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SP Limit
Dallas - May 16, 8:10 pm
You set the SP limit on the parameters tab of your 'Place back bet SP' or 'Place Lay bet S...
Data capture
Dallas - May 16, 8:07 pm
There's a load of ready-made data capture spreadsheets in the Betfair Data section which y...
Today's Greyhounds
MemphisFlash - May 16, 8:00 pm
Student Finance loans
wearthefoxhat - May 16, 7:34 pm
[quote=alexmr2 post_id=299928 time=1652714778 user_id=22649] It's more like a graduate tax...
Today's Football
Kai - May 16, 7:09 pm
Newcastle impressive with 70% possession against Arsenal, but Master Pep will be most disp...
Today's Horse Racing
goat68 - May 16, 6:16 pm
[quote=Crazyskier post_id=299942 time=1652723285 user_id=15464] [quote=lunswor post_id=299...
Derek27 - May 16, 6:03 pm
A quick recap on government advice to beat the COL crisis. [list] [*]Purchase value brand...
Stuff to watch
Kai - May 16, 5:32 pm
Vibes : EDIT ...
Best 3 Prices Highlighted if Money Waiting is Greater than Ladder Settings
Dallas - May 16, 5:19 pm
[quote=Sotton post_id=299929 time=1652715461 user_id=11092] Hi Dallas. Is it possible to c...
Ukraine Crisis
Kai - May 16, 3:18 pm
[quote=Archery1969 post_id=299911 time=1652709397 user_id=25902] Sweden confirms it will a...
1000 Winner Conquest
Emmson - May 16, 3:08 pm
On occasions including this afternoon I will back a nag at 1000 pre-off just to nab some p...
How to Upgrade
firlandsfarm - May 16, 2:09 pm
Yep, hence my use of the term. :) When I first started looking for personal use a term...
Guardian custom column not working!?
Brovashift - May 16, 2:09 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=299910 time=1652708662 user_id=14766] You've use a capital 'B' in yo...
Lay the First to Trade at 2.0 Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - May 16, 2:06 pm
[quote=mudie123 post_id=299913 time=1652709475 user_id=17966] Hi i can't get this to word ...
Today's Tennis
eightbo - May 16, 12:02 pm
Sounds handy, thanks Stu. Have briefly touched AHK before so I'm curious to take a look....
Bot for pregame trading
JonesP - May 16, 11:54 am
Hello is there a bot that can set a back bet on favourite for 100 pound to odds 1.5 and wh...
Anyone read any good books?
jamesg46 - May 16, 11:47 am
Missing Silks - Stratford
Dallas - May 16, 10:41 am
[quote=gstar1975 post_id=299887 time=1652695874 user_id=9758] [quote=Dallas post_id=299862...
20ms or 200ms refresh rates?
Brovashift - May 16, 10:30 am
[quote=Dallas post_id=299861 time=1652645496 user_id=14766] [quote=Brovashift post_id=2998...


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