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Free bet on fav by Dallas with modifications.
1point5wizard - July 7, 10:50 pm
1. it seems the error before was just a glitch but it might be related to this one. 2. Ok ...
Missing Chapter: How to Read a Market
Emmson - July 7, 10:40 pm
Its a big question really and its a journey of a thousand miles but I believe James1st mak...
DOB with Moving Exit Guardian Automation Bot
1point5wizard - July 7, 10:22 pm
wow Dallas, thanks again, what else can i say. i will definitely be using some parts of t...
Correct Score HT Bot
1point5wizard - July 7, 10:13 pm
thanks for sharing will def have a look at it. :D...
Opening Goal Bot
1point5wizard - July 7, 10:02 pm
very cool, thanks for sharing. be careful with VAR i am thinking how to put a protection ...
Today's Horse Racing
Dallas - July 7, 9:49 pm
[quote=nikolong post_id=226963 time=1594157006 user_id=20432] Is there normally jumps raci...
Today's Greyhounds
sniffer66 - July 7, 9:34 pm
When the hard work finally begins to pay off. Even happier because every penny made was 10...
greenmark - July 7, 9:30 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=226947 time=1594151836 user_id=19806] [quote=greenmark post_id=2269...
Placing double bets and recording in wrong row.
CallumPerry - July 7, 8:53 pm
Aha thank you mate, there are some very useful posters on here I promise. A lot of good pe...
Can Bet Angel Model Horse Racing Off Time?
CallumPerry - July 7, 8:51 pm
Bit of a tangent of a suggestion here but perhaps that time pocket is where an untouched e...
Historical Data - Only 25% of races now provided
CallumPerry - July 7, 8:41 pm
That's good to know, let us know what the end result is please?...
Australian racing
NickH - July 7, 8:32 pm
Thanks, will certainly take that one in to account when moving on to the software as I am ...
New Monitor
Rollox - July 7, 8:11 pm
Hello all I am looking to purchase a new monitor 43" LG un700 but need some advice pre pu...
Running More Then 1 Rules File
jamesg46 - July 7, 7:47 pm
If you have multiple rules for the same market then can you not just put them all in one f...
Help with 'Additional Information' display problems
JasBarrow - July 7, 7:32 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=226892 time=1594134329 user_id=14766] Looks like i missed a conditio...
Soccer Saturday Super 6
jamesg46 - July 7, 7:15 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=226934 time=1594148233 user_id=6339] I see a lot of people missed the...
Trading reversals and stop losses
jamesg46 - July 7, 7:11 pm
[quote=Rob51852 post_id=226936 time=1594148748 user_id=16100] Hi guys, I just wanted to p...
Register time of Supended
SPina - July 7, 6:58 pm
Hi, I´m trying to make a VBA code to register the moment that suspended live soccer game...
Football Lay The Draw
JTEDL - July 7, 6:51 pm
Did the underdog score first? If so then draw odds can come in so wouldn't have greened fo...
Football - VAR and VOID bet
1point5wizard - July 7, 6:45 pm
Yes sir, as you read. i had some rules in places to do certain action when a goal was sco...


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