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Laying Bets at 1000
rik - October 21, 12:18 pm
its a similiar amount of 400-600k liability on everyone but the main 4 candidates and hill...
Today's Football
Trader Pat - October 21, 12:09 pm
Bayern - Atletico tonight in doubt after Gnabry tested positive for Covid. All Bayern pl...
Bot To Cover Next Overs After 60mins
Dallas - October 21, 11:47 am
This post explains how to do it
Customised Sound Alerts
Jasonffc1 - October 21, 11:39 am
Cheers Dallas will give it a go...
US Presidential Election 2020
Naffman - October 21, 11:30 am
Obama doing Biden's bidding in PA today while he rests in his basement, I've noticed the s...
Australian racing
Naffman - October 21, 11:20 am
[quote=gazuty post_id=238650 time=1603274391 user_id=8554] [quote=Naffman post_id=238644 t...
Does a VPS or VPN offer lower latency?
Euler - October 21, 10:56 am
Betfair cache data anyhow, so no matter how fast your ping it, it will just return stale d...
Percentage of bank value to a decimal point?
Jukebox - October 21, 9:53 am
[quote=paspuggie48 post_id=238639 time=1603270720 user_id=12063] Is it possible to do a pe...
Betfair trading made simple - Part 7 - How to stay calm
speedyhamster - October 21, 9:53 am
[quote=Tobedotty post_id=66742 time=1379165341 user_id=10178] I thought I'd add there are ...
Profit to Loss Ratio's
Morbius - October 21, 9:29 am
[quote=rik post_id=238641 time=1603270925 user_id=12839] i doubt a generic approach is opt...
How many traders lose?
Morbius - October 21, 9:00 am
[quote=firlandsfarm post_id=238615 time=1603260745 user_id=13159] [quote=Morbius post_id=2...
dutching stake and target profit
jimibt - October 21, 7:50 am
[quote=Jamiethompson post_id=238599 time=1603230176 user_id=27874] Nice ,,has anyone alrea...
Soccer Saturday Super 6
wearthefoxhat - October 21, 7:46 am
[quote=jamesg46 post_id=238621 time=1603262773 user_id=16457] [quote=wearthefoxhat post_id...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
Naffman - October 21, 6:07 am
No odds showing on the exchange site...
Trading Acca's
firlandsfarm - October 21, 6:06 am
[quote="Jim Royle" post_id=238373 time=1603032617 user_id=26269] In England its a Courgett...
Free text area in Automation/Rules
firlandsfarm - October 21, 5:54 am
+1 and I've also been considering posting a suggestion that we have a Notes field within a...
Automotion in running for a horse to place not win
Dallas - October 20, 9:12 pm
A rules file can be applied to any type of market, so if you are looking for something to ...
Today's Horse Racing
Emmson - October 20, 6:42 pm
Trading faves who are around the 3s is very tricky I find, you don't know if they will bou...
Updated Football Spreadsheet
cmuddle - October 20, 5:24 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=238583 time=1603212821 user_id=19806] [quote=StellaBot post_id=2385...
Any way to use except condition?
paspuggie48 - October 20, 3:17 pm
[/quote] You need the latest V1.55 version (the one you are using is from when it was in ...


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