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Mike Cruickshank's "Momentum system"
Kai - September 29, 2:45 pm
[quote=TJSN1 post_id=311066 time=1664461888 user_id=33721]It's helped build a trading bank...
Ukraine Crisis
napshnap - September 29, 2:22 pm
[quote=Archery1969 post_id=311064 time=1664461267 user_id=25902] My bunker sleeps 4. That...
Where are all the jokes?
megarain - September 29, 2:18 pm
The only cow in a small town in Poland stopped giving milk. The people did some research ...
Qatar 🇶🇦 World 🌍 Cup 2022
Kai - September 29, 2:11 pm
Media shitstorm intensifies SMH Briton found hanged in mysterious circumstances ‘was tort...
saxsax - September 29, 1:45 pm
or can I use the current back price as a reference?...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
wearthefoxhat - September 29, 1:44 pm
[quote=btfath post_id=311050 time=1664456387 user_id=18896] Is BF live stream for racingtv...
UK Economy
wearthefoxhat - September 29, 1:41 pm
So, where next? Maybe the the Dec 2018 lows around 6711.93 [attachment=0]FTSE100.png[...
Automation - Stored Value History Lists (Static or Not)
Dallas - September 29, 1:30 pm
Its 10 history lists per market, so if a rule is storing something to History list 1 no ot...
Mega Rules Files - Automation Rules File Types
Dallas - September 29, 1:27 pm
[quote=CrunchyTwiglet post_id=310994 time=1664400348 user_id=24126] Hi All, I have downloa...
Jukebox - September 29, 12:36 pm
LOL I've stayed for a couple of Bulldog Bash's - but only after having been assured by oth...
Dallas : How can you track wins/losses of a strategy
Dallas - September 29, 12:29 pm
[quote=NotBothered post_id=311002 time=1664409943 user_id=33811] I am using the automation...
Place Back/Lay SP Bet - Additional Min & Max options
ShaunWhite - September 29, 10:40 am
I don't think that will be possible because Betfair don't have that functionality, just mi...
DOBing @ 50% & Back 2 Lay @ 20% Guardian Automation Bot
jackrob - September 29, 10:19 am
thank you...
Stuff to watch
jamesg46 - September 29, 9:42 am
Watched Horsepower on Prime the other night… what a great watch & highly recommend....
Sports Trading Life
Euler - September 29, 9:35 am
It could be an interesting debate. Because I don't tend to flow with the mantra that you n...
Option to export ALL Settings as one file?
paspuggie48 - September 29, 9:34 am
This is a great thread by Dallas, which explains all the settings files (13 of them) &...
Sporttrade Promises Liquidity
jerry123456 - September 29, 8:48 am
Sounds like Smarkets in disguise to me and we know what happens there if your making money...
Saturday trading
Anbell - September 29, 8:10 am
[quote=mtrehearn post_id=310653 time=1664041940 user_id=32124] Hi, I have a bot that lays...
Trade the Fav if 3 Consecutive Favourites have Won - Guardian Automation Bot
TopDawgYo - September 29, 4:47 am
thanks @Dallas and and @TheSilkRun... appreciate the feedback; if any follow up, will come...
Today's Horse Racing
ShaunWhite - September 29, 2:15 am
Can anyone fill me in about what happened to [b]Dark Crusade[/b] in the 14:19 at Catterick...


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