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DOB with Moving Exit Guardian Automation Bot
JimmyH - March 5, 1:05 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=255812 time=1614176571 user_id=14766] [quote=JimmyH post_id=255810 t...
Custom column offset
Bonnie - March 5, 12:41 pm
Thanks Dallas. I was looking for a way to do either the back at 1000 or lay at 1.01 with g...
Trading What I see !?
goat68 - March 5, 12:37 pm
[quote=JasBarrow post_id=256785 time=1614942082 user_id=22581] [quote=goat68 post_id=25673...
Simple Scalping Servant
phungdao - March 5, 12:36 pm
[attachment=0]test u 3.5 goals 1.2.baf[/attachment] dear sir this is what im trying to cre...
Today's Racecards -Available
Eyesnack - March 5, 12:16 pm
Racecards for Friday 5th March can be downloaded from link below
Today's Football
Derek27 - March 5, 12:07 pm
Croatia's not listed in the filter by country settings!...
Market manipulation on Betfair
dirkg - March 5, 11:58 am
Many thanks for your thoughts on this, very insightful....
Display Increase and Rolling Increase of Traded Volume - One Click Screen Settings
fractalmodel - March 5, 10:52 am
Yes thats it exactly...
Signal when Goals are Scored Guardian Automation Bot
phungdao - March 5, 10:34 am
[quote=krunalbarot post_id=116336 time=1488117417 user_id=18031] hi i modified this one to...
set target time
phungdao - March 5, 10:25 am
[quote=Dallas post_id=256575 time=1614789284 user_id=14766] [quote=phungdao post_id=256569...
Tiger Woods
Thebest147 - March 5, 9:49 am
Very strange how betangel can take things down when people slag there product off, or say ...
Google Listening
superfrank - March 5, 9:46 am
21 Settings To Change In Windows 10 To Reclaim Your Privacy (2020 Guide) [url]https://pixe...
Coronavirus - A pale horse,4 men and
Naffman - March 5, 3:48 am
[quote=superfrank post_id=256680 time=1614865434 user_id=1712] Sunak's budget a cop out. C...
Adjust stake based on previous result
ShaunWhite - March 4, 11:14 pm
I think you're finding that all that happens is you're having 1x 2x or 3x stake at random ...
Betangel Countdown Timer not working?
ODPaul82 - March 4, 10:31 pm
I had this issue when I changed resolution of my monitor (or changed monitor, I changed so...
Realrocknrolla - March 4, 9:02 pm
[quote=jamesg46 post_id=256726 time=1614891033 user_id=16457] [quote=Realrocknrolla post_i...
How can I use Bet Angel in Russia?
cmuddle - March 4, 9:01 pm
Here is a video
Back U2.5 Goals. x2 Strategies
phungdao - March 4, 7:05 pm
yes same here ive wasted 2 days testing these bots its not working...
Live Tennis Scores and Server Information - Guardian Market Layout List
sniffer66 - March 4, 5:16 pm
Very nice Dallas. Great job...
Feature Enhancement - SV-CSV (market id and selection id)
sniffer66 - March 4, 5:15 pm
[quote=sionascaig post_id=256679 time=1614864353 user_id=15128] +1 My problem (in the con...


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