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BSP on one click
Dallas - December 3, 1:02 pm
That looks correct, as soon as the race goes in-running that column should update from '0'...
How to watch the racing?
TraderFred - December 3, 12:55 pm
If you are trading/betting pre off then sky sports racing/ racing tv would be fine for liv...
ODPaul82 - December 3, 12:25 pm
Thanks, it's over-performing at the moment (not that I'm complaining!). Back testing of t...
US Presidential Election 2020
Trader Pat - December 3, 12:13 pm
I don't think Trump is losing his marbles I think he's laying the foundations for when and...
When to enter a market?
decomez6 - December 3, 11:52 am
[quote=Jimbo95 post_id=244509 time=1606991818 user_id=28931] Hi there, I have been trying ...
Short Trading
alessio ricca - December 3, 11:35 am
Goodmorning everyone. I am an Italian guy and I turn to you because in the UK the trading ...
Coronavirus - A pale horse,4 men and
Dallas - December 3, 10:36 am
Odd Coincidence's given the two topics that's dominated here in the UK the last 4 years ...
Looking for some advice as I near the end of my 1st year trading
JollyGreen - December 3, 10:06 am
I humbly suggest you look at cutting losses quicker rather than letting them exceed your p...
Power Query - Example Spreadsheets
sionascaig - December 3, 10:05 am
Yes, and that example also has trademark / copyright issues re logo....
Count Number of Matched bets and store as a value
Walshie1987 - December 3, 9:07 am
Laying about 4 runners max IP, never any backing Cheers Chris...
SPOTY 2020
Naffman - December 3, 5:58 am
[quote=Emmson post_id=244489 time=1606945927 user_id=15604] [quote=Naffman post_id=244442 ...
Today's Cricket
Emmson - December 3, 5:55 am
Fill rate has been awful on this NZ test :( nevertheless I have a satisfactory position....
Today's Horse Racing
goat68 - December 2, 8:38 pm
My aim is to finish a whole week in profit following a consistent strategy. Currently runn...
Ladder Stop Loss (Right-Click) functionality
Dallas - December 2, 8:09 pm
Can't do it with the right-click stop itself that can only trigger where its placed, but t...
Bet history in Practise mode
Dallas - December 2, 6:24 pm
[quote=RicHep365 post_id=244453 time=1606924129 user_id=20386] Cheers Dallas, I assume th...
Betfair - money deposit lost, nobody of the support-team wants to help !
jamesedwards - December 2, 6:07 pm
In my experience the only satisfaction I ever get from any BF communication is via twitter...
Hi guys in play question
jamesedwards - December 2, 5:58 pm
I believe you are not able to cancel a bet between the time it is triggered and the time i...
Trading What I see !?
kamil2402 - December 2, 3:12 pm
I feel like currently the markets are very hard to read....
Store a Value to History Lists (Price, Volume, Greening Data)
Dallas - December 2, 9:42 am
If you are using Bet Angel V1.55 you now have the ability to store values into history lis...
Soccer Saturday Super 6
LeTiss - December 2, 9:23 am
I'm demanding a Stewards!! Peter Webb and myself are absolutely neck & neck - we both...


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