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Coronavirus - A pale horse,4 men and
Jukebox - June 2, 9:21 pm
As a large proportion of young people don't cohabit with their partners and technically th...
I need help and advice on trading please
ANGELS15 - June 2, 8:58 pm
[quote=alonzoharris post_id=222307 time=1591045525 user_id=26219] Hi I have been trading f...
Underground Trading
Jukebox - June 2, 8:54 pm
Crazyskier - June 2, 7:48 pm
I took some out to Paypal last week with no issues - was there few hours later. CS...
Trading reversals and stop losses
jamesg46 - June 2, 7:33 pm
There will be traders trading breakouts of support on the back and lay side, there will al...
Today's Horse Racing
Trader Pat - June 2, 7:15 pm
Its amazing how energy sapping sitting on your hands can be...
Data Capture Problem
MD7890 - June 2, 6:50 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a bit of help with my automation file. I want to record the LTP and v...
Problem with placing lay bet and offset bet being placed at the same time
lukehudds87 - June 2, 6:25 pm
literally after scanning the great usermanual again, i have found that historical fixed od...
Make Market Gap Scalping Guardian Automation Bot Greyhounds
malgilb - June 2, 6:13 pm
I've checked the log and it's due to unmatched bets. Thanks....
Compounding Betfair Balance Questions
jimibt - June 2, 4:38 pm
alas, as has been mentioned before, the frickin market *knows* about itself and will alway...
WOM Queston
ShaunWhite - June 2, 3:33 pm
[quote=Fleckey299 post_id=222367 time=1591111342 user_id=23806] I dont get what 100,50, 25...
Bot Help (Draw Strat)
Maccabfc - June 2, 2:33 pm
Can any one help me ? I'm trying to create a bot that does the following Back the draw ...
Signal Value Trendline
zadorozhnia - June 2, 1:06 pm
Hi all - I wonder if you could help with my query below. I have setup a rule that increm...
Back The Losing Fave in 2nd Set (Combined With Serve Stats and BP's) Bot
sniffer66 - June 2, 11:07 am
I posted a bot earlier on in the year that utilised Stored Values and Signals to record br...
Telegram community
gstar1975 - June 2, 10:14 am
[quote=jamesg46 post_id=220910 time=1589454580 user_id=16457] [quote=gstar1975 post_id=220...
Today's Greyhounds
Leeds1919 - June 2, 9:07 am
[quote=Bog post_id=222300 time=1591037617 user_id=22298] [quote=Leeds1919 post_id=222247 t...
Australian racing
Naffman - June 2, 6:33 am
Jesus just checked now and they ended up putting the market up for warrnambool - £22k trad...
Guardian Racing Quick Pick screen market add problem
jameegray1 - June 2, 12:37 am
In Guardian I suddenly find the 'Racing quick picks' screen not adding any new markets unl...
looking for someone to help with automation
Anbell - June 1, 7:30 pm
DM me...
Store the green all profit
Anbell - June 1, 7:29 pm


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