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Today's Football
MobiusGrey - January 19, 1:55 pm
[quote=Kai post_id=289947 time=1642598636 user_id=14020] [quote=MobiusGrey post_id=289940 ...
Create a No Lose Trade on Fav and Profit on the Field Guardian Automation Bot
shakey1964 - January 19, 1:18 pm
After wading through all of these 25 pages and paying particular attention to the posts as...
Australian Open 2022
verance - January 19, 1:17 pm
80 losers still left in the market :evil:...
Cover goals 60-70 minute; alternative market for Time Of First Goal
Kai - January 19, 1:04 pm
Are you sure you need cover if you're running a profitable strategy? Would the edge come...
ANY Selection clarification
Dallas - January 19, 12:38 pm
When applying a rule to 'ANY' selection it will start by checking the runner in row 1 and ...
Boris Johnson Markets (resignation date and still PM at)
LeTiss - January 19, 9:55 am
I did highlight on Twitter last week how big the price was for Boris to leave before the e...
The beer garden
Derek27 - January 19, 7:08 am
Am I using the wrong glass, or do you only get 3 glassfuls out of a bottle of wine?...
Can't Connect to VPS
gazuty - January 19, 5:47 am
[quote=megarain post_id=289934 time=1642565352 user_id=11907] Got the Protocol error for 3...
Happy Corner
Derek27 - January 19, 5:35 am
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=289918 time=1642556721 user_id=16662] I don't want BJ to quit, i...
In play Betting Diary Challenge 2022
Derek27 - January 19, 4:04 am
[quote=Kai post_id=289930 time=1642563917 user_id=14020] You would generate more interest ...
Where are all the jokes?
Kai - January 19, 3:12 am
Thx for the hint :) There appears to be a serious gap in my pop-culture knowledge :lol:...
Is there a way? or rule? Loss Recovery
ShaunWhite - January 19, 2:13 am
The best loss recovery strategy is to just say it doesn't matter, because it's only a work...
ShaunWhite - January 19, 1:48 am
Is my household alone in having to ffwd through the first 2mins of every program because w...
Calculating 'time advantage'?
climpies - January 19, 1:38 am
[quote=Dallas post_id=289909 time=1642549462 user_id=14766] You just need watch how much l...
Laptop Advice
Dallas - January 18, 11:01 pm
You should be looking at getting something with at least a full-HD screen (1920x1080), an ...
Trading What I see !?
goat68 - January 18, 8:41 pm
Greyhound bot on a storming day today +£30 :-)...
Stuff to watch
Trader Pat - January 18, 5:57 pm
When Boris Johnson met Ted Hastings :lol:
Back Testing and New Strategies
Kai - January 18, 4:06 pm
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=289817 time=1642508781 user_id=16662]We lost mum at the end of l...
Pre Kick Off Betting Challenge 2022
On_The_Edge - January 18, 2:54 pm
Tues 18 Jan: Gaziantep vs Malatyaspor: Back Gaziantep at 1.75, for 3%. (I put the bet on l...
Today's Racecards -Available
Eyesnack - January 18, 12:59 pm
[b]Tuesday 18th Jan Racecards Here :- [/b]


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