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Where are all the jokes?
jimibt - September 29, 8:29 am
Been learning how to guess the weight of dogs - picked up a few pointers yesterday....
Saturday trading
Anbell - September 29, 8:10 am
[quote=mtrehearn post_id=310653 time=1664041940 user_id=32124] Hi, I have a bot that lays...
Sporttrade Promises Liquidity
lotora - September 29, 7:56 am
A great video-interview of the CEO Alex Kane. (Sporttrade only charges 2% commission on ne...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
arch4672 - September 29, 7:48 am
[quote=ODPaul82 post_id=311015 time=1664432751 user_id=8112] According to their twitter it...
DOBing @ 50% & Back 2 Lay @ 20% Guardian Automation Bot
jackrob - September 29, 7:17 am
yes, thank you its for triggering at different %, the only thing I cant get is that they d...
Trade the Fav if 3 Consecutive Favourites have Won - Guardian Automation Bot
TopDawgYo - September 29, 4:47 am
thanks @Dallas and and @TheSilkRun... appreciate the feedback; if any follow up, will come...
Derek27 - September 29, 4:11 am
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=311007 time=1664416146 user_id=16662] Car insurance :roll: Sc...
Today's Horse Racing
ShaunWhite - September 29, 2:15 am
Can anyone fill me in about what happened to [b]Dark Crusade[/b] in the 14:19 at Catterick...
UK Economy
Derek27 - September 29, 2:05 am
Whilst trading a Brazilian Serie A match with Sky News in the background, not paying much ...
Ukraine Crisis
Derek27 - September 29, 12:40 am
[quote=Archery1969 post_id=310881 time=1664285919 user_id=25902] Possible sabotage to unde...
The beer garden
Derek27 - September 29, 12:31 am
In a moment of fury, I was planning to petrol bomb my credit card company offices after be...
Excel or Trigger
1856 - September 28, 11:39 pm
Hi All, Im looking for some advice on the best way to approach this requirement please. I...
Automation - Stored Value History Lists (Static or Not)
CrunchyTwiglet - September 28, 9:35 pm
Hi All, I have a query on the use of history lists in automation. It may be silly but I ca...
Mega Rules Files - Automation Rules File Types
CrunchyTwiglet - September 28, 9:25 pm
Hi All, I have downloaded some of the racing set ups for the guardian module, the racing t...
Mike Cruickshank's "Momentum system"
ShaunWhite - September 28, 7:16 pm
[quote=TJSN1 post_id=310934 time=1664359969 user_id=33721] My experience is that the bot w...
Sports Trading Life
ShaunWhite - September 28, 5:37 pm
I don't know James, It's not possible to know what the true value of any individual animal...
Trap Trade Servant
Gunslinger - September 28, 5:05 pm
Thanks for your reply. I've changed my ladder outlook & lowered stakes.Seems a lot eas...
Help Creating Tennis Automation
nick676 - September 28, 5:00 pm
I'm trying to create an automation for tennis that does the following: Lay the first play...
Multi-Market Manual Stop Loss Servant / Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - September 28, 4:11 pm
[quote=FrankArch post_id=310845 time=1664269820 user_id=32376] Hi Dallas, This works grea...
Dallas - September 28, 3:49 pm
[quote=orgagigio post_id=310919 time=1664321712 user_id=34354] thanks, another question,Ho...


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