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BITCOIN as an alternative to regular currency
Tuco - April 14, 11:03 pm
[quote=Kai post_id=262085 time=1618397818 user_id=14020] I generally just like to keep an ...
In-play Trader
Tuco - April 14, 10:50 pm addition to the above suggestions, please could we have the following added to the I...
Information on overview tab
Anbell - April 14, 10:39 pm
[quote=Diginet post_id=262117 time=1618411203 user_id=12135] Basically this in the screen ...
Today's Football
greenmark - April 14, 10:11 pm
[quote=Kai post_id=262156 time=1618437270 user_id=14020] Gotta say Madrid was up there for...
Today's Horse Racing
Snaff - April 14, 9:40 pm
Dear Mr Webb. On one of your video’s I think you mentioned something along the lines of ‘I...
Stuff to watch
LeTiss - April 14, 9:16 pm
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=262136 time=1618417819 user_id=16662] A listen rather than a wat...
sunglasses_ron - April 14, 9:02 pm
Decent enough day at it today, a little under 6% bank growth. [attachment=0]1.PNG[/attach...
Football Excel Challenge
StellaBot - April 14, 8:51 pm
Updated sheet 1 game postponed Luxembourg not on betfair? no games for tomorrow [attachme...
Trading What I see !?
goat68 - April 14, 8:36 pm
Quite pleased with BackTest to Live correlation so far this week with the latest bot and b...
great community
jimibt - April 14, 8:02 pm
[quote=phungdao post_id=262143 time=1618425113 user_id=30558] thanks to dallas ,theres a w...
cant get signal for goals other than 1st goal
phungdao - April 14, 6:30 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=261832 time=1618240339 user_id=14766] The 'goal' rule is only armed ...
Greyhound results
foxwood - April 14, 6:07 pm
How about Looks fairly easy to sc...
Spreadsheet creation
sentinel - April 14, 5:11 pm
Add WITH_GREENING:TRUE to the instruction...
crazy stuff
Trader Pat - April 14, 4:18 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=262123 time=1618414551 user_id=14766] I think i'd keep it and make a...
jimibt - April 14, 4:10 pm
[quote=Kai post_id=262131 time=1618416284 user_id=14020] [quote=jimibt post_id=262121 time...
Practice mode vs Actual mode
Dipstick - April 14, 3:53 pm
Dallas Can you explain why an automation rule works differently in practice mode than rea...
Lay the Draw Guardian Automation Bot for Football
Archangel - April 14, 3:41 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=262113 time=1618410429 user_id=14766] [quote=Archangel post_id=26210...
Proform Race cards?
Morbius - April 14, 3:35 pm
[quote=xtrader16 post_id=262088 time=1618399898 user_id=18055] Does anybody know if Betdaq...
Lay Current Correct Score in Final 10mins Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - April 14, 2:25 pm
[quote=HailRed post_id=262105 time=1618406215 user_id=27408] Hi Guys I was wondering if s...
Today's Racecards -Available
Archery1969 - April 14, 12:34 pm
[quote=Eyesnack post_id=262090 time=1618400286 user_id=807] Hi All Racecards + BLAB file ...


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