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Setting up my own VPS
R1chardl1ng - August 12, 7:05 am
Hi guys, if i were to purchase my own VPS package from another provider and use Ubuntu, wi...
Aussie racing pics
Aarondewit - August 12, 6:36 am
[quote="The dog of ry" post_id=230836 time=1597214126 user_id=13921] [quote=Aarondewit pos...
monitor a drift trend through the day
beermonsterman - August 12, 5:39 am
[quote=sionascaig post_id=230796 time=1597137764 user_id=15128] [quote=beermonsterman post...
Number of Selections as a Stored Value (Template) Guardian Automation Bot
firlandsfarm - August 12, 1:09 am
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=230782 time=1597104289 user_id=16662] ... I don't know what they...
Stung by Betfair LingField 17:55 Aug 11th
Jukebox - August 11, 11:52 pm
[quote=trkizzle post_id=230817 time=1597187436 user_id=28222] Hurts man. Unfortunately the...
Quick servant question
jameegray1 - August 11, 10:03 pm
[quote=MemphisFlash post_id=230815 time=1597182919 user_id=13195] servants only work on th...
Today's Horse Racing
wearthefoxhat - August 11, 6:48 pm
Katalystic sleps in....Oi Oi Saveloy.. (backed late from 10/1) [attachment=0]katalystic...
Matchbook exchange - Breaking news
megarain - August 11, 4:27 pm
Gambling Commission lifted restrictions. They back....
backing correct score
goldfinch77 - August 11, 4:22 pm
Guys, Panic over, I have sorted it Phew...
Large Bet Alert / Automation
Dallas - August 11, 2:58 pm
These two examples should help
Time ranges for soccer auto trading
goldfinch77 - August 11, 1:26 pm
Thanx for the info, I will work through it Andy...
Betfair P&L screen changes
rik - August 11, 1:15 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=230798 time=1597140585 user_id=6339] The new P&L is working on al...
Iceberg Orders with Price Chaser Servant
chucknorris - August 11, 8:57 am
ok it works but it didnt work initially. If you have the bets armed to retrigger for 1 sec...
Why all the low back bets?
bbran19 - August 11, 5:51 am
Thank you...
US Presidential Election 2020
gazuty - August 11, 4:53 am
The Dems VP Market has been a wild ride - which is great, some really massive swings. Kam...
How "safe" is in-play trading?
jameegray1 - August 11, 12:28 am
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=230777 time=1597091446 user_id=16662] [quote=jameegray1 post_id=...
SAME file - Bets dont place ?
Anbell - August 10, 11:02 pm
[quote=rencoetz post_id=230679 time=1597042169 user_id=25362] Yes They are two different r...
Step-By-Step Examples How to Set Automation Signals
stanleyomeze - August 10, 9:03 pm
please where do i download AUTOMATION FILES for horse race...
bot for scalping under 2,5
steven17 - August 10, 8:47 pm
thank you dallas...
Greening all selections
georget1907 - August 10, 8:27 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=230691 time=1597053708 user_id=14766] [quote=georget1907 post_id=230...


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