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SP Bets Limits (Parameters)

When using either the rule types 'Place Back SP Bet' or 'Place Lay SP Bet' the Parameter area will allow you to configure the price limits and stakes required.
Here you can choose the price limit for your SP bet to be matched at, if placing a Back SP Bet this will be the lowest odds you can be matched at, and if placing a Lay SP bet it will be the highest odds you can be matched at.
The pricing options you can choose from are the same as those available when placing a regular back or lay bet, for full details of all these please see the following page of the user guide.
For your stake you can choose from any of the stake types shown in the image below
Fixed Amount - This is the regular way of staking – the stake you enter will be used when the bet is placed.
A Percentage of Balance - Your stake will be calculated from your current Betfair balance at the time the rule triggers, for example if you had £500 in your account and entered 10% a stake of £50 would then be used.  
By Servant Context
This option uses the current preset stake chosen for the selection under your mouse cursor (on the ladder or one-click screen) at the time the servant is started, or if your starting the servant via the 'Control' tab of the 'Servant Manager' you will be able to manually enter the stake required before pressing 'Start'
Percentage of Servant Context
This option lets you use a percentage of your Servant Context stake, so if you had £200 selected from your preset staking area on either the ladder or One-Click screens or were to enter £200 on the 'Control' tab of the 'Servant Manager' and set 25% as this option then a stake of £50 would be placed.
Net Stake - Uses your current Net Stake, this is the size of an open position on a selection. i.e. the amount of back bets matched on a selection minus the amount of lay bets matched on a selection. So if you had £200 of back bets matched and £120 of lay bets matched then your Net Stake would be £80
Percentage of Net Stake
This uses the same staking as above except it only uses a percentage of your Net Stake, so if your Net Stake happened to be £140 and you were using this method with 10% then a stake amount of £14 would be submitted.
Stored Value Stake
This option lets you set your stake using an amount held in a Stored Value, if used you will be asked to enter the name of the stored value you want to use and if the stored value is for a selection, market or an event.
NB, SP bets are considered by betfair to be matched as soon as they are placed and cannot be cancelled, so you should be familiar with their behaviour on the web site before using them. Also be aware of the betfair minimum stake/liability limits for your account's currency that will have to be met.