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Lay place only
Anbell - August 10, 4:41 am
I'm not sure why you'd want to do that, but you could do it in excel....
SAME file - Bets dont place ?
Anbell - August 10, 4:36 am
[quote=rencoetz post_id=230669 time=1597026196 user_id=25362] Hi I was wondering why tha...
Today's Horse Racing
firlandsfarm - August 10, 4:10 am
[quote=wearthefoxhat post_id=230644 time=1596987876 user_id=20950] Millisle was entitled t...
Back U2.5 Goals. x2 Strategies
R1chardl1ng - August 10, 3:34 am
[quote=Barry74 post_id=228806 time=1595613580 user_id=28511] Thanks for the bot. I'm stil...
Guardian maximum refresh rate and betfair charges
ShaunWhite - August 10, 2:48 am
[quote=the4droogs post_id=230661 time=1597008018 user_id=27723] Thanks for letting me know...
How "safe" is in-play trading?
rik - August 9, 10:42 pm
Been doing a bit of football last few months and there really have been many instances poo...
Did everything else all make sence
Jukebox - August 9, 10:26 pm
[quote=elecotop post_id=230657 time=1597001660 user_id=15676] When you first realised how ...
US Presidential Election 2020
rik - August 9, 10:19 pm
the market expect a trump comeback for whatever reason, polls/forecasts as they are now on...
Greening all selections
georget1907 - August 9, 10:01 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=230640 time=1596985602 user_id=14766] On your green all selections r...
Slow Guardian refresh rate (BetDAQ)
gubbinator500 - August 9, 8:00 pm
Hi Dallas, thanks for the reply. > Nothing has been changed in the Betdaq version for ...
Trading What I see !?
NickH - August 9, 7:32 pm
[quote=goat68 post_id=230654 time=1596998261 user_id=28285] Today was an interesting day, ...
Trade the Server with Bet Delays Guardian Automation Bot
malgilb - August 9, 5:22 pm
Does anyone have the answers to my above questions, please?...
Number of embedded charts on ladder
JasBarrow - August 9, 5:06 pm
ok thanks...
Excel - predict SP
jamesg46 - August 9, 4:28 pm
[quote=dropss81 post_id=230645 time=1596989138 user_id=28159] Hello All I would like to a...
Using Betfair in banned country
firlandsfarm - August 9, 3:40 pm
VPS (NOT VPN). I took up a VPS and had the reverse! I thought I had the VPS in the Nethe...
Australian racing
Euler - August 9, 2:36 pm
Usually two, but I have up to six strategies I can deploy. But I pick and choose from that...
Today's Cricket
wearthefoxhat - August 9, 2:30 pm
[quote=Emmson post_id=230557 time=1596907945 user_id=15604] Magnificent game! [/quote] Gr...
What is the strike rate?
ShaunWhite - August 9, 2:16 pm
[quote=Atho55 post_id=230595 time=1596965325 user_id=14997] This is a classic case of when...
soccer automation
goldfinch77 - August 9, 2:14 pm
Lee, thank you for that. I looked at the horses today, simple bat at certain price and le...
Derek27 - August 9, 1:25 pm
Gave my toilet a really thorough clean, then squirted the thick blue stuff around the rim ...


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