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Today's Football
Euler - October 19, 7:18 pm
Liverpool look so confident at the moment....
One Click And Ladder interface
Diginet - October 19, 7:12 pm
Hi, Is there a way to have the ladder as my default screen. When Guardian changes the mar...
Where are all the jokes?
paspuggie48 - October 19, 6:39 pm
I think my wife is putting glue on my antique weapons collection. She denies it, but I’m...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.57.0 - Now on general release
jamesg46 - October 19, 6:24 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=280584 time=1634467487 user_id=14766] [quote=jamesg46 post_id=280554...
Trading What I see !?
goat68 - October 19, 6:06 pm
Planning my next strategy, called "operation Order Flow" Python strategy! A set of classes...
Duplicating sheets
ODPaul82 - October 19, 3:58 pm
Only sheets beginning with 'Bet Angel' will send the actual bets to BA I have my main one ...
Betfair chart / Betfair graph of the day
Euler - October 19, 3:38 pm
[attachment=0]2021-10-19 at 16.37.38.png[/attachment]...
Today's Horse Racing
Realrocknrolla - October 19, 2:46 pm
Follow the money is the theme of the day!...
Australian racing
PapaShango - October 19, 1:50 pm
[quote=Phrend post_id=280710 time=1634641742 user_id=32298] Hi All, I'm new to trading so...
Police and air traffic control intervene after drone spotted at Newcastle
PDC - October 19, 1:45 pm
A good read from Wired: [quote]The horse, the drone and the epic fight for gambling succe...
Laying In-Play at higher odds
ilovepizza82 - October 19, 12:53 pm
Dont do it. Its a silly way to lose your money really quick. Been there, done that. Was bu...
Understanding aspects of social media
alexmr2 - October 19, 12:51 pm
[quote=gazuty post_id=280684 time=1634596390 user_id=8554] former betfair trader has becom...
Lay Drifting Previous Fav, as 2nd Now Becomes New Fav
westbamtrading - October 19, 12:40 pm
Sorry Dallas, forgot to add that I'm using the[b] Free Version with Betdaq[/b], and so som...
Saving horse prices on excel
Dallas - October 19, 12:16 pm
[quote=ikeee post_id=280712 time=1634644877 user_id=32246] Hi Dallas, the link to the vide...
Building a model
jimibt - October 19, 12:15 pm
[quote=foxwood post_id=280711 time=1634643938 user_id=10718] [quote=jimibt post_id=280702 ...
BF account restricted - urgent help needed
Euler - October 19, 12:06 pm
I agree...
Highlight Key Prices & Rows on Ladder Screen Servant
Korattt - October 19, 10:40 am
how would I go about using this servant just to identify a row marker, (without placing an...
lotora - October 19, 8:44 am
With all the negativity lately...about's some good news from the USA! htt...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
napshnap - October 19, 6:38 am
[quote=gazuty post_id=280680 time=1634591639 user_id=8554] Is there any prospect Paddy Pow...
button help
knyght - October 18, 4:54 pm
Thank you...


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