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v1.51.1 Overview

Bet Angel Professional v1.51.1 contains the following new features and updates
Fully Customisable Ladder Settings
The toolbar on each ladder screen now has a picklist of saved Ladder Settings profiles to allow you to easily switch from one ladder design to another.
Bet Angel is supplied with eight example designs, but the new Ladder Settings Editor allows you to create your own named designs which will be added to the picklist.
Key features:
·     Named ladder settings profiles are shared across (and disconnected from) the Bet Angel Settings profiles avoiding the need for ongoing ladder reconfiguration when working with multiple Bet Angel Settings profiles.
·     Ability to embed Betfair and/or Advanced charts into each selection’s ladder
·     Configurable Double/Single left & right mouse click actions for cancelling unmatched bets
·     Ability to rearrange columns or hide them completely to save space
·     Unmatched bets can now be merged into a single column and/or displayed on the ‘Odds’ column if required
·     A background colour can be applied to unmatched bets to help distinguish back from lay bets.
·     A new Additional Information area can be displayed on each ladder. This is fully configurable with regard to font/colour/size/position and can display Stored Values and certain presets such as trainer and jockey names.
·     The vertical position of each area creating the ladder can be changed (e.g. header, ladder columns, footer, charts, staking etc)
·     A new Estimated Position In Queue column has been added to the ladder
·     Each ladder window can choose a different named ladder setting, as required
One-click screen
Place bets & manage multiple markets on the one-click screen at the same time by launching new one-click screens from anywhere your able to select a market.
e.g. from a market selection window, from Guardian, from any Watch List etc. by right-clicking on a market and selecting ‘Display market in a New One-Click window’.  Alternatively launch a new one-click screen at the press of a button using a keyboard shortcut.
Extra items have been added to the Custom Columns additional info option, such as number of selections and runners form.
Also the ability to 'Skip' price gaps has now been added.
Bet Angel Settings
On the Display page, you can now configure the colours used for back & lay prices throughout Bet Angel and also the colours used for Profit & Loss values.
The Charts page of the Bet Angel Settings now has additional options to hide/show horizontal & vertical grid lines on the market overview chart
Ability to import and export saved settings and layout profiles from the settings and view tabs.
Advanced Automation
A Stored Value can now hold the VWAP of a selection and a book% for the selection calculated using its VWAP.
Also the adjustment pick list now includes multiply and divide options.
The ‘Matched bets amount condition’ can now compare against the ‘servant context stakes’ (back & lay stakes used when starting the servant)
The 'Alert (Play Sound / Show Alert)' rule type has been enhanced to allow alerts to be displayed in a column on the Watch Lists. The specifics of the alert being configured with the parameters tab
These can be configured to display against a specific selection or in the header of the market. The alert can flash and/or auto-clear after a set period if required. You also have control over the colours used, can timestamp the message, and add a tooltip. There are also options to have the watchlist auto scroll to the market/selection which triggered the alert (useful if you have dozens of markets in a watchlist) and display itself if it’s currently minimised to your windows taskbar.
Watch lists
As explained above, Watch lists can now display Alerts. The display menu on the watch list will allow you to show/hide the ‘Alerts’ column and this choice will be saved with your settings profile, they can also be cleared manually by right clicking in the Alert column of the Watch list.
Advanced Charts
In the Advanced Charts settings a new option allows both the left & right y-axis to be hidden – use this if you want a clean chart display to visualise direction of movement but aren’t interested about specific prices.
The ability to hide any of the defined charts from the charts pick list has been added. Useful if some of your charts are seasonal or specific to certain sports and you want to simplify the pick list. This can also be used to hide Bet Angel’s default chart design if you don’t want to use them.
Keyboard Shortcuts
The following new keyboard shortcut actions have now been added to the keyboard shortcut editor
One-click layouts, Custom column profiles and Ladder Settings profiles can now be assigned to a shortcut key – making it very quick to change ALL screen designs at the press of a button
New actions added to the ‘Market Navigation’ category to display a market in new One-click / Ladder windows (or on the main One-click / Ladder screen).
This applies to all lists of markets in Bet Angel (e.g Market Selection tabs, Guardian, Watch Lists); just hover the mouse over a market and press the shortcut key.
New bet cancellation shortcuts have been added to cancel just the most recent bet or just the oldest bet at a price on the ladder.
Option to set the one-click stake or the ladder 'standard' stake to a percentage of the current net stake, so users now have a choice of Fixed stake or Percentage of Net Stake