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Today's Football
Kafkaesque - August 15, 7:38 am
[quote=Korattt post_id=231078 time=1597464358 user_id=15244] [quote=Kafkaesque post_id=231...
Backing a horse at well above BSP help
spanishstar - August 15, 7:25 am
Thank you Dallas for taking the time to reply and point me in the right direction. Quick ...
Australian racing
gazuty - August 15, 6:03 am
Narrandera abandoned....
Moral Test
ShaunWhite - August 15, 5:13 am
[quote=jamesg46 post_id=231067 time=1597448752 user_id=16457] [quote=ShaunWhite post_id=23...
Recording Green / Red second by second
Anbell - August 15, 12:23 am
[quote=ringo.simpkins post_id=231047 time=1597437576 user_id=25835] I have no idea if this...
Today's Cricket
Kai - August 15, 12:15 am
Thx guys but asking who has the best cricket material (in your opinion) should be a legiti...
Running Bot in Practice Mode & Using Real Mode
markam - August 14, 9:34 pm
Thanks Jukebox...
No Courtsiding
Eboractos - August 14, 9:04 pm
[quote=firlandsfarm post_id=230166 time=1596597292 user_id=13159] When there is an advanta...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.55.0
MAGTRADEUK - August 14, 8:32 pm
I think what I meant was that it can actually appear on the ladder, similar to the way the...
WOM Scalping Guardian Automation Bot
Vaz0202 - August 14, 8:16 pm
My internet connection went at some point today so my auto trading got cut short. With my ...
Trading What I see !?
beermonsterman - August 14, 7:20 pm
I've worn that T shirt more than once Goat heading to the bust bank lobby sorry to say ta...
Alert when 2-0
ilovepizza82 - August 14, 6:49 pm
Could you check if this bot will work ? I know its not perfect but will it show me when it...
Today's Horse Racing
Derek27 - August 14, 6:26 pm
Just back from my dinner break. Lingfield due off a minute ago and horses still in the par...
Matched Bet Information of Selection
Rollox - August 14, 6:17 pm
Hello all I am trying to use a stored value rule to store the amount matched of most recen...
Bet Placing Error
akaash - August 14, 6:09 pm
I was wondering if anyone could explain what this log sentence means: - APING Exception: H...
test for 0-0
LeeCaL - August 14, 5:39 pm
The difference with the CS market is that once the score passes, there will be unmatched c...
Greyhound Mystique
jimibt - August 14, 4:05 pm
not a bad day using tomatoes, so thought i'd pop my daily aubergine up too :D [img]https:...
Betfair Chart issues
jimibt - August 14, 3:03 pm
seems that BF are somehow trying to sabotage their operation in some way .. hmm, devious ...
US Presidential Election 2020
Kafkaesque - August 14, 1:00 pm
[quote=LeTiss post_id=230990 time=1597394090 user_id=600] [quote=Naffman post_id=230987 ti...
Betfair P&L screen changes
spreadbetting - August 14, 10:44 am
Yep it's ridiculous they can't even get the page numbers right when they're supposed to be...


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