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US Presidential Election 2020
jamesg46 - August 9, 10:19 am
[quote=sionascaig post_id=230600 time=1596967352 user_id=15128] [quote=jamesg46 post_id=23...
soccer automation
LeeCaL - August 9, 9:58 am
[quote=goldfinch77 post_id=230537 time=1596886926 user_id=28667] Hi Guys. I am brand new ...
What is the strike rate?
sionascaig - August 9, 9:51 am
If you are treating the races as independent events & measuring win/loss rate with a p...
is there an automation that can figure out the correct score before the game starts
Archery1969 - August 9, 8:42 am
[quote=Wildly post_id=230593 time=1596962096 user_id=11188] [quote="Don Carbon" post_id=23...
Help With Win And Place Market Automation
leswatki - August 9, 8:18 am
I am running an automation that sends a signal from the win market to the place market whe...
Australian racing
Anbell - August 9, 8:04 am
[quote=Euler post_id=230584 time=1596958665 user_id=6339] My bots seemed to do well today....
zweistein - August 9, 7:39 am
Where do you watch the games? Last couple of days the delay went from 8 to 20 seconds on b...
Using Betfair in banned country
zweistein - August 9, 7:36 am
Go open bank account to a country where betfair is allowed on the new address......
Betangel keeps on crashing
ilovepizza82 - August 9, 6:55 am
BA is the only app that keeps crashing on my pc every day (sometimes twice a day) without ...
suspended market
firlandsfarm - August 9, 4:30 am
[quote=spreadbetting post_id=230549 time=1596898170 user_id=3492] If the suspend guy at th...
Today's Cricket
firlandsfarm - August 9, 3:53 am
[quote=Emmson post_id=230557 time=1596907945 user_id=15604] Magnificent game! [/quote] Yes...
How "safe" is in-play trading?
ShaunWhite - August 9, 3:39 am
[quote=Kai post_id=230569 time=1596934375 user_id=14020] Honestly, I am pretty sure everyo...
Fill/Kill cancelling bets too early
Anbell - August 9, 2:18 am
Oops. I found the issue. The bets were being cancelled by another rule - but not 'killed' ...
Today's Horse Racing
alexmr2 - August 9, 1:03 am
[quote=danum post_id=230550 time=1596900914 user_id=462] the first at Uttoxeter was intere...
Stuff to watch
invisiblelayer - August 8, 8:35 pm
And a film for any racing guys. Murphys Stroke - Gay Future gamble.
Betfair scalping for beginners
Emmson - August 8, 8:05 pm
[quote=Archery1969 post_id=230563 time=1596916766 user_id=25902] [quote=Vaz0202 post_id=23...
Today's Football
NickH - August 8, 7:36 pm
What happens with the bets that are placed after betfair have opened the market again with...
Trading What I see !?
ANGELS15 - August 8, 6:02 pm
[quote=goat68 post_id=230472 time=1596828736 user_id=28285] [quote=Euler post_id=229930 ti...
Trade the Server with Bet Delays Guardian Automation Bot
malgilb - August 8, 5:07 pm
Thank you. Does this lay both players? What I want to do is back the match favorite when ...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
Euler - August 8, 2:32 pm
Betfair turned the 15:20 in play early. They seemed to confuse it with the start of the de...


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