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V1.53.1 Overview

Enhancement to Automation Stored values:
Ability to set a stored value with information about the latest Matched Bet on a selection or the whole market
Information available is: Matched Price, Matched Amount, Bet Reference
Added a 'Not Equal' comparison option to the Stored Value condition
Automation's Favouritism sort (defined in Bet Angel Settings) can now sort by descending volume
New Automation Rule Types and Parameters have been added to Take SP or Keep Unmatched bets based on their price rather than applying to all unmatched bets
Up/Down arrows have been added to the rules editor's Automation Conditions list
Conditions and Stored Values lists will increase in width as the editor is make wider, to make descriptions more readable without need to scroll
The width of the columns of the grid at top of rules editor can now be resized
Keyboard Short Cuts
New Keyboard Shortcuts to allow the order of the Ladder selections to be reordered by Betfair row index and switch on/off the display of virtual bets
Market Overview (added new menu items)
Market Overview chart can now sync the market being displayed with the main trading screen (as previous versions), plus tracking the market under the mouse cursor, and syncing with the selected market in Guardian.
Option to layout the screen into tab pages rather than an arrangement of panes
Option to auto-select the selections to be displayed on the chart by price or by quantity (e.g. only show runners from 1.01 to 20.0, or only show first five shortest priced runners)