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Profitable strategy for sale
Trader724 - May 18, 7:27 am
[quote=goat68 post_id=266217 time=1621320911 user_id=28285] [quote=Derek27 post_id=266215 ...
Daily Trading P&L (pre off)
Snaff - May 18, 7:08 am
Has anyone ever posted the daily p&l for pre off racing? Lots talk a good game and can...
Aussie racing pics
Buz - May 18, 4:15 am
Cairns R2 a good example, $2 available on the winner as they went past the post and $1.04 ...
Soccer Poisson database
Derek27 - May 18, 3:55 am
[quote=nivi7 post_id=266209 time=1621307724 user_id=24975] what can be more useless in bet...
Derek27 - May 18, 1:02 am
[quote="Trader Pat" post_id=266111 time=1621286055 user_id=17002] [quote=Realrocknrolla po...
The Official Off-Topic Dump Thread
Kai - May 17, 11:30 pm
[quote="The Silk Run" post_id=266126 time=1621287931 user_id=21593] I thought that was the...
Betfair scalping for beginners
dropss81 - May 17, 11:12 pm
Don't forget to set your loss limits in setting .. otherwise you will end up with huge lo...
Suggested tweak to strategies
Anbell - May 17, 10:16 pm
[quote=michaelhud1 post_id=265988 time=1621244169 user_id=28921] I never expected to enjoy...
photo finish
jamesg46 - May 17, 10:10 pm
Check this out made by Dallas. It has an Alert for photo finishes, you could use/change th...
Close trade on selection with greening
dt888 - May 17, 9:54 pm
You could add a set a signal on the close trade rule and then add a condition to the place...
Lay the Field II Guardian Automation Bot
Archery1969 - May 17, 9:29 pm
[quote=jimmymuscle post_id=266080 time=1621281036 user_id=30824] Excellent thanks for repl...
Today's Football
Kai - May 17, 9:09 pm
[quote="Trader Pat" post_id=266098 time=1621285234 user_id=17002] [quote=Kai post_id=26607...
Getting Lay Bets Matched Inplay
ANGELS15 - May 17, 8:33 pm
[quote=HampshireIan post_id=266033 time=1621264175 user_id=27564] Afternoon all, Humble a...
Golf data (player cuts/points)
Euler - May 17, 6:49 pm
I use both the above sites....
Tips for price/screen refresh
neilb - May 17, 5:06 pm
I'm glad you got it sorted although I can't take full credit, Dallas did refer to it in hi...
Today's Horse Racing
Snaff - May 17, 4:44 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=266031 time=1621262916 user_id=6339] That's the great thing about the...
Dutch 1st, 2nd & 3rd Fav Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - May 17, 11:43 am
[quote=GazTheGolfer post_id=265905 time=1621166596 user_id=30227] [quote=Dallas post_id=95...
Help: Question about injury/ retirement in tennis matches
Trader Pat - May 17, 11:16 am
Depends when the retirement comes. If a retirement happens in the first set all bets are ...
Back the favourite at @1.05
greenup - May 17, 10:45 am
[quote=Crazyskier post_id=265864 time=1621117861 user_id=15464] I've pretty big sample s...
Power Query - Tennis Serve Stats
jemplex - May 17, 10:26 am
Awesome work. I have a question which might be silly apologies in advance. how do I chanc...


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