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Trades drifting away
SweetLyrics - August 22, 8:10 pm
[quote=ruthlessimon post_id=196816 time=1566504120 user_id=15742] It's complicated though...
Today's Horse Racing
Yantraman - August 22, 6:46 pm
....big balls layer back on that fav in the 19.40.. I am now starting to regognise when h...
hiya guys
Swimming999 - August 22, 6:42 pm
hi there used to be a parameter, in automation to keep all unmatched bets now i carnt see...
Korattt - August 22, 6:10 pm
if I may add my tuppence worth?, just record as many markets as you possibly can & if ...
greening up
ShaunWhite - August 22, 4:54 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=193281 time=1562509340 user_id=14766] How many markets do you have i...
Betfair Volumes
Jonathan - August 22, 4:50 pm
Thanks All, quality points as usual, all feedback noted. I like the "do what works for you...
Betfair charts of the day
eightbo - August 22, 4:31 pm
[attachment=0]1730_Escape Proof_1731.PNG[/attachment]...
The Ashes - August/September 2019
greenmark - August 22, 3:34 pm
Blimey there's a lot of swing out there!...
Euler - August 22, 3:30 pm
Back the Fav at Half or Lay at Double its SP Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - August 22, 12:24 pm
[quote=rencoetz post_id=196775 time=1566467928 user_id=25362] Thanks Dallas I think I un...
How mnay people use LTP Matchstick charting for pre off horse racing markets
tadasbel - August 22, 11:38 am
I use it but only to look at volatility. I guess more experienced can see without matchsti...
Tennis retiring
Kai - August 22, 10:38 am
It is something that everyone should be aware of when trading tennis as a potential danger...
Sustained count for x refreshes
sniffer66 - August 22, 9:15 am
I'd like to suggest the following. In an automation rule when assessing a metric - Price,...
Back all Runners if They Trade Below 3.0 Automation Bot
mickypaul72 - August 21, 8:05 pm
Use applies to ANY on the selection tab...
Automation on Football
evertonian - August 21, 7:24 pm
The two who make long term profit interested to hear from you. Are you placing your positi...
Australian racing
Naffman - August 21, 3:59 pm
Dynamically choosing markets
jaipal2004 - August 21, 11:10 am
Hi I am looking at a way I could possibly use the Excel integration offered by BA but som...
napshnap - August 21, 9:38 am [...
VWAP - Initiation point
sniffer66 - August 21, 7:29 am
[quote=jimibt post_id=196713 time=1566371971 user_id=15157] [quote=sniffer66 post_id=19671...
incorrect offsets
sa7med - August 21, 7:23 am
Still exhibiting this behaviour. Seems to happen if you take the full amount available. So...


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