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Today's Tennis
Derek27 - March 27, 3:38 am
SofaScore incremented the wrong player in the Kvitova match and I think the market reacted...
Change of forum username?
Derek27 - March 27, 2:21 am
[quote=johnsheppard post_id=183517 time=1553564780 user_id=23724] Then I also wonder about...
Excel Data entry Foam
billposter - March 27, 1:30 am
Thanks for the help Gentelmen but it is back to the drawing board none of them worked than...
Is decimal point possible in Ł volume available?
jameegray1 - March 26, 11:01 pm
Thanks. I've not been into the Excel functionality before. A whole new world that I have n...
New to Excel - how to handle non-runners?
jameegray1 - March 26, 11:00 pm
Hi all. I'm only just dipping my toe into Excel so please bear with me. The way I am usi...
Today's Cricket
deansaccount - March 26, 10:19 pm
Well played chaps, I actually managed to secure a red book, no feck'n idea how!...
Dutch Lay the Fav across all races
essex_boy - March 26, 10:01 pm
Is it possible ? I want to dutch lay all Favs of the day all at once, how would you do th...
Guardian Search: Only markets going in-play
jvsydney - March 26, 9:29 pm
Hi, Thanks for the reply. I think I can handle the liquidity problem by adding a Volume ...
Any way to backtest an automated strategy?
firlandsfarm - March 26, 9:24 pm
For backtesting to be of value there has to be a pattern that is expected to be repeatable...
can i use tips on there own with a automated bot?
Jayd123 - March 26, 9:15 pm
guys slightly off topic, im wanting to use tips and not set up my own strategy, for automa...
Greyhounds - Morning WAP
BetScalper - March 26, 5:49 pm
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=183553 time=1553615073 user_id=16662] If the traded volume is ze...
Today's Racing
Dallas - March 26, 4:40 pm
Hereford is another course in my bottom 5, think that makes 3/5 theres been so far this we...
Signal For Favourite but only if certain trap
MemphisFlash - March 26, 3:52 pm
it does both, it collects data from 3 mins out and places lay or back bets. Set the crite...
Cash out charge?!?!
ShaunWhite - March 26, 3:37 pm
[quote=ANGELS15 post_id=183537 time=1553598288 user_id=18319] One other point I've noticed...
Profit Reports Folder
grindhog - March 26, 3:29 pm
Hi I am running into a bit of trouble on this one. I copied the BetAngel_Professional fold...
Closing down trading after reaching a predefined level of profit on the day?
Derek27 - March 26, 3:25 pm
If you're guaranteed a profit every day and it's just a question of whether it comes early...
What is modelling?
ShaunWhite - March 26, 2:52 pm
[quote=sa7med post_id=183527 time=1553588819 user_id=18893] but like I said I need to lear...
Cricket Lay to Back bet
Dallas - March 26, 2:21 pm
You just need a 'place lay bet rule' then on the parameters tab you can add your trailing ...
greening up in play?
Dallas - March 26, 2:17 pm
If the lay stake is the right amount to spread your p/l across all selections and the odds...
Today's Football
dt888 - March 26, 1:15 pm
I don’t do much football trading at the moment but just couldn’t resist backing England at...


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