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Main Guardian Window

This contains details of the markets selected in the top window with details such as log, current market prices, matched and unmatched bets.
In the main Guardian window you can see the total number of markets currently in Guardian and how many open positions are matched or unmatched. You will also see the current market status such as ‘in-play’ or ‘suspended’ along with the time of last suspension, the last time a market was last updated, the event start time, and any excel sheets or automation files attached to a market.
If you click on a market in the main list above, the lower part of screen allows you to view and switch between matched and unmatched bets that are present in that market and also a market specific log, you can also view all available odds in that market. The market specific log will tell you when Guardian detected market specific activity such as a suspension or when bets were placed in this market. The time between suspension and detection may vary slightly because of the way that Guardian cycles the markets.
Re-Arranging Guardian Layout
One of the useful features of Guardian is the ability to change the layout to one that suits us. The columns can be arranged in any order you require by left clicking on the column header you wish to move and with your left mouse button held in drag the column to its new location.
The windows within Guardian are also un-dockable and can be moved. For example, double click on the market selection box and you can move it from one side to the other.
Clicking on the drawing pin in the top right corner of the market details section will make this window auto-hide. This can be useful in freeing up valuable screen space.
In the top menu area you can also choose whether or not you wish to show or hide the market selection side bar.
Once you have found a screen layout that suits you save the layout by clicking on the ‘settings’ tab. From here you can restore a previously saved layout also.