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Today's Football
StellaBot - May 7, 11:49 pm
Impressive Well done :D Its all about improving ;) going well so far always remember ...
BITCOIN as an alternative to regular currency
alexmr2 - May 7, 11:36 pm
Reminder of what happened to XRP [attachment=0]Screenshot_20210508-003534_WhatsApp.jpg[/a...
M/A calculation
greg - May 7, 9:56 pm
Hi All, I'm trying to recreate my advanced chart settings in a Excel sheet but can't figur...
Today's Horse Racing
jamesg46 - May 7, 9:34 pm
[quote=Snaff post_id=265002 time=1620421228 user_id=30171] Some crazy laying followed by c...
Place a bet when price has been reached without having to change settings every time !
north-star48 - May 7, 7:43 pm
Hi Dalas The ladder is reversed so for argument sake lets say the back is 2.1 and the lay...
Green Up for Percentage of Total Stake Used Servant
Dallas - May 7, 5:43 pm
[quote=kevinc post_id=264842 time=1620307616 user_id=27901] hi Dallas ii am using this se...
Horse Trainers
wilf - May 7, 4:59 pm
Are these any good? You could probably scrape them.
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
Emmson - May 7, 4:40 pm
A lot of mickey mouse maidens to skip today WRONG THREAD! :oops:...
Account Restrictions
zippus - May 7, 1:50 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=264975 time=1620394680 user_id=19806] I once ordered some tobacco t...
The beer garden
Trader Pat - May 7, 1:43 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=264976 time=1620394784 user_id=19806] [quote="Trader Pat" post_id=2...
Range % Value (as seen on Market Overview Screen) as an Automation/Servant Condition
decomez6 - May 7, 1:25 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=264947 time=1620383797 user_id=14766] [quote=decomez6 post_id=264944...
Server & Live Tennis Scores Displayed on Ladder Screen
Online Trader - May 7, 12:46 pm
Thanks Dallas...
BetAngel crashing sometimes with multiple instances open
Dallas - May 7, 12:34 pm
What spec is your PC? What are the bots doing, anything that could drain your resource's i...
Hartlepool by-election
Naffman - May 7, 12:04 pm
[quote=superfrank post_id=264943 time=1620380214 user_id=1712] Wallop. :D [/quote] Incre...
Derek27 - May 7, 11:44 am
[quote=firlandsfarm post_id=264938 time=1620372653 user_id=13159] [quote=Derek27 post_id=2...
Today's Racecards -Available
Eyesnack - May 7, 11:17 am
7th May Racecards Below
Australian racing
gazuty - May 7, 10:24 am
[quote=Anbell post_id=264941 time=1620374079 user_id=24242] Ultimate1000 is paying for you...
Always a Short Head, nose or photo
Black Ice - May 7, 9:33 am
Many thanks guys..rik for replying...& CS for a full explanation....
Betfair interface vs Betangel
LinusP - May 7, 7:33 am
[quote=Morbius post_id=264841 time=1620307020 user_id=26951] [quote=LinusP post_id=264839 ...
Excel slow to update worksheets
ODPaul82 - May 7, 6:59 am
There isn't a Time_Trigger event in Excel hence why it wouldn't work. You don't need to pu...


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