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US Presidential Election 2020
rik - August 6, 11:03 pm
fact is Trump needs to recover and whos to say he will. Virus will still be an issue in No...
jimibt - August 6, 10:10 pm
[quote=GBDundee post_id=230376 time=1596750718 user_id=16793] [quote=Jukebox post_id=23037...
Correct Score Simulator
nadeoye - August 6, 10:05 pm
[quote=CallumPerry post_id=228830 time=1595633978 user_id=18605] What would it simulate? [...
Betfair P&L screen changes
Emmson - August 6, 8:38 pm
[quote=MAGTRADEUK post_id=230373 time=1596745934 user_id=27725] three month p and l does n...
Today's Horse Racing
wearthefoxhat - August 6, 7:45 pm
[quote=Crazyskier post_id=230366 time=1596738285 user_id=15464] [quote=wearthefoxhat post_...
Select all markets of a type with no rule selected.
TheGris - August 6, 7:09 pm
I am trying to automate the setup of my rules using the keyboard shortcut editor explained...
Trader Personality Profiles
Trader Pat - August 6, 6:23 pm
I wonder how Trump would do on this test
Today's Football
wearthefoxhat - August 6, 5:45 pm
That 2nd goal wasn't a total surprise... [attachment=1]sevilla2.jpg[/attachment] [atta...
Today's Cricket
Emmson - August 6, 5:25 pm
Me done trading day 2...
Australian racing
peachflame - August 6, 4:24 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=230355 time=1596728659 user_id=19806] [quote=peachflame post_id=230...
"Save Rules File As" pre-populated
sniffer66 - August 6, 3:33 pm
[quote="Bet Angel" post_id=230328 time=1596719630 user_id=86] BTW, the 'Save As' name pr...
Help with Scalping Bot Please
Archery1969 - August 6, 3:17 pm
I fixed it by having signal rules at the top with 1 second refresh. Basically if back mat...
DOB with Moving Exit Guardian Automation Bot
ANGELS15 - August 6, 1:44 pm
Hi I was wondering if someone would shed some light on something odd that happened earlier...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.55.0
jimibt - August 6, 1:31 pm
[quote=Tuco post_id=230329 time=1596719710 user_id=88] [quote=jimibt post_id=230319 time=1...
VPS hacked
firlandsfarm - August 6, 11:23 am
[quote=megarain post_id=229843 time=1596281172 user_id=11907] I never understood they are ...
BA / Excel Data feed specIfication
jimibt - August 6, 10:13 am
Hi Steve, Unless you are using Excel for other automation tasks, you can bypass it and wr...
Take SP (price dependent)
Jukebox - August 6, 9:15 am
[quote=Anbell post_id=230303 time=1596705006 user_id=24242] [quote=Jukebox post_id=230300 ...
Backing more than 1 in Guardian Automation
Dallas - August 6, 9:08 am
Increase the number of times the rule can trigger Then add a 'Number of place bet triggers...
More shit service from Betfair
Euler - August 6, 9:05 am
That's crap. If you put it on twitter I'll retweet it for you....
Unable to place dutch bets
mrmenstig - August 6, 7:15 am
Hello , first time posting here hoping someone might be able to help. I am trying to place...


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