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Trading Multiple Markets with Multiple Ladders

It is possible to display multiple ladders with each ladder attached to a different market. This is especially useful when trading more than one market at a time.
To open an additional market in a new ladder (separate from the market being displayed in the main Bet Angel Trading screen) you start by right-clicking the market with the mouse in the Market Selection screen.
This brings up a context menu (as shown in the screenshot below) relating to the display of the market. Choose 'Display market in a new ladder window' and a new ladder window will be created for the market.
If you are using Guardian, then just right-click a market in Guardian's market list to view a similar context menu.
If you are using the Watch Lists you can spawn a new trading ladder using the same method, simply right-click on one of the markets to see the same context menu.
Here is an example layout showing four ladders each connected to a different market, each additional ladder screen opened is numbered in its title bar which makes it easier to keep track of which ladder relates to which market, especially if you have them minimized to your windows task bar 
Refresh rates
When the ladder window is brought into focus by moving your mouse over or clicking on it, it is refreshed at the main Bet Angel trading screen's chosen refresh rate. This gives the market you are about to trade the best possible refresh rate. Other windows will then revert to the background refresh cycle (which defaults to two markets per second, but is adjustable via the Bet Angel Settings window).
Tip: When squeezing many windows onto a smaller screen, use the drawing pin icon to pin each screen to the desktop. Any overlapping screens will be brought to the front when you move the mouse over the associated window.