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Ladder Settings Editor

Using the Ladder Settings Editor you can configure and save multiple ladder layouts and designs, ie, you could could have one ladder screen configured for in-play tennis running alongside another that is setup for horse racing and another set up for football etc.
You can even display different ladder layouts at the same time by spawning markets in to a new ladder window
Ladder profiles can also be selected via keyboard shortcuts making it very quick and easy to switch back and forth between different displays.
Bet Angel is supplied with eight pre-saved example designs, these can be identified as the ones beginning with the prefix 'Ex', you can modify and resave any of these profiles, or use them as a starting point to create a new profile before saving it with a new name
We have also added a profile named <Bet Angel Settings> any changes to this profile will be saved when you next save the Bet Angel Settings Profile.
To begin editing select a profile from the list and click the   to open the Ladder Settings area.
When you have finished editing or creating a new profile it can be ‘Saved As’ by clicking the icon and given a unique name which will then appear in your pick list of save profiles. In the image below you can see two new saved ladder profiles, one for trading in-play the other for trading on Tennis markets.
When editing any profile except the <Bet Angel Settings> profile once you have finished making your changes click the to re-save it under its current name.