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Ribbon Bar

This is the top area of the screen and contains five tabs.
Markets – This tab displays buttons to add/remove markets to/from the market list, remove suspended markets and save markets. You can also set the refresh interval and specify if Guardian should cause Bet Angel to automatically switch markets a specified number of seconds before the due start time of an event.
Excel – This tab enables you to link Guardian to Microsoft Excel in order to submit bets into multiple markets using an Excel workbook or spreadsheet. See the Guardian & Excel description.
Automation – Apply advanced automation to markets within Guardian
Watch – Create a ‘Watch list’ based upon a custom set of markets
Advanced Settings – This tab allows you to restrict the refresh of the list of markets within Guardian to a set window before and after the advertised start time of the events.  It also allows Guardian to automatically export profit reports
List - This tab allows you to set up and configure how the market 'List' is displayed, including the adding/removing of columns for you to apply Rules files and Alerts to markets and the option of creating your own custom columns to display preset information or Stored values and values held in History Lists.