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Today's Football
greenmark - August 1, 10:44 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=274014 time=1627857365 user_id=19806] [quote=greenmark post_id=2740...
Back,Lay, LTP & VWAP Price Lines - Advanced Charts
censura - August 1, 9:16 pm
any help on this...
Tennis Info with Breakpoint Game Counts - Guardian Market Layout List
Newbrawn - August 1, 9:15 pm
This is fantastic stuff, Guardian has come alive! thanks so much ....
Higher rate premium charge
rik - August 1, 9:00 pm
Cant control which side is winning with arbing, pay double if Betfair side wins...
Football pre off starting odds
fairlysteady - August 1, 8:17 pm
I was trying to set is as an condition to a back bet, maybe pre off signal then?...
Today's Cricket
Emmson - August 1, 8:00 pm
jamesg46 - August 1, 7:22 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=274000 time=1627845400 user_id=19806] [quote=jamesg46 post_id=27399...
Where are all the jokes?
Trader Pat - August 1, 6:46 pm
Every ten years, the monks in the monastery are allowed to break their vow of silence to s...
VWAP rounding
agog - August 1, 6:37 pm
Hi all. It seems that when you have the VWAP displayed as a marker on your ladder it round...
Olympics 2021 (nee 2020)
rik - August 1, 6:32 pm
[quote=MemphisFlash post_id=273993 time=1627837583 user_id=13195] he hasnt got a sore shou...
Stop Loss & Green Up at VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) - Guardian Automation Bot
agog - August 1, 4:54 pm
Hi Dallas. I've amended this rule file by removing the green up step to simply display the...
How did you learn to think in probabilities?
stueytrader - August 1, 4:48 pm
The world (and trading in it) is a stochastic beast, in many different ways. i.e. we mode...
Lay the Draw then Move Profits to Home & Away Teams Guardian Automation Bot
craignmoss - August 1, 4:20 pm
Hi guys, I have another question about this rule. There may be times leading up to kick-o...
Formula 1
Trader Pat - August 1, 4:19 pm
[quote=greenmark post_id=273987 time=1627834401 user_id=20792] Another thought. Had Lewis ...
Today's Horse Racing
stueytrader - August 1, 3:12 pm
[quote=Derek27 post_id=273976 time=1627829847 user_id=19806] Several months off the racetr...
DOB with Moving Exit Guardian Automation Bot
censura - August 1, 2:13 pm
OK thank you, I undertstand obviously i saw it in rofit but as you said it never got to 2....
The beer garden
Derek27 - August 1, 1:54 pm
Got up this afternoon to make a cup of coffee and found the kitchen sink empty and sparkli...
Australian racing
Naffman - August 1, 12:18 pm
[quote=gazuty post_id=273960 time=1627816942 user_id=8554] [quote=Euler post_id=273956 tim...
under,over ,seasonality,xg,,i'm in difficulty
vhdgkl - August 1, 8:11 am
[quote=ShaunWhite post_id=273930 time=1627765988 user_id=16662] Just be mindful of the fac...
The fat fingers thread
paspuggie48 - August 1, 6:27 am
[quote=jamesg46 post_id=273917 time=1627755865 user_id=16457] [quote=Euler post_id=273916 ...


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