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Australian racing
Aarondewit - February 16, 6:50 am
$100 for me at Alice Springs. Finally getting into the day. Blood pressure has declined....
Which strategy to start with?
ShaunWhite - February 16, 2:52 am
[quote=eightbo post_id=180334 time=1550265108 user_id=14439] Trader Dante is a legend have...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
PDC - February 16, 2:46 am
Not seeing any issues....
Today's Racing
Derek27 - February 16, 2:18 am
I usually skip the smaller meetings anyway when there's big meetings on....
Trump exit date
ShaunWhite - February 16, 1:55 am
[quote=megarain post_id=180333 time=1550263935 user_id=11907] I only watched half the pres...
Happy Valentines day all...
bennyboy351 - February 15, 9:29 pm
My partner and I - if she wasn't so stubborn she'd be my wife by now - have been 'around t...
Another Premium Charge question!
acecard - February 15, 9:27 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=180314 time=1550254420 user_id=19806] [quote=acecard post_id=180305...
Signal when Goals are Scored Guardian Automation Bot
richjulian15 - February 15, 8:26 pm
Ok mate. Thanks for clearing that up. I’ll continue with the file....
EU Membership Referendum (Brexit)
ShaunWhite - February 15, 7:17 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=180318 time=1550257450 user_id=14766] Andrew Neil steps down from 'T...
Betfair charts of the day
Euler - February 15, 5:00 pm
LOL, Has this happened before?...
Betfair cash race
spreadbetting - February 15, 1:42 pm
4 targets to aim for this time and the top one is worth getting, might actively chase this...
Stop Betting After 1st Market Suspended
Jonesiman - February 15, 1:21 pm
Thanks Shaun...
Today's Tennis
JTEDL - February 15, 12:16 pm
couple of good looking ones to trade this afternoon - WTA Doha, like the timings, as can k...
Genesis Open Golf
LeTiss - February 15, 8:47 am
Sorted. Thanks...
VPS in Australia. How does betangel route traffic?
johnsheppard - February 15, 2:26 am
[quote=whimsies post_id=180251 time=1550195540 user_id=16865] I don't have a problem being...
Automation didnt work ..please help !!
Dallas - February 14, 11:37 pm
[quote=Rishichops post_id=180242 time=1550178934 user_id=23739] Aaaahhh now I see what mus...
Sky Q and in running trading
JimmyGG - February 14, 6:30 pm
[quote=superfrank post_id=180202 time=1550158457 user_id=1712] Why do you suspect the Q bo...
Today's Football
PeterLe - February 14, 5:35 pm
[quote=soccersaint post_id=180209 time=1550159917 user_id=19827] No is the answer Peter A...
Close Trade on Selection
Dallas - February 14, 5:31 pm
[quote=stemiller78 post_id=180231 time=1550164052 user_id=18617] [quote=Dallas post_id=180...
Anyone read any good books?
soccersaint - February 14, 4:27 pm
Waste of money ... you’re better off but your self some soft porn :lol:...


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