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Load markets into Guardian automatically
Dallas - January 23, 11:27 pm
Even if the option of automatically loading markets was available you'll still need to go ...
un-tiggered tule but the bet is placed
Dallas - January 23, 11:19 pm
[quote=JeffMinton post_id=178536 time=1548281659 user_id=23586] thanks mate your a legend....
Most Profitable Long term
spreadbetting - January 23, 9:48 pm
Not really any rule of thumb because everyone's has a different view to risk and if you wa...
Today's Racing
SeaHorseRacing - January 23, 9:23 pm
Thanks guys. Much appreciated....
Storing the price help.
parbynat - January 23, 9:11 pm
Many thanks....
Can anyone help me with my speed problem?
michaelg2708 - January 23, 8:17 pm
thanks for your reply. i am completely clueless with vba i wouldn't even know where to sta...
Practice Mode
Darkpond1967 - January 23, 6:21 pm
Hi All, What I would like to see in practice mode is a notional bank balance so that you ...
ShaunWhite - January 23, 6:16 pm
As a general thing, unless someone comes from the world of betting then automation really ...
northbound - January 23, 6:07 pm
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=178518 time=1548266567 user_id=16662] Has anyone ever tried any ...
Sites for weather focused on horse racing?
ShaunWhite - January 23, 5:52 pm
[quote=ruthlessimon post_id=178509 time=1548263467 user_id=15742] [quote=ShaunWhite post_i...
Betfair Historical data
ShaunWhite - January 23, 5:43 pm
Try searching the forum for "json" or "betfair historical data" https://www.betangel...
Today's Cricket
Emmson - January 23, 5:38 pm
[quote=spreadbetting post_id=178512 time=1548264868 user_id=3492] [quote=Emmson post_id=17...
Australian Open 2019
soccersaint - January 23, 3:55 pm
We will be hoping for more drama later as the unpronounceable Stefano takes on Nadal, ther...
Automation vs Manual Trading ( Improvements for 2019 )
Dallas - January 23, 3:51 pm
[quote=soccersaint post_id=178499 time=1548257640 user_id=19827] Referring to my recent po...
ShaunWhite - January 23, 3:27 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=178491 time=1548256383 user_id=19806] HTF is anyone supposed to kno...
Cancel all bets
Dallas - January 23, 3:22 pm
[quote=magwitch78 post_id=178494 time=1548256597 user_id=14972] Does anyone know how to ca...
Betfair ATM
Derek27 - January 23, 3:15 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=178412 time=1548175985 user_id=6339] So back a shortening favourite i...
Add Catterick and Hereford markets
Hepburn - January 23, 1:56 pm
ah of course. thanks :)...
Can a Simple strategy explianed in one sentence really work long term?
Kai - January 23, 11:00 am
[quote=elecotop post_id=177868 time=1547689159 user_id=15676] I trade pre-off order flow p...
BETDAQ site problems
Euler - January 23, 10:06 am
I've never tried Greyhound racing on Betdaq so can't comment....


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