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Alert / Play Sound / Show Message (Parameters)

When the 'Alert (Play Sound / Show Message)' rule type is used you have three options of the type of alert/message/sound you want to use.
You can select as many or as few as you want to play/show when the rule triggers.
Play Sound File
To add a sound file as your alert click the 'Browse' button to select your required sound file from a folder on your PC.
Log Message & Pop-up Alert
To add a message simple type the message you want to appear in the space provided and ensure the box next to the 'log message' is ticked if you want the message to be recorded to your activity log,
Or to have the message appear on screen tick the 'show pop-up alert' box, once it is triggered it will appear on top of your current screen as shown below, to then clear it just click the OK box.
Watch List Alert / Guardian Alert
To show an alert on your Watch List or Guardian start by entering the massage you want to see displayed and tick the 'Show Alert' box
The 'Location' pick list is then used to select where to display the alert, this can be on the watch list against a specific selection or in the header of the market in your watch list or in one of the five available columns in Guardian
The remaining options of how the alerts can be configured are;
Format; allows for messages to use any combination of being; time stamped with the time they were triggered, display the alert text only, or display the selection name it triggered on
Text Colour/Background, Set the background and text colours to wish to use
Tool-tip; can be added and will appear when you hover your mouse cursor over the alert
Automatically scroll watchlist (or Guardian) to show alert; when ticked the market/selection in the Watch List or Guardian which the alert triggered on will appear at the top of the list (useful if you have dozens of markets in the watch list or guardian)
Automatically restore a minimised watchlist (or Guardian): when ticked this will maximize your Watch List or Guardian window if you currently have it minimised to your windows taskbar, this allows you to still be alerted without the need to always have the window in view.
The final three options lets you configure how long your alerts flash for when triggered, if they are to clear after a period of time and if you want any existing alert/s cleared if a new one triggers.
Watch List
Once you have configured your alerts you next need to ensure you have them enabled on your watch list, once this is done you will then be displayed to you in the 'Alerts' column whenever the rule triggers.
Similar to above when displaying alerts on the main Guardian window first ensure you have enabled all the 'Alert' column/s you need displaying (there are five columns you can add) by selecting them from the custom column chooser in the Guardian Layout area.