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Today's Tennis
Derek27 - February 5, 3:06 am
Looking at the little BLV window, misread a toilet break for a tie break. :lol:...
Is betfair dead?
ShaunWhite - February 5, 2:49 am
[quote=Anbell post_id=320986 time=1675565107 user_id=24242] You only get charged TC if yo...
Derek27 - February 5, 2:11 am
[quote=jamesedwards post_id=320984 time=1675561370 user_id=23138] [quote=Derek27 post_id=3...
Betfair Incorrect Settlement
Derek27 - February 5, 1:30 am
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=320982 time=1675559942 user_id=16662] I thought I should know ab...
Today's Football
greenmark - February 5, 12:16 am
Just catching up and Klopp has maintained my admiration for this honest interview. As an L...
UK General Election 2024 (or 25)
Derek27 - February 5, 12:06 am
Lettuce Liz says she was not respected and blames her downfall on "powerful economic estab...
Scalping if Pressure has Built Guardian Automation Bot
ajanthony - February 4, 10:18 pm
Hi Dallas, Probably easier if I attach the baf file. As it turns out the bot as is ran wit...
Hunting for Profit - Other in-play courses
Rea_ctor - February 4, 10:00 pm
[quote=Brovashift post_id=320920 time=1675530179 user_id=31208] I've gone for it after spe...
Are people still manually trading Greyhound races?
ShaunWhite - February 4, 8:07 pm
It all comes down to £/hr. You can either spend 10hr days on the dogs for minimum wage o...
baobabul1 - February 4, 7:56 pm
Tha ks for your reply.everything helps.i think i will stick to minimum stakes and just kee...
Today's Cricket
henbet22 - February 4, 7:32 pm
Scandalous that....
Back or Lay using the Moving Average (MA) as an Entry or Exit - Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - February 4, 6:07 pm
[quote=Geordie post_id=320859 time=1675505953 user_id=13614] Awesome, Dallas, this is grea...
Happy Corner
greenmark - February 4, 5:48 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=320933 time=1675532589 user_id=19806] There are never any small tro...
Today's Horse Racing
sionascaig - February 4, 5:11 pm
Already jumped ship on Bold & Loyal: 24s to 12's...
Who provides BF racing live feeds?
Brovashift - February 4, 4:20 pm
[quote=ANGELS15 post_id=320794 time=1675423057 user_id=18319] [quote=Brovashift post_id=32...
Football Musings
wearthefoxhat - February 4, 2:44 pm
Result about right on balance. Could see that goal coming. [attachment=0]EvArsFT.png[/a...
Betfair Account Restrictions & closed accounts - Getting them removed and accounts reopened
Emmson - February 4, 12:23 pm
My worry that I 1st mentioned here last August is finally going to be tested on Monday, th...
Display Market & Selection Volume Increase each Minute on Ladder
Dallas - February 4, 11:44 am
[quote=mono88 post_id=320845 time=1675477302 user_id=35025] The one minute volume change f...
Searching for a price range
sionascaig - February 4, 11:33 am
you could set up a bot for that with alerts on watchlist (with option of automatically swi...
HI all just purchased Bet Angel Professional, Lots to take in :)
elofan0 - February 4, 9:33 am
yep cooks offering advice not to over cook the egg .. :lol:...


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