel buttons situated above the Ladders whenever a selection has any unmatched bets. The 'Cancel' text can also be changed to show either the number of unmatched bets or the total value of the unmatched bets on a selection.
Unmatched Bets
The following three options can be enabled by ticking the respective boxes
* Show back & lay unmatched bets in the same column 
* show unmatched bets in the odds column
* Apply a coloured background to the unmatched bets
In the following image I have ticked the 1st and 3rd boxes to show the unmatched back and lay bets in the same column and with a coloured background and placed 1 back bet and 2 lay bets on the ladder.
The bottom four pick lists allow you to configure Double/Single left & right mouse click actions for cancelling unmatched bets from a ladder selection. These options give you full control over how to handle unmatched bets.
The image below shows the actions you can assign to your left and right mouse clicks.

Video Tutorial