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Australian racing
Euler - April 24, 6:44 pm
I see a busy day on the card so I googled it, Anzac Day....
Today's Football
Trader Pat - April 24, 6:35 pm
I wouldnt back them with your money! I think Man City's toughest remaining test will come...
Novice needig a tiny bit of help
JTEDL - April 24, 6:25 pm
as said the green up profit/loss file works better than a stop loss if in running, or alte...
Betdaq Profit & Loss
ged1200 - April 24, 6:22 pm
Hi. I've been trading with Betdaq and have downloaded their 'Market P & L Settled' spr...
Devil in the detail
kinglouie - April 24, 6:08 pm
Its good to reflect on posters comments and true to society today, it is evident that ther...
One Click Screen not showing anything in Practice Mode
gstar1975 - April 24, 5:57 pm
I have done that thanks for your help. Also I created some profiles to add extra columns b...
Today's Tennis
Dallas - April 24, 5:53 pm
Turin has done an 'Italian Job' on us by snatching away the ATP finals from London startin...
Greater or less than SP
Bakeman - April 24, 5:04 pm
Hi, I have some automation set up to place bets depending on the BSP in different price r...
Full time traders
trader44 - April 24, 4:10 pm
haha couldnt agree more shaun.. i am an in running trader and its mental sometimes especia...
What are the pros/cons for an in-play trader of using streaming over polling?
ShaunWhite - April 24, 4:00 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=185686 time=1556121082 user_id=14766] [quote=ShaunWhite post_id=1856...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.52.0
Wolf1877 - April 24, 3:45 pm
OK cheers guys. I will keep an eye on it....
Today's Racing
Dallas - April 24, 3:34 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=185676 time=1556119926 user_id=6339] Curiously some of the volumes ha...
Close Trade If In Loss Over 10 Secs Guardian Automation Bot
DaveJessop - April 24, 3:14 pm
Thanks mate...
Guardian > Place markets > PL colours
ShaunWhite - April 24, 3:06 pm
Any chance of having the projected PL for place market selections in black/red ? It would...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
Dallas - April 24, 3:04 pm
Same for me even when switching between the two Website seemed to show my balance fine th...
In-Play | Placing order ...
The Silk Run - April 24, 2:42 pm
That's very interesting, thank you....
Lack of info on Laying Short Odds favs from P Webb
Derek27 - April 24, 1:58 pm
[quote=bastuncriochnatha post_id=185606 time=1556042949 user_id=23210] would be a go...
Soccer Match Odds Mkts for Next 5 Days w/Volume Filter
Dallas - April 24, 12:49 pm
When used this will filter, markets to display only; Soccer Match Odds markets with more ...
Three suggestions for Automation Rules Editor
eightbo - April 24, 12:45 pm
Something else particularly useful would be to see the Volume condition expanded to allow ...
Hedging Calculator
wolfgang1983 - April 24, 10:31 am
[quote=Dallas post_id=185642 time=1556101192 user_id=14766] You can go into any market at ...


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