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Do Betfair still charge for transactions over 1000 per hour?
Seth - June 19, 5:48 pm
Sure I saw something saying it was either removed or increased to 5000 per hour somewhere...
Euro 2020
Dublin_Flyer - June 19, 5:39 pm
Holy crap that Sanchez shot was the closest I've seen to a crossbar snapper in a long long...
Royal Ascot 2021
Dallas - June 19, 5:34 pm
Much the same here, found it far harder than previous years and along the lines of what Ch...
List only shows figures for stored value for last viewed race on Guardian
fractalmodel - June 19, 5:11 pm
Thanks Dallas very helpful...
Dallas - June 19, 4:41 pm
Here is how to create an automation file
In play - tracksiders, how do they do it?
Kai - June 19, 4:20 pm
Very underrated market overall I feel, wish I wasn't warned off it for years! Race reading...
rounding off / truncate to 1 decimal place ? HOW ?
decomez6 - June 19, 4:15 pm
[quote=gutuami post_id=269255 time=1623766655 user_id=122] I would probably multiply it by...
greenmark - June 19, 4:10 pm
[quote="Trader Pat" post_id=269722 time=1624116330 user_id=17002] [quote=Derek27 post_id=2...
Max liability by runner
weemac - June 19, 3:40 pm
I've requested a new condition for what you want, doctor143 - it isn't currently catered f...
Trap Trade Servant
Archery1969 - June 19, 2:51 pm
[quote=jghinge post_id=269700 time=1624107073 user_id=31388] Hi, On the first race I tried...
Where are all the jokes?
wearthefoxhat - June 19, 1:47 pm
People say shop-lifting is bad, but I don't buy it....
Trading What I see !?
goat68 - June 19, 7:13 am
[quote=foxwood post_id=269675 time=1624056218 user_id=10718] [quote=goat68 post_id=269668 ...
Australian racing
Derek27 - June 19, 3:32 am
[quote=Aarondewit post_id=269684 time=1624070325 user_id=14363] [quote=Derek27 post_id=269...
Estimate of correct price faller
Derek27 - June 19, 2:36 am
[quote=stueytrader post_id=269328 time=1623837499 user_id=15218] I think I've managed to m...
Today's Greyhounds
goat68 - June 18, 9:27 pm
[quote=MemphisFlash post_id=268782 time=1623332709 user_id=13195] Capture.JPG [/quote] Ca...
Where do you get your commission from?
jamesedwards - June 18, 5:45 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=269156 time=1623685499 user_id=6339] They use implied commission. So...
Today's Horse Racing
wearthefoxhat - June 18, 2:41 pm
[quote=jamesg46 post_id=269552 time=1624021464 user_id=16457] Lovely to have 3 short price...
Building up a free bet
Derek27 - June 18, 11:46 am
[quote=Anbell post_id=269497 time=1623981603 user_id=24242] True. (I was thinking about va...
Low latency stream providers
megarain - June 18, 11:19 am
I used the service for a month and have been disappointed. A lot is well beyond their con...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
Naffman - June 18, 10:42 am
[quote=Euler post_id=269518 time=1624010828 user_id=6339] My bots seemed to trade right th...


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