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Football Index
Naffman - November 30, 10:38 am
Luckily for people in this "investment" the prices have rebounded, yet 2 weeks ago people ...
Today's Horse Racing
SentaPua - November 30, 10:23 am
You spot on. Looks like this feature isn't available yet....
Higher rate Premium Charge hypothesis
goat68 - November 30, 10:22 am
[quote=wearthefoxhat post_id=244219 time=1606726330 user_id=20950] [quote=goat68 post_id=2...
US Presidential Election 2020
jamesg46 - November 30, 10:15 am
[quote=ChrisF post_id=244221 time=1606730916 user_id=18929] Joe Biden has fractured his an...
Back bet bot
jamesg46 - November 30, 9:36 am
[quote=sturt128 post_id=244217 time=1606725122 user_id=29659] Hi James I have recently pu...
Grosjean crash
wearthefoxhat - November 30, 8:48 am
[quote="Trader Pat" post_id=244186 time=1606689221 user_id=17002] I've just seen it in ful...
The power of (2.718)
spreadbetting - November 30, 4:27 am
Can you schedule the connection to run with VBA? Like a worksheet open event?...
Aussie racing pics
SBlake - November 30, 3:10 am
Hi, I've previously been using ultrafastsports for Australian, US and UK horse racing but ...
Trump US-Election Betting from abroad
busfahrer09 - November 30, 2:22 am
[quote=jamesg46 post_id=244207 time=1606698152 user_id=16457] [quote=busfahrer09 post_id=2...
Make Offer Condition
eatyourgreens - November 29, 11:46 pm
if betangel is limited on betbetdaq, instead of using signals, could you try backing 0-0 w...
Grey area around advanced charts
sjones - November 29, 11:45 pm
Thank you! That did the trick. I found that I was set for 125% scaling. Changing to 100% ...
Tonight's boxing
rik - November 29, 9:53 pm
[quote=Realrocknrolla post_id=244132 time=1606676431 user_id=27999] To be fair I didn’t g...
Today's Football
wearthefoxhat - November 29, 8:57 pm
[quote=Korattt post_id=244131 time=1606676336 user_id=15244] if anyone didn’t catch the PL...
enhance number of unmatched bets condition to include type of bet and odds range
jimibt - November 29, 8:57 pm
[quote=miroos post_id=244115 time=1606671193 user_id=7296]+1[/quote] a belated +1 from me...
Placing bets in-play
Xeres - November 29, 7:16 pm
Ah ok I forgot about the bet delay. I have been optimising a strategy which relies on get...
The Power of the NFL
MemphisFlash - November 29, 5:16 pm
don't forget to hit "data>refresh all" from week to week also...
Poker Negreanu v Polk Heads Up N/L Grudge Match
BertieBert - November 29, 5:07 pm
not watching the allinev so closely, but dnegs is getting absolutely run over in some rela...
Laying Fixed odds help please?
Dallas - November 29, 1:58 pm
You only need 2 x fixed odds conditions to create the range (back price is greater than 19...
Selecting Upcoming Markets in Guardian
Dallas - November 29, 12:51 pm
There are several ways of doing this, you could use the dedicated soccer tab detailed near...
Cross Over Catcher Servant
Dallas - November 29, 12:35 pm
[quote=Thebest147 post_id=244047 time=1606606694 user_id=15082] Could you use this in play...


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