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Today's Racing
Euler - March 25, 2:52 pm
Delay at Wincanton...
Today's Cricket
LostShaman - March 25, 2:29 pm
Don't suppose anyone knows what the max odds KKR went to before Russell went in yesterday ...
Historic Relative Odds Condition
Dallas - March 25, 2:11 pm
If you're prepared to use fixed time points in some form then it's not to difficult to set...
Betdaq Account suspended
Dallas - March 25, 1:58 pm
[quote=gstar1975 post_id=183480 time=1553517091 user_id=9758] [quote=Dallas post_id=183019...
Placing of trade - Automation
weemac - March 25, 12:53 pm
I suspect it'll be difficult to implement because BA would have to 'look' at the individua...
What is modelling?
sa7med - March 25, 12:44 pm
I've been backtesting now for over a year. After testing thousands of different ideas, I h...
Combine Win & Place Markets
gstar1975 - March 25, 12:27 pm
[quote=6thSense post_id=56938 time=1357576250 user_id=11198] Another common spreadsheet re...
Stuff to watch
eightbo - March 25, 12:23 pm
[url=]An imdb list of the 100 best gambling and poke...
Closing down trading after reaching a predefined level of profit on the day?
Bighitch - March 25, 12:22 pm
follow on to my last post....if you are running excel then you are able to use the green u...
Big automation file size
eightbo - March 25, 11:40 am
[quote=LinusP post_id=183455 time=1553507954 user_id=10628] [/quote]­Yeah just text files ...
Win and Place Markets on one spreadsheet
gstar1975 - March 25, 10:57 am
[quote=Banthorpe post_id=154526 time=1527341361 user_id=10767] Thanks Think I have got it ...
Automation: Favouritism order Q (RESOLVED)
Dallas - March 25, 9:45 am
RE your video Just to let you know when using certain rules like 'fix market order, keep ...
EU Membership Referendum (Brexit)
jimibt - March 25, 9:42 am
was a nice little item on the weekends *The Now Show*. Seems a french polician has named...
Excel Data entry Foam
eightbo - March 25, 8:53 am
That's right you want to add it to your code. Replace what you have with this: [code]Priva...
Using two copies of BetAngel on one computer
eightbo - March 25, 8:38 am
[quote=geoffrey1928 post_id=183430 time=1553465941 user_id=11439] Whimsies, how do you man...
Three suggestions for Automation Rules Editor
mobius - March 25, 8:32 am
Why is it called llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch? Who cares? +...
Today's Tennis
Dallas - March 24, 11:13 pm
and whilst enjoying the Pliscova match one of my bots just done a nice job of its own on D...
Exiting trade for half stake loss (Newbie)
TheMackem - March 24, 9:41 pm
Hi Thanks for the reply and help. Much Appreciated Steven...
backing dogs forecast
facefish1 - March 24, 8:55 pm
is there a easy way that a auto program picks the fav of the race and then i can put the f...
How to Link Markets Using Shared Stored Values - Step by Step
Miro - March 24, 7:54 pm
Hi Folks. I am more than interested in using these two "servants", however, after download...


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