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Enhanced Area

This page will show how you can configure your Enhanced Area to look.
For more details on using the 'Enhanced Area' please see the following page from the Ladder Interface section of the user guide

Minimum Width

This refers to the minimum width of the chart. You can either manually specify the width in pixels or choose to have the chart automatically resize to fit your screen.

Mouse context switching sensitivity

As a default the chart is in sync with the mouse. This means if you hover the mouse over the ladder of any selection, the chart will switch to display that particular set of data after a small delay.
You can set the mouse sensitivity in the enhanced area of the ladder settings if you wish the charts to change more quickly but be aware a setting of ‘high’ will cause the chart to change as you move the mouse across the each ladder. A setting of ‘medium’ will allow you to hover over a ladder and move the mouse to the info area without the selection changing as you move the mouse across neighbouring ladders.

Enhanced Ladder Layout

There are two options with the layout. Combined or Tabbed.

Combined Layout

The Combined Layout will show lots of information but take up lots of room on your screen. It will show:

Tabbed Layout

The Tabbed Layout will allow you to save space on your screen. This can be useful if you wish to show multiple ladders.
The same information is available as in the Combined Layout. However, the information is now tabbed.
There are two views to choose from:
Charts view will display the chosen charts group.
The Info view will display the trade profit calculator and a field grid.

Chart Settings

Visit the Advanced Chart settings editor to change ladder options such as the number of ladders, number of rows, chart width and mouse context sensitivity (see below).
Here is a layout with only 1 ladder but with a wider chart:
Here is a display with 8 ladders over 2 rows:

Chart Sync Options

In the top left hand corner of the chart you will see the chart sync options. This controls which market data from the current market is displayed in the chart.
Sync options include syncing the chart with a particular ladder or ‘no sync’ if you wish to use the drop down box to choose a selection.