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Why is BAB not working with 2 way betfair authentication ?
Euler - April 25, 2:23 pm
We never implemented it for this product, but it is available for Bet Angel trader....
Today's Racing
Euler - April 25, 2:14 pm
Not so keen on today, but seem to be picking up stuff at Perth....
Australian racing
Euler - April 25, 2:02 pm
I got up early to do the tail end of the card and the bots did well....
Guardian Automation Shared Files library - Suggestions
BetScalper - April 25, 1:54 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=185784 time=1556199338 user_id=14766] [quote=BetScalper post_id=1857...
Lay the First to Trade at 2.0 Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - April 25, 1:25 pm
[quote=robfosters post_id=185778 time=1556197181 user_id=15034] Is there any way of editin...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
Dallas - April 25, 1:22 pm
[quote=LinusP post_id=185779 time=1556197755 user_id=10628] [quote=Dallas post_id=185763 t...
Full time traders
trader44 - April 25, 12:50 pm
Agree derek handling a loss is so important.. heres what you shouldnt do ..overstaking. n...
Lack of info on Laying Short Odds favs from P Webb
sa7med - April 25, 12:48 pm
[quote=bastuncriochnatha post_id=185769 time=1556191289 user_id=23210] I struggle on look...
Tennis sound alert signal when the price hurt the lower price
Dallas - April 25, 12:35 pm
Its the same process as I posted here except you'd change the lay bet rule to an alert rul...
request to install a bot
Dallas - April 25, 12:34 pm
Yes this can be done It will require a set/modify signal rule and on the signal tab use '...
Today's Greyhounds
PeterLe - April 25, 12:03 pm
The Greyhound market is worth looking for anyone using automation... Ive automated this us...
export Guardian To Spreadsheet
MemphisFlash - April 25, 10:21 am
Is there a way you can export everything you see in guardian to an excel sheet. For instan...
football favourite automation rule.
Dallas - April 25, 9:52 am
It is possible to do and requires the use of Stored values to link the two markets, there ...
Bet Angel and Smarkets
Euler - April 25, 7:00 am
No it doesn't, but you can use it with Betdaq if you are looking for a Betfair alternative...
Devil in the detail
eightbo - April 24, 10:17 pm
Ackoff was a wise individual. People view the world through their own filters. Assuming y...
Today's Football
Trader Pat - April 24, 9:22 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=185737 time=1556140332 user_id=14766] [quote="Trader Pat" post_id=18...
Betdaq Profit & Loss
ged1200 - April 24, 8:41 pm
Thanks Peter. Haven't encountered pivot tables before but it looks like there's plenty on ...
Under 2.5
globi166 - April 24, 7:07 pm
I was trading under 2.5 goals today, actually Im still trading. So I have placed back unde...
Novice needig a tiny bit of help
JTEDL - April 24, 6:25 pm
as said the green up profit/loss file works better than a stop loss if in running, or alte...
One Click Screen not showing anything in Practice Mode
gstar1975 - April 24, 5:57 pm
I have done that thanks for your help. Also I created some profiles to add extra columns b...


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