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What function?
CallumPerry - April 22, 9:55 pm
I've always just made strategy 1 use £2.01 stake, strategy 2 uses £2.02 stake etc so then ...
Dutching horse racing.
peterb1129 - April 22, 9:01 pm
Hi All, I'm new to Bet Angel and trading, however I have been watching videos on trading ...
Lay the 1st Set Winner Guardian Automation Bot for Tennis
Dallas - April 22, 8:23 pm
[quote=chri2510 post_id=185521 time=1555930698 user_id=21740] I made it work ! I feel like...
Devil in the detail
eightbo - April 22, 7:59 pm
Is it wise to assume the "particular set of circumstances" experienced today will always p...
Keeping bets going inplay
spock - April 22, 7:55 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=185548 time=1555961075 user_id=14766] Add a 'Keep all unmatched bets...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.52.0
Dabbla - April 22, 7:51 pm
I got this error on the coupons tab in guardian. I cant remember if it was find markets or...
teambulldog - April 22, 7:32 pm
Think i now have sorted it Julian...
Soccer Saturday Super 6
wearthefoxhat - April 22, 4:54 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=185536 time=1555949712 user_id=14766] I've often posted here the man...
Betfair charts of the day
Dallas - April 22, 4:35 pm
Love the blip at 2.0...
Football English In-Play with +100k Matched - Coupon w/Filter
Dallas - April 22, 3:47 pm
[quote=madgoose1 post_id=185532 time=1555946599 user_id=14868] hi,iam getting the message ...
Today's Racing
Euler - April 22, 2:16 pm
Loose horse at Redcar seems to have been loose for about 1/2 hour....
Condition based at liquidity on best market price
teambulldog - April 22, 10:39 am
Hi Dallas, I have been trying to set up a servant for Trap trading and cant get it sorted ...
How To Add The Half Time Market
captainbang - April 22, 10:27 am
Great, cheers Dallas!...
Customize and Create your Own Coupons
Dallas - April 22, 10:12 am
For this example, I’ll take you through the steps to create the following coupon for use f...
Terminology - Clarity on a rule
kinglouie - April 22, 9:37 am
Thanks Dallas, much appreciated. Regards KL...
Snooker Bet
motivmafia - April 22, 9:26 am
No one for Ronnie?...
Is Betfair exchange still profitable in 2019
bossofbetting - April 22, 9:18 am
Thank you, if you can please add more youtube traders to this thread. I think it will be u...
Football Match Data Coupon
MemphisFlash - April 22, 9:14 am
My first attempt at a coupon This collects the match odds, Under/Over 1.5 First half goals...
Back bet only partly matched - how can I guarantee it is fully matched?
ANGELS15 - April 22, 8:55 am
[quote=Henry1963 post_id=185476 time=1555872296 user_id=16320] Slowly I am getting my auto...
Historical BSP for 18/19 Premier league correct scores.
cwfmoore - April 22, 8:48 am
Hi, Could anyone please help me find a source of correct score BSP for Premier league mar...


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