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Power Query - Example Spreadsheets
jamesg46 - December 5, 11:54 am
[quote=spreadbetting post_id=244749 time=1607169093 user_id=3492] [quote=jamesg46 post_id=...
Power of Power Query - Daily Tips For Every UK & IRE Race Top
paspuggie48 - December 5, 11:39 am
Power Query – Daily Tips For Every UK & IRE Race To update the data each day select: ...
Power of Power Query - Daily Tipster NAPS Table
paspuggie48 - December 5, 11:38 am
Power Query – Daily Tipster Naps List of daily NAPS from multiple tipsters To update the...
Power of Power Query - Daily Tips
paspuggie48 - December 5, 11:37 am
Power Query Daily Tips, comprising of the following: - Tips for each race NAP Double Treb...
Tonight's boxing
Naffman - December 5, 11:31 am
[quote=Realrocknrolla post_id=244737 time=1607164133 user_id=27999] [quote=Naffman post_id...
Power Query - Steamers & Drifters
paspuggie48 - December 5, 11:05 am
Power Query – Steamers & Drifters Market indicators showing Steamers & Drifters ...
US Presidential Election 2020
jamesg46 - December 5, 10:57 am
[quote=Derek27 post_id=244713 time=1607121426 user_id=19806] [quote="Trader Pat" post_id=2...
Account Restrictions
ANGELS15 - December 5, 8:58 am
[quote=jamesedwards post_id=244711 time=1607114642 user_id=23138] I'm finding draconian de...
Power Query - BF Historic Horse Win Data in One Workbook
paspuggie48 - December 5, 8:44 am
Thanks Peter, I've been meaning to get into Python since I was told about it 3 years ago l...
Trading from abroad
wearthefoxhat - December 5, 8:21 am
Great idea trying for a dual citizenship, on balance, if I were in your shoes, would be to...
Australian racing
rik - December 5, 3:10 am
what do you mean order flow now showing, all regular for me...
Derek27 - December 4, 10:42 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=244710 time=1607114477 user_id=14766] [quote=Jukebox post_id=244699 ...
Standard connection vs VPS
Dallas - December 4, 7:52 pm
I would depend on the strategy but I wouldn't worry over it as Betfair cache data now, so ...
Get Error when bet couldn't be placed
gsa - December 4, 6:17 pm
[quote=Anbell post_id=244294 time=1606796867 user_id=24242] You can use something like Net...
Today's Horse Racing
jamesg46 - December 4, 6:12 pm
Just noticed that Guardian stopped working this afternoon on a different PC that I'm using...
Coupon for Specific Leagues
MemphisFlash - December 4, 5:29 pm
[attachment=0]Soccer Big 5 Euro Lgs (Today).bcf[/attachment] here is one i use for the bi...
Safety servant to help with discipline
Dallas - December 4, 3:28 pm
Its a straight forward rule that exits when the loss% you set is reached so no reason why ...
Automation based on odds percentage of BSP
Dallas - December 4, 3:02 pm
This example shows how to trigger a bet at X% above or below the BSP https://forum.betange...
Today's Football
TraderFred - December 4, 2:57 pm
[quote=Korattt post_id=244656 time=1607091752 user_id=15244] if you thought Maradona’s tou...
The spookiest thing youve ever seen or heard
Trader Pat - December 4, 2:44 pm
When I was about 14 I saw a documentary on numbers stations and spent half the night liste...


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