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v1.50 Overview

Bet Angel Professional v1.50 contains the following new features and updates
Automation / Servants
Stored Values – any rule can now store a price or value to be used later. Stored Values can be used as a filter in other rules with the new Stored Value condition. Bets can be placed at a previously stored price.
The ‘Context price’ of a Servant can now be referenced in the Fixed Odds and Relative Odds Conditions.
One-Click Screen
Right mouse clicking on a stake box of the one-click screen now gives quick access to your preset stakes from the ladder screen.
What-If columns can now be added to the one-click & manual bet screens to show the impact new bet(s) will have on the profit & loss.
Drag individual columns wider or narrower before saving your layout, also ability to change the display font, the height of each row and apply a gap between rows enabled via the Display tab in the main settings.
Custom columns can now display ‘Additional Information’ e.g. Jockey name, Trainer name, SP, Reduction Factor, High and Low Traded Price, and Matched/Unmatched bets count. The maximum number of custom columns is now increased to 100 (defaulted to 20, but can be increased 5 at a time).
Custom columns can also show a 'Shared' Stored Value for a Selection, the Market or the market’s Event.
 A custom column’s height & width span can be changed from the default – e.g. use this to have a wide column span above multiple narrow columns. Note: This is exposing a feature from the development toolkit, so following modification of the custom column, to get things looking just right you’ll need to drag and drop the columns on the one-click screen using the on-screen black placement arrows (then save the one-click layout to a named profile of your choosing). Not the easiest of features to use, but it does offer extra layout flexibility that could otherwise not be provided.
Other changes ( all accessed via the Main Settings editor )
Market Overview background and font colours can now be changed (Chart tab)
All profits values throughout Bet Angel can now be displayed 'Net of Commission’ (Display tab)
Configurable staking method for Stop Loss when using 'offset with greening' – choose whether to use the offset, trigger or placement price when calculating the stake (Staking tab)
Maximum number of Ladders has now been increased to 18 (Ladder tab)
'High' & 'Low' values from Market Overview are now available in Excel as additional values (Excel tab)
Choose if Excel triggers the bet placement sound when placing a bet (Excel tab)
Switch to an alternative source for Betfair jockey silks, use this if you sometimes see blank silks using the normal source (Communications tab)
Goal Lines and Asian Handicaps
Bet Angel now fully supports the Goal Lines and new style Asian Handicap markets. The one-click P&L and What-If columns reflect the concept of Double Line asian handicaps.
The Profit & Loss report window (button appears in the toolbar for appropriate markets) has been enhanced to support combination half & whole goal handicaps – sometimes referred to as ‘Quarter-Goal Handicaps’