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Apply Rule to Selections

After selecting a rule type and setting the trigger times next you need to set how many times you would like it to trigger and also the time before rearming it once it has triggered (this is the minimum amount of time you want to elapse before the rule is able to trigger again). Once this time has passed and the rule rearms any conditions you have in place also need to be satisfied again before the rule can trigger again.
The final part on the 'General' tab is where you 'Apply' the rule type being used to a selection, there is several of options to chose from here to give you the most flexibility possible.
By Name
This would be the least used option having been superseded by the 'Nomination' option below, when selecting this option your choosing a specific selection by name to apply the rule to, this means that you can not apply the same rule to another market as that selection will not be available so by using this you would be required to duplicate and save the whole automation file for each individual market.   
By Row Index (Betfair Order)
This is the order Betfair put the selections in when the market first opens and the order you would see the selections in if you looked on their website. 
By Position (sorted in order of favouritism)
This allows you to apply your rule to a selection based on its order of favouritism at the time the rule triggers, by default the order of favouritism is determined by the selection with the lowest best back price (this can be changed to lowest lay or last traded price on the automation tab in the main settings tool if you wish).
By Nomination*
This will allow you to apply your rule to an individually nominated selection, this enables you to create and save a generic rule for example you may have a rule for front running horses then after adding the days markets to guardian and applying the rule you can use the 'Automation Nominated Selection' columns on guardian's main screen to quickly pick which selections you would like the rule to run on.
ANY Selection
This will allow a rule to trigger on any selection that satisfies your criteria. When it does trigger it will do so on the first selection that has met your criteria - it can not trigger on any further selections until after it has been rearmed (providing you also have enough triggers remaining). Once its rearmed it will again trigger on the first selection that meets your criteria which could include the same one again unless you have conditions like 'Number of matched bets' or 'Number of place bets' to control the amount of time it can trigger on any given selection.
If your require a rule to trigger on more than one selection at the same time then you would need to use 'By Row Index' then create and apply a separate rule for each row.
Every Selection
This will allow a rule to trigger on every selection that satisfies your criteria. You only need to set the number of triggers for the amount of times time you want the rule to trigger per selection, the number of selections there is in a market is irrelevant.
ie, if it was armed to trigger 2 times and you applied the rule to a market with 16 selections subject to any conditions being met it would trigger on all 16 selections twice.
Servant Context**
This will apply the rule to the selection under your mouse cursor (on the ladder or one-click screen) at the time the servant is started, or if your starting the servant via the 'Control' tab of the 'Servant Manager' you will be able to manually chose the selection you want from a drop list before pressing 'Start'
NB* This is only for use on Rules you intend to use in Guardian.
NB** This is only for use on Rules you intend to use as Servants