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Additional Information

Here you can configure an area of your ladder to show up to 10 rows of extra information of your choice. This can be preset additional information such as jockey and trainer names, form, Hi/Lo traded prices, or preset TPD information such as a horse current speed, position, distance to leader, stride frequency, Stored Values (shared), Historical Stored Values passed from automation or servant rules and Profit Values.
To begin click the 'Add Item' button, The 'Item Configuration' area then gives you full control over what you wish to display on your ladder and how its to be displayed including font size, colour, height etc.. you can even give it a label of your choice.
Show Area - Tick this box to enable the information on your ladder
Add Border - Adds a border around your chosen additional Information
Row - Sets the order the information will appear in on your screen if your displaying more than one piece of info
Height - Sets the height of the row
Font Size - Select a font size to use
Colour - Chose a font colour for your addition information to be shown in
Horizontal Position - Allows you to position multiple items on the same row
Label - Allows you to display a name ahead of the information your displaying
Information Type - Chose from; Preset Information, TPD Information, Profit Values or a Shared Stored Values, Historical Stored Values and Profit Values

Preset Information

In the image below you can see the full list of all the preset information available which you can display on your ladder screen, you can select as many or as

few as you need and arrange them the way you require by selecting a row and horizontal position for each.

Total Performance Data (TPD) Information

The information type of 'Display TPD Information' allows you to display preset information from TPD's real time GPS feed sent directly from a horses saddle to your ladder screen, in the image below you can see a list of all preset information that is available from TPD to be displayed.
NB; Please note you will need an active subscription with Total Performance Data to receive any of the data listed in the image above
In the first image below both the Jockey and Trainer information from the Preset Information list has been displayed on row 1
To do this the horizontal position of the Jockey name was placed from 0% to 50%, and the position of the Trainer name was positioned from 50% to 100%
In the next image two rows have been used to display some TPD information which is sent directly from the horses saddle in real time

Shared Stored Value

Having selected this information type the following options will appear allowing you to specify the name of the Stored Value and whether its for the selection, market, event or the whole of Bet Angel.
The value stored to this name (either by a Servant or by Guardian's Automation) will then be shown in the additional information area.
In the example below two rows of additional info have been created to display on the ladders
For the first row the Information type chosen from the preset information pick list was 'Form'
For the second row it displays a stored value named 'Stop' for the selection
In the next image you can see how the information configured above appears above each ladder,
The row below the staking area which was labelled 'Form' is now showing the recent form for this horse
The next row is labelled 'Stop Loss' and is now showing the odds I have just set a stop loss at using a servant and stored values

Historical Stored Value

By selecting this information type you are shown options to lookup and display a value (either current or from  some time in the past) that has been stored in a History List.

Profit Values

This option lets you display either your your current Profit and Loss or a 'What If?' value. Choosing to display 'What if? - Projected Profit and Loss' allows you to see what your profit/loss would be prior to actually placing the bet on the Ladder based on your chosen price/stake/staking method.
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To see a step-by-step guide on displaying Additional Information on your ladder screen please see this blog