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v1.54 Overview

Bet Angel Professional v1.54 contains the following new features and updates
·     Configurable Auto-centring with centre point adjustment. When centring, you can choose to centre on the Back price, the Lay price or the Last Traded Price. You can also adjust that centre point up or down a defined number of ticks. Those options apply to both auto-centring and manual centring using a shortcut key.
Auto-centring can be switched off, be always on, or be applied only pre-off or only in-play. It can be triggered either by a price moving outside of the visible ladder or at a regular time interval. Note: To prevent the risk of a mispriced bet, a ladder will not auto centre whilst the mouse cursor is hovering over it.
·     More control over price colours with available money and column background colours. The Back & Lay column background options apply to the columns on the ladder that show money available to back or lay. The options will allow the best three prices to be distinguished from the rest of the prices and from prices with no money on offer.
·     Ability to ‘swap’ runners between ladders to prevent duplication
·     Conditions can now be wrapped in groups. Groups can be nested if required, every group must have a start and an end. A group is started or ended using the special condition types at the top of the picklist. Each group can be configured to control how the conditions are tested (whether they ALL need to be true or just one of them etc). This effectively adds AND/OR/NAND/NOR logic to Automation Conditions.
As in previous versions, any conditions not contained in a group must all test ‘True’ for the rule to trigger.
·     Close Trade and Green All conditions can reference a Stored Value
·     New ‘Stop this Servant’ rule type. Allows a Servant to stop itself once certain Automation Conditions are met.
·     Stored Values can now store and compare the Profit & Loss value displayed against a selection. Stored Value comparisons now also support <= and >=
·     Added the ability to send Stored Values to Excel (defined in the ‘Additional columns’ section of Settings->Excel)
·     New commands to assign/clear an Automation Rules file to/from a market via Excel
·     New commands to set/clear named Automation Shared Stored Values from inside Excel
·     New commands to assign/clear Guardian’s Nominated Selections from Excel
The following new 'advanced commands can now be added to the Instruction Field
New global commands (cell L6)
To assign an Automation rules file: SET_AUTO <automation rule name>
To clear it: CLEAR_AUTO
To assign a stored value: SET_SV FOR:<MARKET|EVENT> NAME:<name> VALUE:<value>
To clear a stored value: CLEAR_SV FOR:<MARKET|EVENT> NAME:<name>
New selection commands (cells L9, L11, L13 etc)
To set this selection as the first Nominated selection in Guardian: SET_NOMINATED1
To set this selection as the second Nominated selection in Guardian: SET_NOMINATED2
To assign a stored value: SET_SV FOR:< SELECTION|MARKET|EVENT> NAME:<name> VALUE:<value>
To clear a stored value: CLEAR_SV FOR:< SELECTION|MARKET|EVENT> NAME:<name>
Both Global and Selection commands will be processed when the Status cell in column O for the selection is clear and will show OK / ERROR when processing is complete.
Notes when setting & clearing stored values
The FOR command is optional and defaults to MARKET when used as a global command and SELECTION when used as a selection command. The commands can be chained together to set multiple values in one go, for example;
SET_SV FOR:SELECTION NAME:Test1 VALUE:42 NAME:Test2 Value:99 NAME:Test3 Value:200