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Australian racing
PDC - August 24, 4:38 am
[quote=Derek27 post_id=196951 time=1566621225 user_id=19806] [quote=PDC post_id=196949 tim...
Pressure getting to me
eightbo - August 24, 2:09 am
Appreciate the posts and to hear some of your views. My train of thoughts went down a nega...
The Ashes - August/September 2019
Berts Certs - August 24, 1:21 am
[quote=JTEDL post_id=196895 time=1566592501 user_id=19758] Was looking good and then....wt...
looking for a profitable staking plan using compounding
gazuty - August 24, 1:19 am
[quote=nivi7 post_id=196911 time=1566603358 user_id=24975] it is only 2.5 units per week ...
Trades drifting away
Kai - August 24, 1:10 am
[quote=ruthlessimon post_id=196915 time=1566607592 user_id=15742] This is one of those tim...
Too many dialogue boxes in Guardian
johnsheppard - August 23, 11:46 pm
Hello there, I realise this is an old thread. Thought I'd bump it because I +1 it :) I h...
Vitality Blast 2019
Derek27 - August 23, 11:32 pm
Don't bother answering, I've figured it out. :)...
Syncing Rule Files accross computers
johnsheppard - August 23, 10:21 pm
Sorry. An update. Betangel does read it from the filesystem. I just had to close and reope...
Lay the 1st Set Winner Guardian Automation Bot for Tennis
JTEDL - August 23, 8:49 pm
Most of the time as rough guide it's around 50% on a break of serve and another 50% if win...
Today's Horse Racing
PDC - August 23, 5:03 pm
[quote=Euler post_id=196872 time=1566568275 user_id=6339] [quote=PDC post_id=196869 time=1...
When to exit?
Euler - August 23, 3:30 pm
You can give several answers to this question. The first is related to your entry. If you...
where can i keep calendar for the up coming matches?
nivi7 - August 23, 2:22 pm
[quote=brimson25 post_id=196877 time=1566569609 user_id=18491] I saw you recommend that be...
FTS Ultimate - Ian Erskine
brimson25 - August 23, 2:03 pm
I looked into this. Stats and a lot of bombast. Probably not worth the money....
Alert to a Steamer or Drifter Servant
convoysur-2 - August 23, 12:20 pm
Sorted... Dallas -You the Man ..thank you Marc....
Why wouldn't you turn streaming on?
BetBuddy - August 23, 11:54 am
[quote=johnsheppard post_id=196844 time=1566557395 user_id=23724] Ahh ic, thanks Derek. Th...
Price change percent function
weemac - August 23, 11:23 am
I use the following where U2 is the IP low and O2 is BFSP. It works for me but I can't vou...
Auto betting non favourite
Dallas - August 23, 9:36 am
[quote=martin907 post_id=196838 time=1566552750 user_id=25376] Thanks for that. So would ...
Automation on Football
Trader Al - August 23, 9:36 am
Hi I make profit on automation in football based on historical data analysis and current s...
The fat fingers thread
Euler - August 23, 7:34 am
Unexpectedly good start to the day!! [attachment=0]Screenshot 2019-08-23 08.32.33.png[/a...
Back the Fav at Half or Lay at Double its SP Guardian Automation Bot
rencoetz - August 23, 6:01 am
Thanks Dallas you are Legend. Just one last one then I should be done. I want to back S...


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