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Main Guardian Window

Market List Window
In the main market list window you will see the market name, the total number of markets currently in Guardian, how many open positions are matched or unmatched. You will also see the current market status such as ‘in-play’ or ‘suspended’ along with the time of last suspension, the last time a market was last updated, the event start time, and any excel sheets and automation files attached to a market and any nominated selections you have made.
This market list can also be fully customized to your own requirements and tastes, this includes the ability to arrange and resize the columns in the way you want as well being able to add you own custom columns then save these as layout profiles. For more information on please the following page.
Market Details Window
When you click on a market in the main list above, the lower part of screen allows you to view and switch between the following;
Odds - Shows each selection of the market with their profit/loss and the current best three back/lay prices
Unmatched Bets - Current unmatched bets you have on that market
Matched Bets - Current matched bets you have on that market
Automation - Details of which rules have triggered and when on that market, there is also a pick list is available to switch between the different rules files you may have applied to that market.
Log - Market specific log will tell you when Guardian detected market specific activity such as a suspension or when bets were placed in this market.
NB; The time between suspension and detection may vary slightly because of the way that Guardian cycles the markets.
Market List Menu
By right-clicking on any of the markets in the Guardian market list a menu window will appear, from here you can perform a range of tasks such as opening a market on a ladder screen, a one-click screen or in a quick bet's ticket, or display the unmatched bets for that market.  You can also clear automation rules, nominated selections, and alerts.
Export the Contents off this Market List
This final option from the right-click menu allows you to export information from the selected market into a CSV file, you can choose to export only the contents of the market list, contents of the market list + selections names, or  contents of the market list + selections names and best prices.
Once you've selected the information you want from the pick list click the 'Browse' button to select a destination folder on your PC and finally the 'Export' button