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Australian racing
Anbell - October 24, 6:00 am
[quote=gazuty post_id=238974 time=1603519102 user_id=8554] Mooney valley just doesn’t work...
Trading What I see !?
Rollox - October 24, 4:50 am
"pre race markets when flow is so random" The markets are not random when you enter a trad...
US Presidential Election 2020
Naffman - October 24, 12:24 am
[quote=jamesg46 post_id=238919 time=1603482102 user_id=16457]
Should i limit my markets
eightbo - October 23, 11:53 pm
try just watching the high odds markets rather than trading them, noting down some opportu...
Can Bet Angel do what I need?
acmarston - October 23, 11:36 pm
I've been thinking about trying this idea, but I've thought of a potential problem. If I'd...
Betfair Account Closed on Business Grounds
user1234 - October 23, 9:53 pm
[quote=Archery1969 post_id=238934 time=1603489636 user_id=25902] [quote=user1234 post_id=2...
Automation Questions. Any comments welcome!
Boothey07 - October 23, 8:32 pm
Hi Guys, I'll give you a quick bit of context, I'm brand new to trading, only just starte...
Today's Football
darchas - October 23, 7:52 pm
Very foggy in Sassuolo, can barely tell who has the ball!...
Automotion in running for a horse to place not win
ANGELS15 - October 23, 7:27 pm
[quote=firlandsfarm post_id=238874 time=1603447745 user_id=13159] Have a look at Leicester...
Today's Horse Racing
Trader Pat - October 23, 6:31 pm
Nessie alert!...
Big Chance Data
SionyBA - October 23, 6:22 pm
Anyone know where I can get this data as an excel type download for the european leagues a...
Aussie racing pics
JA89 - October 23, 2:30 pm
Didn't expect the main stream media to pick up on this story. Reasonably well written too ...
Today's Cricket
Derek27 - October 23, 2:13 pm
Fucking hell! CSK are scoring one run for each wicket they concede. :lol:...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
gutuami - October 23, 1:37 pm
[quote=Yantraman post_id=238893 time=1603459666 user_id=519] Keep hitting the refresh butt...
Profit to Loss Ratio's
Derek27 - October 23, 1:06 pm
[quote=firlandsfarm post_id=238852 time=1603426830 user_id=13159] [quote=Derek27 post_id=2...
Goal Second half
Dallas - October 23, 12:27 pm
You could start with this example file
Coronavirus - A pale horse,4 men and
wearthefoxhat - October 23, 10:15 am
[quote=superfrank post_id=238873 time=1603446626 user_id=1712] [quote=Derek27 post_id=2388...
How many traders lose?
firlandsfarm - October 23, 5:36 am
I could never see the reason for CFD's for the general public ... there seems to be little...
Non-standard race times to be trialled in February 2020
firlandsfarm - October 23, 4:26 am
[quote=Derek27 post_id=238791 time=1603379858 user_id=19806] I'm sure it would work if the...
% Return on Turnover
Kai - October 23, 2:53 am
[quote=Morbius post_id=238782 time=1603375445 user_id=26951] That's me done with this thre...


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