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History Lists

History List are a further extension of Stored Values, the key difference being that instead of storing a single value by name, you are storing the value in a History List at the current point in time and all previous values set to that history list in the past will be remembered and can still be accessed.  It is then possible to look up and use these historic values throughout other areas of Bet Angel, for example you could;
Plot the changes in value over time in the History List using bespoke Advanced Charts
Display values held in a History List on your One-Click Screen in Custom Columns
Display values held in a History List  on your Ladder Screen in the Additional Information area
Create Markers on your Ladder Screen from values held in a History List
Trigger bets, alerts etc in other Automation and Servant rules using values held in a History List
There are a total of 20 History Lists (per selection per market) for you to use. This means that even with just one rule its possible to store up to 20 pieces of data as often as every refresh and on every selection in the market, making this a very powerful and versatile feature that is quick and easy to set up.
For example you could store a Selections 'Back Price' in History List 1, its 'Lay Price' in History List 2, 'The Volume of the Market' in History List 3 etc then look up and use those values in another area of Bet Angel. You could then use custom columns on the one-click screen to show how the back price has changed since 1,2 & 3 minutes ago.
When Storing values to History Lists you would normally use a dedicated 'Set/Modify Stored Value' rule type, this allows you to store them at consistent intervals/refreshes, but like regular Stored Values they can also be stored as part of any other rule type being triggered and can have conditions attached if required.
If you want to store values into History Lists using different intervals, then you'd just create separate rules, for example you could have a 'Set/Modify Stored Value' rule armed to trigger every refresh and Store a Selections 'Back Price' in History List 1 and its 'Lay Price' in History List 2, Then use another 'Set/Modify Stored Value' armed to trigger every 10 seconds and store 'The Volume of the Market' in History List 3

Storing a Value in a History List

Storing a value to a History List is almost identical to just storing a value as discussed on the previous page, except rather than giving the stored value a name here you selecting into which History List (between 1-20) the value is to be stored each time the rule triggers.
A value can be stored in a History list for the 'Current Selection', a 'Nominated Selection' or at the 'Market' level, each option is automatically defaulted to 'Shared' so it can be referenced in the other areas of Bet Angel as detailed earlier. 
As you will then see the remaining options on the screen (the Information that can be stored, the Adjustment and the Rounding options) are the same as those available when using a regular Stored Value, which are explained in full detail on the previous page.
For a detailed step-by-step guide to creating and using History Lists please see the following blog