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Full Time
Kai - April 23, 1:56 am
Reverend CS after posting his money laundering schemes on a public forum [img]https://med...
Football Assistant Referee Trader Required
Derek27 - April 23, 1:42 am
[quote=Emmson post_id=263136 time=1619098307 user_id=15604] StellaBot is always mild manne...
Scalp the Cross-Overs Guardian Automation Bot
andy28 - April 23, 12:17 am
New myself, but under the Parameters I would change the "Offset" bet to "Offset and Stop" ...
ShaunWhite - April 22, 10:14 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=263189 time=1619118226 user_id=19806] [quote=greenmark post_id=2631...
Hammersmith1 - April 22, 10:00 pm
hi i want to use a tick offset but accross various players within a golf tournament winne...
Lay front runner (automation)
Bet007 - April 22, 9:50 pm
Hi, I would if someone could help me please. I am trying to create an automation rule th...
Phantom breakpoints in VBA
Derek27 - April 22, 9:45 pm
[quote=jimibt post_id=263197 time=1619122359 user_id=15157] use a bloody (non)interpreted ...
Today's Tennis
JuiceyJones - April 22, 9:44 pm
looking forward to Big Rube and Sinner tomorrow....
Guardian GreenAllSelections issue on re-try
goat68 - April 22, 7:33 pm
It's probably at least worth noting, even if the implementation logic is as expected, may...
Today's Greyhounds
Emmson - April 22, 7:16 pm
I guess the risk of a bad bump or running wide or something else unforeseen means a dog ca...
European Super League
wearthefoxhat - April 22, 6:50 pm
[quote=greenmark post_id=263153 time=1619106124 user_id=20792] [quote=wearthefoxhat post_i...
Today's Football
Kai - April 22, 5:47 pm
[quote=isobelo post_id=263157 time=1619106889 user_id=30987] Thanks for heads up Ganinu [/...
Trading What I see !?
goat68 - April 22, 5:44 pm
What i actually think Guardian did, was if you look at the log msgs for 15:50, i think the...
Australian racing
dm1900 - April 22, 5:22 pm
[quote=goat68 post_id=263106 time=1619084879 user_id=28285] [quote=dm1900 post_id=262832 t...
Today's Cricket
Emmson - April 22, 5:03 pm
Todays IPL clash RCB v Double R's would have set the volume record for the tourney if it w...
Today's Horse Racing
Snaff - April 22, 4:50 pm
Hopefully bit more exciting tomorrow. Didn’t enjoy Perth today....
Stop Loss Not Taken
leest2019 - April 22, 3:53 pm
Just had a stop loss not taken on Bet Angel ladder. It gave the audio signal that it had b...
Low latency stream providers
syndicatebetting - April 22, 3:47 pm
[quote=BFDon post_id=263099 time=1619072602 user_id=20877] Is UltrafastSports still active...
Today's Racecards -Available
tomsema - April 22, 3:34 pm
Thank you [quote=Eyesnack post_id=263110 time=1619087516 user_id=807] Todays Racecards 2...
TPD (Total performance data)
The Silk Run - April 22, 3:15 pm
[quote=wearthefoxhat post_id=263143 time=1619103546 user_id=20950] [quote=Euler post_id=26...


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