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Guardian - Watch Lists

The Guardian Watch List allows you to add markets stored in Guardian or a subset / custom list of those selected markets to a dedicated list. This list can be viewed in a smaller window and pinned on top of other windows. This enables you to quickly view multiple markets across multiple sports and quickly change between them without switching to the main Guardian screen.
Guardian allows you to have up to 5 of these watch lists at any one time, you may wish to populate each with a different sport or have one to keep a eye on the markets you have automation running on - the choice is yours!
There are two ways to add markets to a watch list:
-     Sync the watch list with the list of markets currently in Guardian
-     Add selected markets individually to a watch list
The easiest way is to keep the sync box ticked as in the image above. Click on ‘Display the selected Watch List’ to open a window with the selected markets displayed.
Once a watch list is displayed you can then quickly change the market displayed in Bet Angel to your choice market simply by clicking on a price. Note that this will not place a bet. You can also change to the one click screen or ladder interface for each market by clicking on the Bet Angel ‘B’ or the ladder symbol above each market.
Menu Tabs
The menu items allow you to configure some of the options within each Watch List such as removing suspended markets, how the markets are sorted what details are displayed from each market and even how the mouse interacts with the Watch List.
The selection of horizontal lines allows you to hide all selections, show only the first selection, show the first three selections or show the entire market. You can also choose these options with each individual market.
The pick list below the menu tabs which is currently displaying '<Show all Events>' is used to select the market you wish to show, sometimes you might have a lot of markets in your watch list but may just want to see them one at a time - this pick list allows you to quickly switch between them or select all events.
The drawing pin will ensure the watch list remains on top of your screen at all times. You can then move it to a convenient place on the screen.
Refreshing Markets
On the right of each market name you will see the time indicated when the market was last updated by Guardian. Here you can see the bottom market showing a Football match between Tottenham Vs Ajax has not updated since 17:14:46 – much later than the other markets.
This is because the refresh rate has been set in Guardian and its been restricted to refresh only markets due to start in the next 3600seconds (1hr),  and this match is not due to KO for several more hours therefore is not being refreshed as part of the main Guardian cycle.
However, to begin refreshing this market in your Watch List (even though it falls outside your Guardian refresh parameters) you just need to click on the 'Options' tab and tick one or both of the Watch List refresh options and that will begin refreshing markets in your Watch List using the background refresh rate you have set in your main Communication Settings
At the bottom of each watch list you can see the market count. In the example above we can see 5 markets. The figure over to the right of this is the overall profit and loss of the markets contained within that particular watch list.

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