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Trading What I see !?
ShaunWhite - October 15, 10:53 pm
[quote="Trader Pat" post_id=280375 time=1634326409 user_id=17002] If you took that comment...
Happy Corner
Emmson - October 15, 9:51 pm
Wow! we got through the evening & night without any DIVISIVE threads being created ove...
Betfair / Python London Meet-up (21/01/20)
jamesg46 - October 15, 9:50 pm
All sarcasm/jibes aside my go to after Eulers response was this,
Advice please from horse traders
Derek27 - October 15, 7:29 pm
[quote=goldfinch77 post_id=280356 time=1634313595 user_id=28667] I have a simple B2L on in...
Automate four bets
Dallas - October 15, 7:02 pm
Yes, you can add over 100 rules in an automation file (and can apply up to 5 automation fi...
Today's Horse Racing
Realrocknrolla - October 15, 5:50 pm
[quote=Snaff post_id=280354 time=1634312560 user_id=30171] I’ve made a hash of it pretty m...
Swing Trade using Top & Bottom of Traded Range Guardian Automation Bot
adryan87 - October 15, 5:46 pm
Ok,so nobody made a profit with this bot..Or,is any bot from here is good? And again,anot...
Today's Cricket
Emmson - October 15, 5:36 pm
Moeen Ali performed well in the final! Closing in on 70 million matched....
One-Click Trading Screen with Racing Information Displayed - One-Click Screen Layout
elofan0 - October 15, 4:42 pm
looks good that eyesnack...
The Fox in the Hen House
wearthefoxhat - October 15, 4:23 pm
Some feathers on this one. [attachment=0]Newc 5.00V.png[/attachment]...
Automation - Greening out all bar the selection
getagrip68 - October 15, 3:01 pm
Thanks again, would that involve having a lay bet rule on the selection (By Liability (Bac...
Lay the Draw Guardian Automation Bot for Football
pokerfaced - October 15, 2:02 pm
thank you. i will give that a go. it sounded a lot more complicated than it actually was....
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
PDC - October 15, 1:19 pm
On going issues with market settlement during the period issues were reported. Betfair are...
Betfair Account Restrictions
Euler - October 15, 12:57 pm
Good to hear this escalation path is working!...
Import Teams, Runners, Fixtures, Players, Jockeys from your own List to Trigger Bets on
Dallas - October 15, 11:21 am
If you have an automated betting/trading strategy that requires the importing of selection...
Today's Racecards -Available
Eyesnack - October 15, 11:10 am
Todays Racecards here :- Hot Trainer Report here :- https...
Where are all the jokes?
jimibt - October 15, 11:01 am
When the cashier said, "strip down, facing me!!" How was I to know she meant my debit car...
Duthcing 3 pre selected Greyhounds in each race
ANGELS15 - October 15, 10:29 am
So basically this was just a wind up? I would have thought I'd learned my lesson by now....
Create a No Lose Trade on Fav and Profit on the Field Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - October 15, 10:14 am
[quote=Mzolisi12 post_id=280266 time=1634203305 user_id=32248] Hi Dallas, I am new to thi...
Australian racing
Euler - October 15, 9:39 am
[quote=gazuty post_id=280304 time=1634267991 user_id=8554] One more sleep, Caulfield cup d...


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