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BA for Betdaq on VPS cannot login
cmuddle - August 4, 1:42 pm
yes thanks Peter, the IP although saying is from London it does not act like it, no wonde...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.55.0
jimibt - August 4, 1:39 pm
[quote=ANGELS15 post_id=230137 time=1596548274 user_id=18319] This is what I'm seeing when...
Shortlist of 3 horses: I only want to back the biggest priced one
kniytd - August 4, 1:12 pm
I have a shortlist of 3 horses to potentially back however I only want to back the one tha...
Store a Value to History Lists (Price, Volume, Greening Data)
sniffer66 - August 4, 12:51 pm
[quote=jimibt post_id=230132 time=1596544671 user_id=15157] [quote=sniffer66 post_id=23013...
"Save Rules File As" pre-populated
weemac - August 4, 12:18 pm
+1, and while you're at it, please fix the issue whereby inadvertantly hitting the close b...
Derek27 - August 4, 12:08 pm
31 degrees now, but only on a Friday! :x [attachment=0]Capture.PNG[/attachment]...
VWAP Highlighted on Ladder and Advanced Charts - Ladder Settings
Dallas - August 4, 11:51 am
[quote=danum post_id=230122 time=1596541014 user_id=462] Thanks for all your work on this ...
Using Betfair in banned country
Julax18 - August 4, 11:05 am
Hi all, I've been reading this forum for ages and had my first steps with trading on Betf...
Today's Tennis
sniffer66 - August 4, 10:07 am
[quote=Dallas post_id=230114 time=1596534964 user_id=14766] Thought this week would never ...
B2L Servant To Use In Custom Column
andyrich2 - August 4, 10:01 am
[quote=Dallas post_id=230113 time=1596534246 user_id=14766] You could use any of the ones ...
Stored values and custom columns
Jukebox - August 4, 8:42 am
[quote=iggypop37 post_id=230110 time=1596529338 user_id=22116] Is that in 1.55 as haven't ...
Greyhound Mystique
gazuty - August 4, 7:51 am
I can't believe how early in the day dog racing starts in ol blighty. Don't get me wrong,...
Reading material
gazuty - August 4, 5:27 am
You may wish to jump to this thread -
No Courtsiding
rik - August 3, 11:07 pm
[quote=tootall post_id=218650 time=1587068231 user_id=23979] Just watching the darts and c...
Why do I keep losing on the first two or three races of the day (pre-race)?
jameegray1 - August 3, 9:33 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=230037 time=1596443785 user_id=6339] I'll also throw in that the mone...
Basic scalping bot issues
Dallas - August 3, 7:07 pm
[quote=FabioC13 post_id=230086 time=1596481032 user_id=28374] Hi, thanks for your answer, ...
4th Place market disappear In-play
rik - August 3, 6:02 pm
place markets are harder to scalp in my experience even when using small amounts, especial...
Horses below 2.2
Dallas - August 3, 4:29 pm
[quote=Diginet post_id=230075 time=1596469295 user_id=12135] Hi. Thanks for a prompt respo...
Today's Horse Racing
to75ne - August 3, 3:12 pm
[quote=NickH post_id=230071 time=1596467401 user_id=24587]What happened?[/quote] lord chap...
Green / Red up after 10 secs
ferrypaul - August 3, 2:11 pm
one thing i did just notice.. my lay got matched and i was waiting for 10 seconds to see w...


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