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Total Performance Data

Total Performance Data (TPD) deploy the latest GPS / GNSS technology at UK and US racecourses to provide real-time horse racing tracking for each runner.
For Bet Angel users who also have an active Total Performance subscription you can connect to TPD via Bet Angel and make use of their real-time GPS data and display real-time tracking of each runners position on a interactive map of the race course. 
The data from TPD is brought into Bet Angel's Advanced Automation and Servant rules via Stored Values, the data can then be shared and passed throughout other areas of Bet Angel, for example you can display data like each runners speed, position, distance to leader, stride frequency etc on your Ladder, One-Click, Guardian trading screens or in a watch list to assist you with your manual betting activity - giving you several seconds advantage over those betting in-running using TV and live video feeds which are typically delayed by between 2-8 seconds.
For more information on Total Performance Data, its integration with Bet Angel and ways it can help you, please see this blog
The Total Performance Data page of Bet Angel Settings will allow you to manage the all the settings relating to the connection, data, map and par charts from Total Performance Data - for details of how to configure and use the map of the race course and the par charts, please see the next page
TPD Licence Key
As mentioned above before Bet Angel can connect to Total Performance Data, and begin receiving real time GPS tracking of horses, you'll need to enter your Total Performance Data licence key, by clicking on the 'Enter Key' button.
This only need to be done the once until your subscription expires, but you can open the key entry screen again if you ever enter a new key code.
Close Connection - Will close this instance of Bet Angel's connection to TPD.
Close all connections for your licence Key - Will close all current connections associated with your licence key, so if you have Bet Angel installed and running on multiple PCs and one or more of these are also connected to TPD clicking this button will close the connection to ALL instances of Bet Angel.  This is useful if your level of TPD subscription has a tight limit on the number of concurrent connections and you want force disconnection so that this instance can connect.
While you have an active connection to Total Performance Data and are receiving data this top part of the window will display the time of your last update and next to that the name of race course you have just received the update for.  If you connect early to a race that isn't currently providing live data then you should receive a Heartbeat message every 6 seconds.
*On busy days you might be connected with two or more races at different courses if you have the markets in Guardian and the races are overlapping, if this happens you'll see each of the course names you are currently connected to in turn as they receive their latest update.
TPD Status
The link in the lower right corner will take you to the TPD status information web page where you can check if there are any known issues with the data feed and also what upcoming race courses TPD will be providing data for
Race Data Connection Options
Bet Angel can connect to Total Data Performance automatically at a time of your choosing, or you can manually connect by clicking the 'Connect current race' button, (you can also connect to TPD using a short cut key created in the Keyboard Editor, or via automation and servants using a rules file).
Below these you can choose to 'Confirm Connection to each new race' if you'd like to be notified before connecting each race to TPD, this can be handy if your subscription is limited to a small number of races each month but you still want to use the 'Auto Connect option' - with this option ticked, Bet Angel will ask permission to connect to each new race.
The auto recover option allows Bet Angel to try and recover a connection to TPD in the event the connection is lost or no new data arrives when expected. Next to this you can set the maximum number of times Bet Angel will attempt to automatically reconnect to each race before giving up and waiting for the next race.
The final two boxes at the bottom of the window should be left un-ticked unless instructed to enable them by Bet Angel Support for the purposes of debugging and troubleshooting. It will capture a timestamped log for the connections to TPD and the data packet received. The 'Include Race Info' option causes Bet Angel to log the full contents of the data packet, while although useful for diagnostics, this can create very large log files!
NB; Because the GPS feed is for in-running use, TPD only activate their feed for an upcoming race shortly before its official start time, if you try to manually connect or have your 'Auto Connect' set to early you'll see the text (Heartbeat) next to the 'Last Update' time, only once TPD activate the feed will the race course name/s be displayed with the update.
We'd therefore recommend not connecting till fairly close to the start time, something like 15-20secs before the offical start time is early enough.