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Bet Angel - Tennis Trader - Tennis profiling tool

Tennis Trader is our brand new software for Betfair. It will take your in-play Tennis trading and betting to new levels. You will no longer need to guess where the odds are going, Tennis Trader will tell you!
Here is a video overview of Tennis Trader:
The large price movements in a lot of matches produce significant swing trading opportunities. This make Tennis one of the most popular trading markets on Betfair . Catch a good move and you can make good money, but catch a wrong move and it can cost you a lot of money. The underlying question has always been, “Where are the odds going and how much risk am I taking?”
Now, thanks to Tennis Trader you can have all the answers in real time, right in front of you. Using this unique software you can answer fundamental questions like;
“What will happen if there is a break of serve?"
“How much risk do I have on this position?”
“How much can I win if I back now?”
“What chance does the server have of winning the next game or set?”
“Where should I exit my position?”
Tennis trader has been specifically created to allow you to carefully manage your in-play positions in each market. It is a profiling tool that lets you know where the odds will be whatever happens next in the match, whoever wins the next point, game or set. Modelling Tennis odds is notoriously difficult thanks to the almost infinite ways a match can go. Tennis trader solves that problem by bringing unique odds modelling functionality straight to your trading desk. If you bet or trade on Tennis  this unique software will deliver a vital edge.