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Opening Order

We will start our scalp with a back order as this is preferable for most new traders as it ties up less of your balance. You can start with a lay order first if you like; the outcome is the same if you make a successful or unsuccessful scalp.
In the screenshot below you can see I have opened Guardian and highlighted the Cheltenham 13:05 Handicap Chase. This is the type of market which offers a chance to scalp, the market is competitive as reflected in the close prices of the front 4-5 horses.
First we select "Create a new rules file for selected market". Once your rule is created you can apply it to the market of your choice as shown here Using your rule
When we click create a new rule, the Automation Rules Editor (below) will be shown
The steps are logical
1. We name our rule 'Place scalping back bet'.  You can choose any name you want so feel free to change it to suit your needs.
2. The rule type is 'Place Back Bet'
3. We set the time 'Relative to event start time' and in this example the rule starts '3 minutes before the event start time' and stops '30 seconds before the event start time'.
4. We have set the rule to trigger 20 times and set it to wait 5 seconds before rearming.
5. We have applied the rule to selection 'in Row 1 (betfair order)'. This will likely be the favourite and have the most money trading through it as Betfair sorts the runners in ascending price order each time it re-sorts the market
We next move onto Parameters