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Learn To Trade

Betfair trading software allows you win whatever the result. No account restrcitions, or bans, on a betting exchanges. Learn more...

Unique Tools

In addition to many exciting features Bet Angel Professional contains unique soccer, tennis and horse racing tools with live data.

Super High Speed

Get prices ten times faster using Betfair streaming technology and Bet Angel's specialist communications feature.

Advanced Automation

Easy to use with hundreds of templates for all sports. Act quickly and efficiently on opportunties, get alerts or supplement your manual trading.

Compare Products

We offer products for the beginner to the advanced trader. With free versions and trials. Compare our products here.

Multi-Market Trading

Manage and trade many markets, manually or automatically, using our unique Guardian feature. Increase the scope and scale of your trading.

Trusted and secure

Used by the top Betfair traders in the world. Bet Angel is fully security checked, and links direct to the Betfair via a totally secure, private, connection.

Live data

Where available, you can link to price and data feeds on various sports giving you millisecond updates on what is happening in the sport.

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Many thanks....
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A disaster recovery procedure is useless unless it's successfully tested! Tonight before ...
Derek27 - September 21, 12:07 am
Another fucking 0-0 draw, don't know how I pick them. I should just dump my entire account...
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Dallas - September 20, 10:56 am
The Guardian fonts are not user configurable...

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