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Merlin Results Radar - treble system
ANGELS15 - January 26, 4:45 pm
[quote=ilovepizza82 post_id=290624 time=1643209461 user_id=20225] Hi,
Source of Funds
ANGELS15 - January 26, 4:37 pm
[quote=MobiusGrey post_id=290623 time=1643209448 user_id=23164] [quote=verance post_id=290...
TPD Feedback and Issues
captainbang - January 26, 4:04 pm
No position of runner showing for me in the 16:00 race at Lingfield. No issues with any ot...
Automation Help
daniel6791 - January 26, 3:20 pm
Hi Dallas I added 2 Fixed Odds Conditions as mentioned but this placed the bet only when ...
Atho55 - January 26, 2:47 pm
Try this [attachment=0]Ninja.jpg[/attachment]...
Over 1.5s Bot Help
HampshireIan - January 26, 2:27 pm
Ok, thanks for the reply Derek. I stripped the rule all the way back to the bare bones, s...
Australian Open 2022
Trader Pat - January 26, 1:50 pm
Medvedev in his on court interview when asked what he was thinking to come back form 2 set...
Two seperate rules with different conditions acting the same
Luke.B - January 26, 12:59 pm
Do we know when the last update is before the race start. Could there be a small chance it...
Making my Automation Files
TheSteve - January 26, 10:20 am
Thats Great. Thanks....
Back & Lay the Biggest Pre-Off Movers - Guardian Automation Bot
dodgechallenger - January 26, 8:17 am
Thanks again...
Happy Corner
Derek27 - January 25, 11:38 pm
The Metro: You've had your parties... NOW HERE IS THE BILL :lol:...
Where are all the jokes?
Derek27 - January 25, 8:19 pm
BJ says he welcomes a police investigation to get to the bottom of his criminal activities...
Tennis Fixed Score Condition
Stockdalebet - January 25, 8:17 pm
Fixed without a doubt this time thanks again for your time and help...
Coupon alerts to show high/low in-running prices
ikky - January 25, 7:30 pm
I am trying to create a watchlist with high/low traded price data in the alerts column. I...
greenmark - January 25, 7:10 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=290581 time=1643132553 user_id=19806] I know it's not the worst thi...
AFCON 2021
MobiusGrey - January 25, 7:09 pm
What a pearler! Malawi, good job I included a couple of x-1 in my correct scores :lol:...
Aver-the World’s First Fully Decentralized Web3 Betting Platform
harry - January 25, 12:38 pm
This is a pretty poorly written article! What they refer to as the 'Solera' Blockchain is ...
Today's Football
MobiusGrey - January 25, 10:34 am
[quote=Derek27 post_id=290548 time=1643100361 user_id=19806] This event will start in 60 s...
Beth bet - Am I Seeing Things or Has Anyone Else Noticed!!!
Naffman - January 25, 9:30 am
[quote=Euler post_id=290511 time=1643044056 user_id=6339] has collapsed, as has t...
Today's Cricket
Emmson - January 25, 7:15 am
13 runs to take Afghanistan from 1.2 to 1.09 v the Dutchies, I suppose that reduces the su...


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