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French Open 2020 Roland Garros
Dallas - September 30, 10:13 am
Over 100k traded on Svitolina @ 1.04 after winning the 1st set, now just been demolished 6...
US Presidential Election 2020
jamesg46 - September 30, 10:02 am
[quote=Kafkaesque post_id=236101 time=1601417033 user_id=20055] [quote=jamesg46 post_id=23...
turing on a automation inplay
Dallas - September 30, 9:18 am
This ready-made example servant does 90% of what you want, just needs some minor edits to ...
Australian racing
Naffman - September 30, 7:55 am
[quote=Euler post_id=236118 time=1601451846 user_id=6339] Have you noticed that Betfair Au...
Excel and Guardian SV's
mcgoo - September 30, 7:34 am
[quote=Atho55 post_id=232010 time=1598379969 user_id=14997] Has anyone managed to get a ce...
Afternoon dogs are a graveyard for some reason
ilovepizza82 - September 30, 5:39 am
[quote=liltbrockie post_id=210912 time=1580462313 user_id=25632] Hey marketraisen I have ...
View of the ladder
Kai - September 29, 11:33 pm
Y'all are a buncha trolls, Peter included! :o But it looks good James, black and yellow ...
Today's Football
Kafkaesque - September 29, 8:55 pm
You couldn't make this sh!t - no pun intented - up....Dier sprinting off the pitch on 70-7...
Structuring Data Capture for Future Analysis
murdok - September 29, 8:37 pm
my data [img][/img]...
Historic List Capture
murdok - September 29, 8:25 pm
[quote=spreadbetting post_id=236062 time=1601390924 user_id=3492] Doesn't excel have a rem...
Tennis Start Times
IanHoldaway - September 29, 7:45 pm
Thanks for the reply - I did something similar in the short term, I placed a bet shortly a...
Lay Scorer & Green Up after 20mins Guardian Automation Bot
Dallas - September 29, 7:23 pm
[quote=elguiriloco post_id=236066 time=1601396814 user_id=28989] Hi Dallas, first of all t...
Clearly defining risk before entry
jimibt - September 29, 7:00 pm
[quote=greg post_id=236077 time=1601403920 user_id=1644] That's great 😁 thank you ...
Today's Horse Racing
jamesg46 - September 29, 6:44 pm
[quote=Korattt post_id=236079 time=1601405032 user_id=15244] [quote=jamesg46 post_id=23607...
Display Micro Charts on the Ladder Trading Screen
Dallas - September 29, 6:21 pm
Do you use the ‘Micro Chart’s on the one-click trading screen, but spend a lot of time usi...
Problem with automation
Dallas - September 29, 5:06 pm
[quote=JakubStefanik post_id=236060 time=1601389826 user_id=26498] [quote=Dallas post_id=2...
Derek27 - September 29, 3:52 pm
Dying for a dump, just 3 balls left in the innings and they get a wicket. :lol:...
Discussion about this forum
Kai - September 29, 2:24 pm
If politics can be discussed on this forum almost anything goes. ;)...
How far will you let a trade drift?
Korattt - September 29, 2:18 pm
3 or 4...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.55.0 - now on general release
jamesg46 - September 29, 1:43 pm
[quote=Redhead post_id=236054 time=1601386873 user_id=11669] Many thanks James, I'll go an...


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