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Today's Football
JTEDL - May 26, 11:04 pm
[quote=ec0n0mist post_id=188336 time=1558759790 user_id=13946] Thoughts? :? [/quote] FT ...
French Open 2019 Roland Garros
Derek27 - May 26, 10:28 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=188531 time=1558866207 user_id=14766] But she rides it out and dumps...
Account Closure (Betfair live market data)
Derek27 - May 26, 9:58 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=188384 time=1558784726 user_id=14766] It wasn't all matched here but...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.52.0 - Now on general release
Dallas - May 26, 7:12 pm
[quote=soccersaint post_id=188568 time=1558897489 user_id=19827] The recent improvements v...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
Euler - May 26, 5:12 pm
Betfair have cocked up the league one playoff. Charlton scored late but the credited the g...
Today's Cricket
Emmson - May 26, 3:14 pm
I am getting my NBA outage loss back....but then I shouldn't think in those terms, money l...
ICC World Cup - England and Wales 2019
Archangel - May 26, 3:14 pm
Be interesting how the weather will effect the World Cup games, or will they abandon in th...
Advanced Charting question.
Ambettor - May 26, 3:11 pm
Hi - I was wondering if there are any settings i've overlooked in Advanced Charting tha...
Betfair announce end of trading then delete tweet
Archangel - May 26, 12:33 pm
[quote=Kai post_id=188546 time=1558872379 user_id=14020] Well this clickbait trolling thre...
Today's Racing
ShaunWhite - May 26, 12:19 pm
I'm at some proper racing today. Santa Pod. 10k horses either side of the tree.. More than...
Next Tory Leader & May's Exit Date (2019)
sionascaig - May 26, 10:36 am
Still quite a bit of volatility on the June market this morning (managed to catch one 20 t...
Automation using Volume of Money
sa7med - May 26, 9:58 am
you can do this using stored values...
beating the bookies using data science
stueytrader - May 26, 7:57 am
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=185982 time=1556546658 user_id=16662] [quote=SeaHorseRacing post...
Emmson - May 26, 3:14 am
Delighted the Toronto Raptors make the NBA Finals but less delighted at losing £89 on the ...
VBA code is very slow
ShaunWhite - May 25, 8:51 pm
40 markets * 20ms is 0.8s. I'm not sure how the 20s+ comes into it....
Danish login
Dallas - May 25, 7:48 pm
[quote=Konaldo post_id=188438 time=1558809048 user_id=24641] [quote=Dallas post_id=186269 ...
Bank in Practice Mode
Dallas - May 25, 5:17 pm
[quote=PeterLe post_id=188428 time=1558803384 user_id=115] Thanks for the reply Dallas It ...
New install
Silver Lining - May 25, 5:03 pm
[quote=sa7med post_id=188427 time=1558803017 user_id=18893] let me google that for you htt...
Australian racing
Naffman - May 25, 4:07 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=188411 time=1558793934 user_id=6339] The late moves seem stronger mor...
Betfair charts of the day
eightbo - May 25, 4:03 pm
Looks just like the earlier one lol...


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