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Store Value as Text

Storing a value as a text is similar to just Storing a Value, beginning by choosing a name for the Stored Value then selecting if the value is to be stored on the Selection, Market, or Event, and if the stored value is to be 'shared' to allow other automation and servants rules to reference it or display it in a custom column on your One-Click screen, Guardian screen, and Coupons, or in the additional information area of your Ladder Screen.
Value Prefix
This area can be used if you'd like to add any Prefix text to the Stored Value
Value Type
Here you can pick from any of the following value types you want to store as text
Extract Text
This enables you to extract parts of a text before its stored, there are options to extract the text using a number of characters or words from the left, right and middle
Length Options
Using this option you could set a Fixed character length or set a min/max length, for example you could use this option to extract the first few characters of a race course
Value Suffix
This area can be used if you'd like to add any Suffix text to the end of the Stored Value


In the example below when the rule triggers it would store a value named 'Tournament' as text on the Market (Shared) with the competition name
If the rule was triggered on a Tennis market and you were writing the values to the Bet Angel log it would appear something like;
29/09/2021 17:24:28: [G_Auto 1] :  Store Text Value (Shared) for market: Tournament = ATP San Diego 2021
'ATP San Diego 2021' being the competition name of the tennis market it triggered on
Now you have a Stored Value named; 'Tournament' = ATP San Diego 2021 which you could use as part of a 'Text Comparison' condition in another rule, or display it in a Custom Column on your One-Clck, Guardian, Ladder screen or in a coupon.
If you don't need the full name of the competition you could use the 'extract' option to pull out just the beginning, end or middle part of what you need from it
Triggering the rule again the log entry would now look like this as its extracted just the first word from the left;
29/09/2021 17:25:16: [G_Auto 1] :  Store Text Value (Shared) for market: Tournament = ATP
The image below shows a Custom Column which has been named ATP/WTA in Guardian, this has been configured to display the Stored Value named 'Tournament' for the Market, so when the rule triggers on each market the column will display either ATP or WTA  depending on what the first word of the competition name
Append another value
Using this option you can append up to a further two more Stored values, in the image below I've appended another Stored Value with the entered text of 'Tennis', I've also added a prefix for this stored value and used a dash symbol.
When this rule triggers now the Stored value would appear as follows in the log and the Custom Column in Guardian;
29/09/2021 18:42:35: [G_Auto 1] :  Store Text Value (Shared) for market: Tournament = ATP - Tennis
Tag a text held in the stored value with a number
This final option allows you to assign a numeric 'Tag' to a Text Stored Value, the number can either be your own entered value or you can use a value held in another stored value.
These tag values are then used to sort the order of selections on the one-click screen (when sorting by the column showing the Text Stored Value i.e. clicking the stored value column header). The tag value would also be used to choose a colour from the Value Based Colour Settings