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Guardian Market Selection

From the Guardian Market Selection there are several ways of selecting and adding markets into Guardian, to display the market selection window tick the 'Show sidebar' box on the main Guardian ribbon.
The first thing you'll probably notice is it looks very similar to the main market selection window - which it is but with a few distinctions that allow you to find and add markets in bulk to Guardian quickly and easily.
Across the bottom of the window you will notice there are several tabs: ‘Select’, 'Search', 'Coupon', ‘Racing’, and 'Soccer', depending on the types markets your looking for at least one of these will help you do so quickly and easily.
Select Tab
From the Select tab you will see a market list familiar to the one found within Betfair and the main market selection window launched via the Bet Angel trading screen (see image below left).
From here, click on the sport type you are interesting in and navigate through the tree until you see the market you would like Guardian to monitor, once you have found it click on it to highlight it then click on the ‘Add’ button or you can hold your left mouse button on it then drag & drop it into the top window of Guardian.
To add multiple markets from here after clicking on the first hold down your 'shift' key and press/hold your 'Down Arrow' key.
You can continue to add markets using this method and Guardian will begin to monitor from the moment the market is loaded.
You can also find and select a market here using a saved Filter or you can click the filter icon to open the Filter Editor and create a new market filter.
Racing Tab
Using this tab (displayed above right) enables you to load the entire day’s Horse and/or Greyhound racing markets into Guardian for UK, Irish, Australian and US racing. You can also choose whether to load the win markets, place markets or both types.
In the image below 'UK Horse Racing' and 'Both' have been selected, so once ‘Add’ is clicked all the Win & Place markets for today's UK horse racing markets will be added to the Guardian market list in one click.
Search Tab
The search tab works exactly the same way as it does in the main Market Selection Window only here you can quickly select multiple markets to be added to Guardian. To do this after searching for your markets using either a search text or saved filter select the first one then with your 'Shift' key held down use your 'Arrow Up', 'Arrow Down', 'Page Up', 'Page Down', 'Home' or 'End' key to select other markets you want to add to Guardian.
If you want to select multiple markets that are not all together you can select the first market as normal then with your 'CTRL' key held down select which ever other ones you require.
In the image below I've used a saved filter to search for NH horse races, then after selecting the top market with my 'Shift' key held down I've pressed the 'Down Arrow' key to select further markets, once they have been selected click the 'Add' button at the bottom to add them into Guardian.
Soccer Tab
If you trade or bet on Soccer markets the dedicated soccer tab will allow you to search for football (soccer) matches quickly. When doing this you can also elect to search for games supported by the Soccer Mystic predictor tool.
In the example below left the search is for 'English Premier' matches that are also supported by the Soccer Mystic predictor.
To then add the required market types to Guardian right click your mouse button whilst hovering your cursor over a fixture or date.
In the image below right I've right-clicked the date and about to select 'All Match Odds' markets, to add all Premier league match odds markets for 12th May to Guardian in one click
Coupon Tab
Please see the following section of this user guide for details on Coupons

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