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Query about using 'EVERY' selection
moodysrus - February 26, 5:12 am
Hey All, I am familiarizing myself with the 'ANY' and 'EVERY' option for selections. I c...
Fix Market not always working
moodysrus - February 26, 4:23 am
Hey Dallas, I think the 'mystery' has been solved. I have been careful to not edit rule...
Coronavirus - A pale horse,4 men and
Derek27 - February 26, 4:13 am
[quote="Trader Pat" post_id=255978 time=1614298502 user_id=17002] [quote=Tuco post_id=2559...
Australian racing
megarain - February 26, 2:31 am
Sky racing is/was encoded by Cryptoguard or similar. Currently thought to be unhackable -...
Betfair Issue
Swamidee - February 26, 1:05 am
I'm sure many have had this problem before, On the Man U match this evening I greened up a...
Marker on Ladder when the Pressure Builds Up Servant
Tuco - February 26, 12:40 am
[quote=Dallas post_id=231257 time=1597680985 user_id=14766] [b]TIP[/b] To use the Markers...
Tiger Woods
Derek27 - February 26, 12:02 am
[quote="The Silk Run" post_id=255973 time=1614296648 user_id=21593] Dex. Your mad :P Edi...
Excel chart major/minor gridlines
Derek27 - February 25, 11:38 pm
[quote=weemac post_id=255960 time=1614289130 user_id=12363] Try formatting the axis, not t...
How To Fund Betfair Account From 'No Gambling' Countries?
lotora - February 25, 11:36 pm
[quote=diablodavo post_id=255914 time=1614268159 user_id=30340] ......Anyone got any ide...
GameStop : GME
jimibt - February 25, 9:28 pm
[quote=ruthlessimon post_id=255954 time=1614287680 user_id=15742] Stocks down, bonds down,...
Finau - February 25, 6:51 pm
Thanks for the advice guys, the John Kingham stuff is very interesting (very much based on...
Cut loss in LTD
Hank99 - February 25, 6:38 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=255942 time=1614278029 user_id=14766] [quote=Hank99 post_id=255927 t...
DOB with Moving Exit Guardian Automation Bot
Trader Chris - February 25, 5:59 pm
Brilliant thanks - will put it back to 3 secs...
Today's Football
Derek27 - February 25, 5:13 pm
Unless you've got the BT channels the Sao Paulo match is about the only match you can watc...
Price volatility with low # of runners
DavidC - February 25, 4:52 pm
Cheers Dallas, totally logical!...
Today's Horse Racing
Korattt - February 25, 4:40 pm
James Bowen did really well there...
Today's Tennis
Derek27 - February 25, 3:54 pm
Stop yelling as though you're in pain with ever return, FFS. You're supposed to be a profe...
Horse Racing Information Columns - Guardian Markets Layout List
Beau11 - February 25, 1:44 pm
thankyou Ill have a go at uploading it...
Highlight a price automatically
Diginet - February 25, 12:53 pm
Hi I have managed to get 1 runner to highlight is it possible to get every runner to high...
The beer garden
Trader Pat - February 25, 12:47 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=255856 time=1614205710 user_id=19806] Late start tonight. I've been...


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