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Office or Excel
Realrocknrolla - November 27, 8:49 am
Got a new machine, anyone recommend the best place to get Office or Excel? Is Openoffice c...
Australian racing
jimibt - November 27, 8:31 am
[quote=eightbo post_id=243919 time=1606436687 user_id=14439] Jimbit if you got a money pri...
Wagering based on change in balance
gazuty - November 27, 7:59 am
[quote=ClarkKent post_id=243922 time=1606440036 user_id=26982] Hello everyone. I've been p...
Derek27 - November 27, 4:10 am
It really irritates me when you've got the option of yes or not now/later, without the opt...
Extracting volume from betfair data
abgespaced - November 27, 1:47 am
Hi guys, I've bought a month of the advanced football data from betfair. I have managed ...
Today's Horse Racing
eightbo - November 26, 11:52 pm
James the avg loss is a byproduct of the strategy I don't think it would do much good to f...
Today's Tennis
MemphisFlash - November 26, 10:06 pm
must be the job i do, working with computer aided design for last 25 years....
US Presidential Election 2020
gazuty - November 26, 9:32 pm
Nate incredulous at betting markets. Tweet rea...
Greyhound Automation/Bot
darren1963 - November 26, 8:49 pm
Hi Dallas Can you advise on the above plz. Thanks...
Store a Value to History Lists (Price, Volume, Greening Data)
jimibt - November 26, 8:42 pm
[quote=robsmith post_id=243826 time=1606387259 user_id=5683] Downloaded 22 times but no “t...
Genuine Money
TraderFred - November 26, 7:13 pm
Seen recently what could be considered a large ‘swing’ trade happen after the scheduled po...
Planned forum maintenance
jimibt - November 26, 5:19 pm
btw - i'm being a bit (VERY) nerdy here, but would also point out that previously, the hea...
Crash Trader
cmuddle - November 26, 4:56 pm
Has anyone seen this video ? It got my attention, like in a movie.
Happy Corner
Derek27 - November 26, 4:46 pm
[quote=ANGELS15 post_id=243874] The so called 'Help desk' seems to consist of people with ...
When is a rule un-armed?
verance - November 26, 4:09 pm
Thank you!...
Trading What I see !?
goat68 - November 26, 3:47 pm
Been having a rest from order flow trading, being trying back to lay, and trying to spot v...
Today's Cricket
LeTiss - November 26, 11:10 am
1.02 Brisbane now on the cusp of going tits up...
New build Addition
sniffer66 - November 26, 10:09 am
[quote=jimibt post_id=243823 time=1606385252 user_id=15157] [quote=sniffer66 post_id=24382...
Race start delays - adjust automation to actual in-play?
paspuggie48 - November 26, 8:47 am
A possible work-around I applied last night was to add "until 30 mins 'after event start...
Filtering High and Low Price ranges
Wildefish - November 26, 7:36 am
Morning Dallas, Please accept my apologies, as I ended up going down the rabbit hole a we...


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