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Drag and Drop

Markets can also be opened by 'drag and drop' onto any trading screen.
To do this simply click on any market from the market selection tree, Guardian’s Market Selection list or a Watch List and with your mouse button still depressed drag and drop the market onto any of the trading screens to switch to and open that market - it's just like dragging and dropping windows files and folders on your PC!
If you have spawned multiple markets onto new ladder, one-click screens or even quick bet tickets, then dropping a market onto that window will reuse that screen with the new market, making this method a much quicker and easier of opening multiple markets than having to first close the window and re-spawn it with a new market. 
From Guardian’s Odds pane or the Watch List, you can also drag a selections name and drop it on to a ladder column to switch to the market and change the ladder to that specific selection.

Toolbar Icons

When you drag and drop a market onto any of the toolbar buttons like Tennis Trader, Soccer Mystic, Market Overview or In-play Trader  as well as opening the market that tool will also be launched as part of the process.
In the image below you can see the One-click trading screen is selected and the 'Zverev V Albot' market has just been chosen from the market selection window, with the left mouse button still depressed it's been dragged over the Tennis Trader ball.
Once the mouse button is released that market will open onto the One-Click screen and the Tennis Trader tool will also be launched.
If you don't wish to use this feature drag & drop, it can be disabled in the main Bet Angel settings area on the Behaviour tab.