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Today's Horse Racing
zippus - October 20, 2:13 pm
[quote=wilf post_id=280806 time=1634738928 user_id=17068] Has anyone got stats for pre rac...
Create a No Lose Trade on Fav and Profit on the Field Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - October 20, 2:00 pm
[quote=Mzolisi12 post_id=280799 time=1634737012 user_id=32248] Hi Dallas, Can you please t...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.57.0 - Now on general release
jamesg46 - October 20, 1:53 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=280798 time=1634735293 user_id=14766] [quote=jamesg46 post_id=280739...
Police and air traffic control intervene after drone spotted at Newcastle
PDC - October 20, 1:47 pm
A new method of dealing with the drones is being tested:
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
PDC - October 20, 12:33 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=280794 time=1634733077 user_id=6339] Not of the earlier markets have ...
Soccer Saturday Super 6
Dallas - October 20, 12:18 pm
Managed to miss another round of S6 last night and for the 2nd time it was a high scoring ...
Australian racing
PDC - October 20, 12:13 pm
[quote=agog post_id=280784 time=1634730288 user_id=19801] Just a general query. Are the Au...
Laying In-Play at higher odds
Dallas - October 20, 11:59 am
[quote=Hanson36 post_id=280692 time=1634627361 user_id=30979] Hello, Is it possible to la...
One Click And Ladder interface
Dallas - October 20, 11:53 am
There is also a ready-made market filter you can download which finds only todays races ht...
Custom Lists
Euler - October 20, 11:52 am
Right click on Guardian lists and you will see a 'export' option at the bottom of the pick...
Trading What I see !?
agog - October 20, 11:25 am
[quote=goat68 post_id=280738 time=1634666770 user_id=28285] Planning my next strategy, cal...
2 buttons: Deposit & Watch race
Euler - October 20, 11:21 am
When we have tested watching live video through the app it's problematic. You may not noti...
Betfair P/L in BA
Euler - October 20, 11:13 am
You can make a bet condition on balance or your P&L. So yes is the answer....
Duplicating sheets
ODPaul82 - October 20, 8:07 am
24 runners should be ok but you'd want to have a fairly fast refresh rate for the market a...
Stuff to watch
Realrocknrolla - October 20, 7:53 am
Brassic Season 3 is probably the funniest of all 3 Season 1 and 2 are hilarious too....
Emmson - October 20, 4:35 am
[size=200]It's Back![/size] And I give a f*ck about this great sport and great trading sp...
Today's Football
Kai - October 20, 1:11 am
[quote="Trader Pat" post_id=280759 time=1634691682 user_id=17002]my worst nightmare is Utd...
Where are all the jokes?
Derek27 - October 19, 11:13 pm
[quote=jimibt post_id=280752 time=1634678733 user_id=15157] we've all bin there!! :D art...
Building a model
karenlarson - October 19, 10:31 pm
I spent a lot of time several years ago working on ML models for UK horse racing. Sadly I ...
Derek27 - October 19, 8:45 pm
Before I went away last week, workmen were digging up the roads installing high-speed fibr...


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