System Requirements


Operating System

Bet Angel software is designed to run on Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP & Vista. See below for hardware required.


Run Bet Angel on a Mac!

For Apple Mac users you will need to install Windows on your Mac. You can see more details by clicking here. You will need to purchase the software discussed on the Apple website in order to run Windows applications.


View Bet Angel on iPad, iPhone or Smartphones

Whilst we do not have a specific version for these devices, it is possible to have Bet Angel run on a remote machine such as our VPS and then view this machine via remote access clients for these portable devices. For the Apple iPhone & iPad we recommend iTap RDP.

iTap iPhone or iPad remote client software
RDP mobile

  iTap RDP (Remote Desktop for Windows) - HLW  


Technical requirements

Bet Angel is under constant development with several updates per year. These updates incorporate new features and take advantage of new facilities offered by Betfair or Betdaq.

Currently, the minimum specifications for a computer to run Bet Angel are:

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD equivalent.

Memory: 1Gb.

Hard Disk: Bet Angel requires 30Mb of hard disk space.

Screen resolution: A minimum of 1024 x 768 with a monitor setting of 96dpi (This is the default setting).

Internet connection: Broadband minimum 2Mbps or high speed mobile (3G).

Software: Microsoft .NETv2 is required on your system in order to use Bet Angel. This will install automatically if not already present on your system.

You will also need a Betfair or Betdaq account.






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