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Basic Plans & Premium Charge
spreadbetting - October 22, 2:21 pm
If you're not trading and have a 48% strike rate I'd be surprised if you'd need to worry a...
% Return on Turnover
Jukebox - October 22, 2:10 pm
[quote=spreadbetting post_id=238783 time=1603375638 user_id=3492] Only a matter of time be...
US Presidential Election 2020
LeTiss - October 22, 1:55 pm
With all this shit about Biden going on, I'm starting to think that Harris could be worth ...
Multi In-Running Ladders with Runner Information - Ladder Settings
Dallas - October 22, 1:11 pm
Here is a ladder settings file which would suit In-Running horse racing markets, when impo...
Today's Football
Derek27 - October 22, 1:10 pm
It's awful when a team scores, has the goal VARed, and then while the entire team is fumin...
Aussie racing pics
spreadbetting - October 22, 11:29 am
[quote=BigToad post_id=238763 time=1603359322 user_id=27633]
Automotion in running for a horse to place not win
jimibt - October 22, 9:53 am
[quote=ANGELS15 post_id=238766 time=1603360052 user_id=18319] Hi just a quick question on ...
Create a Free Bet on the Fav Guardian Automation Bot
Andyn2505 - October 22, 9:52 am
awesome bro cheers...
dutching stake and target profit
Jamiethompson - October 21, 9:55 pm
Dallas is it much work to change this to 4 selected runners of my choice rather then 3 run...
Profit to Loss Ratio's
Derek27 - October 21, 8:48 pm
Every day I run a report on my database listing today's meetings in order of P/L ratio and...
Trading What I see !?
speedyhamster - October 21, 8:42 pm
[quote=Tobedotty post_id=66742 time=1379165341 user_id=10178] I thought I'd add there are ...
Laying Bets at 1000
jameegray1 - October 21, 6:35 pm
1000 is the max price available to trade. Therefore in most cases 1000 represents a chance...
Different P/L Showing in Betfair
Dallas - October 21, 6:07 pm
Normally this can happen if there is a voided bet which usually comes about through VAR de...
Coronavirus - A pale horse,4 men and
Morbius - October 21, 5:26 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=236467 time=1601645493 user_id=19806] What worries me if Trump make...
Filter markets by text
paspuggie48 - October 21, 4:35 pm
Star man just like your logo ;)...
Today's Horse Racing
wearthefoxhat - October 21, 4:24 pm
If they'd only overturn this one....(also another dismal favourite) [attachment=0]Font4....
Percentage of bank value to a decimal point?
paspuggie48 - October 21, 3:37 pm
Forgot to mention minimum stake is accounted for. I'll have another go, thanks Jukebox, mu...
Auto clearing status cells
bvdahl - October 21, 2:46 pm
Hello all, I just created a routine that runs every minute and clears the status fields. ...
Guardian Primary and Secondary Sorting Order
Dallas - October 21, 2:18 pm
By default when you load markets into Guardian they are ordered by Ascending Start time, h...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
danum - October 21, 1:59 pm
I had unmatched closing bets at Take SP, will they create a BSP to close out my net stake?...


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