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Some basic questions
Kai - February 24, 1:34 pm
[quote=firlandsfarm post_id=212978 time=1582550580 user_id=13159] [quote=Kai post_id=21297...
Bookmakers, Big Data and The Future
iambic_pentameter - February 24, 1:22 pm
Gentle bump from me for this thread. Not especially tech-minded but would be interesting ...
Forum will be down for maintenance on Monday 24th Feb at 9am
wearthefoxhat - February 24, 1:15 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=212965 time=1582545954 user_id=6339] Unlike Betfair, our site upgrade...
Greyhound Mystique
wearthefoxhat - February 24, 1:11 pm
[quote=spreadbetting post_id=212971 time=1582548508 user_id=3492] Anyone know what's happe...
how to scan market if odds below a certain price and place 1 bet
Thebest147 - February 24, 1:06 pm
There should be something in the automation section, Finding odds on favourites and you c...
Australian racing
Naffman - February 24, 12:44 pm
I only trade nsw at the main meeting on Saturdays, plenty on offer away from nsw to keep b...
Psychoff - training course
firlandsfarm - February 24, 12:11 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=212491 time=1582132487 user_id=19806] I'd teach the basics of tradi...
Betfair introducing streaming throttling??
Euler - February 24, 12:08 pm
[quote]This release has been postponed until further notice. We'll update the announcement...
Automation logs and market report folders
gianni - February 24, 11:22 am
if you open notepad as administrator you should be able to edit and save the config-file. ...
Multi Score Back Bot
RJM - February 24, 8:04 am
[quote=lotora post_id=212339 time=1581939403 user_id=3075] Hey there, Hope this helps! [/...
Today's Horse Racing
mobius - February 24, 7:29 am
Place your bets gentlemen please. [attachment=0]SharedScreenshot.jpg[/attachment] :rol...
prestburydreams - February 23, 8:18 pm
Hi does anybody know why there are no masterclass dates available has the course been defi...
prestburydreams - February 23, 8:13 pm
Hi does anybody know why there are no masterclass dates available has the course been defi...
Today's Football
Satoshis - February 23, 6:10 pm
Nope they came back on the field 15 min later.... Ekstraklasa..........
Additional Question in One-Click Custom Column Editor
Tuco - February 23, 6:03 pm
The additional line only needs to ask 'allow reversal' if the main 'allow reversal' box ha...
Greening up across top 3 favs
Tuco - February 23, 5:53 pm
I guess that either no-one knows a simple answer to your question amd/or someone is workin...
England v SA Women does anybody know the traded Volume
buyshirts - February 23, 4:03 pm
Does anybody have how much was traded. Thanks in advance...
Tonight's boxing
Trader Pat - February 23, 1:21 pm
[quote=PDC post_id=212923 time=1582461948 user_id=16427] [quote=rik post_id=212911 time=15...
How do you invest the money you make?
PDC - February 23, 12:52 pm
I thought the newly released (yesterday) Berkshire/Buffett letter might be of interest to ...
Automation Rolling bets
m4rkwatson - February 23, 12:27 pm
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=212903 time=1582458118 user_id=16662] It's only possible to auto...


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