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View from my trading Balcony ... Where Am I ?
Derek27 - February 19, 11:47 pm
[quote=ruthlessimon post_id=180683 time=1550610936 user_id=15742] Has anyone said Banglade...
Soccer Saturday Super 6
Euler - February 19, 11:19 pm
The recent low scores are quite something....
Stuff to watch
Euler - February 19, 11:14 pm
Play this if you have had a bad trading session, it will cheer you up! https://www.youtub...
Completely daft messages on social media
ruthlessimon - February 19, 9:24 pm
[quote=spreadbetting post_id=180595 time=1550582835 user_id=3492] Most traders rarely see...
Betfair charts of the day
Derek27 - February 19, 8:41 pm
I wasn't watching the race but I was really focusing on the top three on my grid so didn't...
Which VPS for excel
Dallas - February 19, 8:05 pm
For just excel If you plan to use Excel OR you plan to trade manually by staying connected...
Who is serving
Dallas - February 19, 7:34 pm
Looks like Betfair have the correct server showing on their website but on their API they ...
Profit and Loss reports - Help
SportsTraydor - February 19, 7:00 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=180644 time=1550599425 user_id=14766] The actual results are not ava...
Can't lo in to BA
Dallas - February 19, 6:04 pm
Historical data charts
Lucacrebbe - February 19, 5:35 pm
Hello, is there any way to get the historical charts of a match with a betfai...
Euler - February 19, 3:22 pm
Your best bet is to start at the academy and progress from there: - www.betangelacademy.c...
Semi automated help
parbynat - February 19, 2:13 pm
Hope someone can help with this When I place a waiting bet on the ladder manually and then...
Projected SP Prices In Excel Refresh Rate
Ourkid123uk - February 19, 10:16 am
Hi, Love your product and have been working on strategies for some time using Bet Angel a...
BetScalper - February 19, 8:05 am
[quote=eightbo post_id=180586 time=1550532534 user_id=14439] Two greyhound markets which h...
Patrick Veitch interview
brimson25 - February 19, 7:24 am
It was a really good book....
The worst goal conceded ever
brimson25 - February 19, 7:17 am
This happened on Sunday, last kick of the game, winning the game for Motherwell: https://...
Ostrich Pillow
Trader Pat - February 18, 11:24 pm
[quote=invisiblelayer post_id=180583 time=1550528766 user_id=5831] If only I knew about th...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
Dallas - February 18, 10:54 pm
Planned maintenance on the site again in the morning between 4am-8am GMT...
Back Under 4.5/5.5 goals if 2-0 or less in the 70/75th minute
Micky Barnes - February 18, 9:36 pm
Hi All, Complete novice to trading. I'm looking to set this up for certain games if an...
Another Premium Charge question!
Derek27 - February 18, 7:59 pm
[quote=acecard post_id=180567 time=1550517905 user_id=20220] But if you're like me and man...


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