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Soccer Saturday Super 6
CallumPerry - September 19, 10:31 pm
[quote=LeTiss post_id=234194 time=1599979299 user_id=600] **Round 1 Winner** FINLAY PERRY...
Today's Football
CallumPerry - September 19, 10:28 pm
[quote=Kai post_id=234879 time=1600536231 user_id=14020] The vast majority of their fanbas...
Today's Horse Racing
Derek27 - September 19, 9:49 pm
The million-dollar grade one Woodbine Mile tonight was listed on Betfair as a claimer!...
Detect price of unmatched lay bet and store value
the4droogs - September 19, 9:08 pm
I'm trying to create a bot that completes a strategy that I start manually. I will manuall...
Failed Bet Quetion
Dabbla - September 19, 8:57 pm
Are you using SV to place your bets ? If so, it could be trying to place bets at odds of 2...
DOB with Moving Exit Guardian Automation Bot
twenty2 - September 19, 7:07 pm
thanks, yeah i wont be using that strategy, ive tested it and it smashes through 25 and en...
Seasonality of Greyhound Racing
StellaBot - September 19, 7:00 pm
To be honest A stratedgy that produces 80% strike rate plus In any sport doesnt worry abo...
History Lists and Stored Value question.
Valda - September 19, 6:35 pm
Please read ltp vol 2 secs ago....
Trading What I see !?
jamesg46 - September 19, 4:00 pm
[quote=Kai post_id=234847 time=1600518686 user_id=14020] [quote=jamesg46 post_id=234844 ti...
Tournament/Competition information from betfair histrical data
vinny2cool - September 19, 3:27 pm
I am trying to ascertain if there is a way to glean details on the competition for a given...
USA racing pics
Heisenberg - September 19, 3:03 pm
Similar to the AU thread of the same name. Used to have a huge (but not scalable) edge on...
How To Analyse Tennis Points Data
vinny2cool - September 19, 2:40 pm
Here you go. I made an excel with the formulas you need! I am very new to betfair and am...
Today's Cricket
Emmson - September 19, 1:52 pm
OK we have the IPL 2020 upon this, interested to see how much is matched on 1st game - ov...
US Presidential Election 2020
Trader Pat - September 19, 1:00 pm
[quote=Naffman post_id=234801 time=1600493467 user_id=12237] Thanks Kaf good insight :) ...
Runner Liability question
Dallas - September 19, 12:55 pm
You can use a Stored Value condition to test the P/L of the selection ie, a selections pr...
Store matched bet information of a selection
Dallas - September 19, 12:37 pm
You haven't placed any bets according to that log Unless they were done pre off and not sh...
Back or Lay and Place Markers at the Current Prices of Other Selections Servant
Jukebox - September 19, 12:07 pm
[quote=Korattt post_id=234843 time=1600516420 user_id=15244] for example if example price ...
odds trigger for event
Dallas - September 19, 11:17 am
Try these https://www.betang...
Australian racing
Anbell - September 19, 7:30 am
Good session in my little corners of the market...
Coronavirus - A pale horse,4 men and
Derek27 - September 19, 6:13 am
[quote=firlandsfarm post_id=234805 time=1600495691 user_id=13159] [quote=Derek27 post_id=2...


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