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v1.60 Overview

Bet Angel Professional v1.60 contains the following new features and updates
Total Performance Data
·     Map of race course with real time tracking of runners configurable via Total Performance Data settings page.
·     Race par charts configurable via Total Performance Data settings page.
Bet Angel API
·     Activate the API on a specific port via the Bet Angel API Settings page.
·     An example HTML / JavaScript test page is linked from the settings page that will show the endpoints and JSON data format used by the API, for all Bet Angel API references please see this dedicated section of the user guide documentation
·     The API works in a similar way to the Betfair API, in that you POST JSON messages to an endpoint and Bet Angel will respond with a JSON message containing the requested data, a status and/or a list of errors.
·     In time the capabilities of the API will be further expanded but for now it can currently do the following;
·     Each ladder can now display up to two Bet Information Areas - their relative position can be set using the existing Display Order page.
·     These new Bet Information areas can be configured to show Matched and/or Unmatched bet information about the selection as well as font / sort order / bet alignment etc
·     Each year resources are allocated to improving Bet Angel's internal architecture, this time targeted the main trading screen
·     When using Exchange Streaming you'll now find a new option of 'Update' in the 'Refresh every' picklist, so rather than using a specific refresh rate you can now pick 'Update' and that will cause the screen to be updated as soon as new information arrives on the data stream from betfair. (NB, If you are on a less active market and no data arrives in 500ms then the market is refreshed anyway to keep charts and Servants ticking over). It will also save a few milliseconds over the 20ms rate on an active market and save some CPU load on a less active market.
·     By modifying the internal storage of Bet Angel then number of History Lists has now been doubled from 10 to 20 lists per selection.
Other Changes
·     Tennis Trader - new check box to 'Reverse Server in feed' for a market which allows for manual correction of first to serve errors* in the data feed from the court side.
·     Automation - 'Store a value calculated from a range of values' now has the ability to calculate the 2nd & 3rd highest values and the 2nd & 3rd lowest values
*Please be aware that the data feed provided from the court side (which we have no control over) may be corrected at anytime during the match, if they do you will need to untick this option so that the correct sever is still shown