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Today's Football
Trader Pat - January 21, 11:00 pm
[quote=greenmark post_id=250974 time=1611269095 user_id=20792] It's reported that Zidane i...
US Presidential Election 2020
Derek27 - January 21, 10:58 pm
[quote=superfrank post_id=250968 time=1611267781 user_id=1712] [quote=Derek27 post_id=2509...
Today's Cricket
sionascaig - January 21, 10:12 pm
Put together a monte-carlo simulation for the SL vs Eng game tonight if anyone interested....
Australian Open 2021
gazuty - January 21, 9:48 pm
Paula Badosa got covid on one of the charter flights
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.56.0
RobberBaron - January 21, 9:42 pm
[quote="Bet Angel" post_id=250512 time=1611103020 user_id=86] [quote=Tuco post_id=250501 ...
Automating bets on 30-40 football and basketball teams
Marx - January 21, 8:59 pm
Well... filtering and including clubs manually is not an automation. I'd like to automatic...
Is it possible to to have live ladders in an Excel file?
xtrader16 - January 21, 8:49 pm
I've spoken to ProBro and he said this is not possible. Oh well....worth a try....
Extract data in soccer match pre-match?
jamesg46 - January 21, 8:00 pm
[quote=tb_smoelf post_id=250948 time=1611259053 user_id=14154] Hi. Is it possible på extra...
Is it possible to to have live ladders in an Excel file?
xtrader16 - January 21, 7:58 pm
As the title suggest. Is it possible to have live ladders in an excel file, not to trade...
Today's Horse Racing
Trader Pat - January 21, 7:45 pm
[quote=xtrader16 post_id=250945 time=1611257738 user_id=18055] or You already know and d...
Betfair Account Closed - Help!!
manimal1 - January 21, 7:27 pm
thanks so much for posting your response. I am in the same position and will send the CEO ...
fill or kill bet matching but no offset placed
puntinrolls - January 21, 7:12 pm
Sometimes my bot's fill or kill bets don't place offset bet. This is the log message: £ 1...
Killing unmatched bets
underx - January 21, 6:33 pm
[quote=eatyourgreens post_id=250932 time=1611252556 user_id=20949] hi, if you are using su...
automation bot
Dallas - January 21, 5:46 pm
[quote=scotthelot post_id=250745 time=1611231558 user_id=23982] Hi, Need help trying to se...
Display Average Traded Price each Minute for Last Five Minutes
Dallas - January 21, 5:39 pm
To use the settings above you first need to have downloaded and installed the latest versi...
Unable to select market
ANGELS15 - January 21, 5:27 pm
Will try and post one. I can't remember how to do and post a screenshot. Will try and find...
My Apologies
SweetLyrics - January 21, 4:48 pm
I know I said that I was finished with this thread, but I cannot let this pass without com...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
Euler - January 21, 4:11 pm
[quote=MarkA68 post_id=250902 time=1611244095 user_id=29873] Skip that book and go to it's...
Guardian Automation Shared Files library - Suggestions
Dallas - January 21, 4:10 pm
[quote=shankslegend post_id=250908 time=1611244986 user_id=6470] Other than the forum is t...
Back the Likely Winner Automation Bot for Horse Racing
shankslegend - January 21, 4:09 pm
I think it started a bit earlier than that...


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