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Today's Horse Racing
Realrocknrolla - September 23, 11:20 am
[quote=beermonsterman post_id=278023 time=1632345689 user_id=17419] [quote=Realrocknrolla ...
New beta version of Bet Angel v1.57.0
tlkjb - September 23, 11:03 am
[quote] Betfair has customerStrategyRef which would be enormously useful if implemented [/...
Trading What I see !?
wearthefoxhat - September 23, 10:09 am
[quote=PapaShango post_id=278058 time=1632389986 user_id=31071] So you got a bot that wins...
Excel - New Functions
LeTiss - September 23, 9:34 am
I have a monthly subscription to Microsoft Office, so assumed I'd be able access all the u...
Martingale Challenge
Dr Ginhog - September 23, 9:32 am
Eureka heres further proof positive that it does not work its called the Ramajamjar series...
Power Query - Example Spreadsheets
Shaung89 - September 23, 8:33 am
I tried Nigels 'Daily Runner' document but ran into an error immediately when trying to 'r...
Selecting the least favourite
Shaung89 - September 23, 8:22 am
Not one im 100% sure on however I would be looking to do the following. Row1. "Update Cu...
Thunderbolt port on Thinkpad
Realrocknrolla - September 23, 8:03 am
[quote=tomek154 post_id=278021 time=1632343658 user_id=21024] Evening all Recently starte...
The beer garden
Derek27 - September 23, 5:10 am
Fish, chips & peas with tartar sauce. Not so bad after all. :)...
Today's Greyhounds
MemphisFlash - September 23, 4:46 am
surely you value your own time at more than 5p / per hour....
Derek27 - September 22, 10:34 pm
What sort of society are we living in where you can't send someone to prison for holding u...
Where are all the jokes?
Derek27 - September 22, 10:14 pm
Boris Johnson's said he's going to tell the UN and the rest of the world to "grow up". :l...
Happy Corner
Emmson - September 22, 7:40 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=278013 time=1632338105 user_id=19806] [quote=Emmson post_id=278011 ...
Betfair Down / Betfair site crash
wearthefoxhat - September 22, 7:26 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=278001 time=1632324103 user_id=6339] New Shania Twain single? [/quote...
under/over 2.5 goals
malgilb - September 22, 7:16 pm
Thank you Am i right in thinking that i want the odds on both outcomes to be as close as ...
Betfair got completely out of their friggin minds -100 deposit limit
ShaunWhite - September 22, 6:01 pm
[quote=aperson post_id=277998 time=1632322746 user_id=11483] Surely you're at risk of flag...
Excel runners import to guardian
Dallas - September 22, 5:59 pm
Here you go Or if using V1....
Today's Cricket
Emmson - September 22, 5:30 pm
Yesterday [size=150](Super Gubbing)[/size] & todays [size=150](Facile Victory)[/size]...
Today's Football
Kai - September 22, 5:17 pm
Underwhelming volumes on the cup matches tonight, too many good matches kicking off at the...
Shania Twain
Derek27 - September 22, 3:12 pm
More interestingly, what happened on 05/02/2020 that had so many users online? I'm guessin...


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